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  1. Brand new in package and never opened. Newest generation of laser and light combo. Has laser only or laser and light on at same time or light only and the light will do constant on or strobe for a very disorienting effect. The green laser is visible in daylight for 200 yards and MUCH further at night. It of course includes all mounting for pistols or rifles. My price is a significant savings. I received two and only need one. Check out the site below for details. This is the official Viridian site: http://www.viridiang...xl5-laser-sight Sell for $310 shipped in lower 48 states
  2. It made me hesitant to shoot it any more for fear of sending shrapnel in a 50 foot radius
  3. Based on my original question, I need to add that I have red dot, green dot, unique vihtavouri N-340 as my current powders on hand. Can anyone scan loading data based on the wads, shells, powder and the 1 oz slugs to get me going on loading. I realize I should try to buy a loading manual but since this is the only load I intend to be working with for now, it is all I need. ANy help is appreciated. Please email to my private email at: esea2000 (at) yahoo.com This is what I will be shooting them in so I imagine a powder that has a faster burn rate would be better...... Thanks eseato
  4. A total of about 20 rounds before I noticed the bulging. Mostly #4 buck with one slug and about 4 #7 birdshots before I noticed it. Here are two pictures: The metal was thinner than the Phantom he sent me as a replacement. I don't expect any problems with this one. eseaton
  5. I had bought a 10 slot reproduction Russian birdcage flash hider a couple years ago but actually had not used it until two weeks ago. There was a problem with the piece bulging to the point I was concerned to shoot it for fear of complete failure. I contacted Scott who gladly replaced it with a Phantom flash hider. He did want to see the defective one but he had one sent out to me within 3 days which is sooner than he could have possibly received my returned one. Thanks to Scott and DPH arms. eseaton
  6. Anyone using a Phantom on a shorty? Pics? Thanks
  7. I would like to have a free conversion if I had another one to convert but please include me in the parts giveaway. I spent the 4th working with premature babies, attending c-sections, intubating premies about 1.2 pounds, and managing their airways. You might think after 33 years on the job I might get a holiday or two off I did think about how we won our independence and fought and died for our liberty and have now allowed both to be stolen while we slumber. In the words from the group Rage against the Machine, "Rally round your family, with a pocket full of shells"
  8. Thanks for the reply, Bob. I know you all have a great rep for quality. Can you give me a part number, price, and if you are able to tell me, overall length. I am not surprised that you suggest ditching this one before someone puts an eye out with this one. eseaton
  9. Tony, I saw where your responded to my question posted earlier today at this link: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/forum/2-saiga-12/ I was just getting online to send the question directly to you two as I know from experience you have tons of knowledge and expertise. Did you recognize the likely maker of the piece in question? If not, it does not matter. Which one on the market should I be looking at that will best serve me with an 8" shorty 12 gauge or am I dreaming it will help at all? Thanks Eric eseaton on forum
  10. I spent some time looking and trying to see if I could find a picture in any of the threads that looks like my flash hider the presently resides on my 8" Saiga 12 gauge. it measures just slightly over 2 inches long and has 10 slots. There are 2 flat areas at the very distal end for installation and removal. This was added a while back but I had not shot with it in place until a few days ago. I noticed a bulging of the piece. Does anyone recognize this and remember who the manufacturer is/was? Do I have a problem with ammo selection and/or other matters or is it just a poor quality part? I
  11. I have an 8" saiga shorty. I have been casting the keyhole 1 ounce lee slugs. I have the once shot Winchester casings AA silver marked 3-1-8. Does that mean it is a 3 inch shell that held 1 ounce #8 shot? Anyways, I would like to load some of these shell/slugs. With the understanding that I would use at my own risk, would you share some of your load data with me? I believe I have a pound of Aliant blue dot and one of green dot. I know some others may be better but I want to use what I have first. Would basically use for plinking but there are coyote out here and it would be nice to make a cle
  12. I have found an excellent hand made sight pusher made by a member of another gun forum. Since it seems many have been looking for a good quality tool at an excellent (less than MSRP on lesser quality mass produced ones) price, I thought I would post a couple of pictures and his email if anyone is interested in contacting him about the tool. Here are a couple of pictures: You can contact him at: edjs47 (at) charter.net You can look at the satisfied responses from gunowners who have used his sight pushers at the Sigforum.com site by enetering "sight pusher" into the search bar on t
  13. I would like to see if anyone has replaced their shotshell manual with a new one and if they are willing to let the other one go. My main interest is in loading slugs and buckshot in once fired AA hulls (marked: 3-1-8 ). Contact me at: esea2000@yahoo.com Thanks eseaton
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