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  1. 2 Promag Gen 2 stick mags $25 each + shippingFree shipping and original Saiga cleaning kit with plastic bottle if you buy both! (Drums are already gone)
  2. I have the following for sale and everything is brand new: 3 MD Arms 20 round drums - $80 each + shipping 2 Promag Gen 2 stick mags - $25 each + shipping 1 Ishmash 5 round original magazine - $20 + shipping Also the Ishmash Saiga original cleaning/parts kit & oil bottle - FREE if you buy everything!
  3. Thanks for the updates guys. I'll stick with my original S17 conversion. But those bullpups are sweet!
  4. I came across some Saiga 12 Bullpup rifles on Armslist: http://www.armslist.com/posts/2722999/ohio-shotguns-for-sale--saiga-12-bullpup-chromed-bcg--railed--lots-of-mods Seems there are a few on there. What is the consensus on these? Are you able to run the MD20 drums with out any issues of fail to feed or them being in the way to even use the shotgun with them? I was going to do an S17, but these are pretty damn attractive... (and I'm not usually one for a Bullpup style rifle) But if for some reason using the MD20 drums makes it very hard/difficult/they're in the way to pr
  5. I found a place that is highly recommended that is 6 minutes from me. He does engraving via CNC. Obviously he can easily get to the front of the magwell, but I am going to try & have him engrave inside the trigger guard. If his machine can't engrave it there without first removing the trigger guard, I will see if he can easily/quickly/cleaning drill out the rivets to remove it. It's being sent to Tromix for a conversion anyways so it's going to need to be removed. If he can't do that, I'm not really setup with a good vice in order to drill it myself so I might just go with the
  6. I'm on the hunt for a local engraver, but still not opposed to shipping the saiga out to be done. I looked at indentmarking.com website: http://identmarking.com/index.php/faq Says they do their engraving via laser & get the .003 depth just fine? (I could be misreading it & will give them a call on monday to get a definitive answer.) My trust is my family name, not a corporate one, so I would like it as discreet as possible. Inside the trigger guard sounds really good, anyone have pics or know if this can be done properly/well? Again I will ask indentmarking this suggestio
  7. Does anyone have suggestions on who to send this off to in order to have my Trust info engraved on the front of the magwell or even inside of the trigger guard like Ben suggests? I'd like someone that has a nice setup so the engraving looks really professional and well done. Maybe even laser engraving? Ben Vampatella - do you have any pics of the engraving done inside the trigger guard?
  8. I have the Magpul UBR stock on all of my AR15's & have seen that AR15 stocks are starting to be used on S12 builds. But they seem like the adapter is a lot longer and pushed the stock farther away from the receiver than say a Tromix folding stock does. So is there a better adapter that will work with the Magpul UBR stock to keep it closer to the receiver? I like how the Tromix folding stock is tight & compact, but I'd almost want the Magpul UBR stock more since it's very rugged & collapses to be pretty compact.
  9. As I mentioned in my original post this is being engraved with MY Trust info. Tromix is not engraving their info on it and he can only engrave on the magwell and I'd rather have my info engraved in a discreet location. (Although having Tromix engrave their name somewhere on there isn't a bad idea) This isn't a bad idea, but can all info required for SBS be engraved on this small of an area? This seems like a decent area, is it covered by the hand guard at all? (Is it legal to have it in an area where the hand guard covers? What are the other places people have done their
  10. His machine is only setup to do them on the side of the magwell. (I think that's the area) So looking to see what others suggest as a discreet, yet lawful area.
  11. What is the most discreet, yet legal area to engrave the SBS Trust info on? My Form 1 should be approved very very soon & then it's off to Tromix for an 8" conversion. Doesn't it have to be engraved a certain depth? Any suggestions on who to send it to? I'm in Ohio & I think there's an engraver or two in the state, but any more options makes it that much faster. Thanks.
  12. TronJohn

    8" or 12"?

    Well isn't it a more reliable gun when the gas system is shortened? I'm having Tromix do the conversion so that's all that needs to be said on that. I'm not opposed to going with a 13" to not modify the gas system, but I swear I could remember asking Tony about that and he advised against it & suggested re-doing the gas system. Does anyone have any pictures or know the difference between the 8" & 12" spread & velocity @ 25 & 50 yards? I would imagine either length is accurate and deadly out to this range? I'd probably keep it loaded with buck shot vs slugs, although
  13. ZOMG - they responded! Lol I'm all set. Thank The Lord! All is well in Saiga Drum world ;P For the record I think I've seen change the address with FedEx, not sure if UPS offers that as the girl I spoke with basically said there's NOTHIG I can do but tell them to "hold" it a d try to pick it up within 5 days or it goes back to sender.
  14. I just received my tracking # for my order from the weekend - but it has my old address from a couple years ago as the shipping info. I tried emailing info@mdarms.com but that doesn't seem to be helping. I tried calling UPS to change address, they won't. Does anyone know how to contact him? Any secret phone number or other email that is actually responsive? If it gets delivered to the wrong address its as good as gone and I don't think there's a signature required even though its hundreds of dollars worth of gear...
  15. Ok I just rechecked again & for sure these are the only choices in regards to anything Saiga 12 related: Manufacturer Name - Ishmash Izhevsk Manufacturer Country - Russian Federation It also still pulls up an MP220 & 20g for the auto-fill drop downs, so I just entered it manually. Now I just have to get my trust down to 3mb pieces before I can submit it.
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