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  1. I just got my stamp to SBR my Draco today. I ran to the computer and ordered all the parts I need for the stock from Greg. It feels good to know that I won't have to wait long before I finally have my rifle complete! I wish they had the same service at the NFA branch of the ATF! (Mailed out September 5th, Pending October 22nd, Arrived at my house on May 21st. Paper submission)
  2. I have 2 Witness pistols. Both are all steel. One is a compact .45ACP, the other my Limited division gun for USPSA in .40S&W. I have seen the poly guns choke left and right. I really want to pick one up, but just can't justify it. My Limited gun had some mag issues with the old style mags. I had to load my rounds out to 1.22" and use 10mm mags to get it to run right. Since then, I have switched to the factory 40 mags (newer style) with no issues. Here are some pics of my baby (reposted from the pistol pic thread):
  3. Another deal on FGT. $900. You familiar with Big Tim's Pawn in Pinellas Park? They need a brick through the window. Ugh, I saw that one too, lol Pretty sorry the way these tools are writing this up too. Really trying to scare people. I just hope it comes back to bite them in the ass. I believe in Karma.
  4. Saint Pete here! I know I have met at least 3 of the guys that have posted to this thread, lol.
  5. Yes sir it does! Straight out of the box!
  6. I almost literally died laughing when I read that! I was eating a sandwich and started to choke from laughing so hard!
  7. There are some good private sales here in Florida. Check out this one: http://floridaguntrader.com/index.php?a=2&b=82389 What a bargain :lolol::lolol:!
  8. Back on topic: I carry my Witness .45 compact IWB when I can. I just bought a Kel-Tec PF9 for in the summer. I like it a lot because it is so light and thin. My only gripe is that it beats the shit out of you when you shoot it. I ran about 100 rounds through it for the first time last weekend, and my hand has been bruised all week!
  9. I'm in love, beautiful pistol! If you dont mind me asking, would you give a ballpark of the total amount you have into it? Thank you sir! I bought it from Bud's for $1078 delivered. The day I picked it up, they dropped to $968 I also have a factory .22lr conversion kit for it, and 4 Henning 21rd competition mags for it. Grand total was around $1700. I have a few friends that just bought some tricked out custom 2011's from Brazzo's Custom, and they paid more for just the pistol than I did for my whole package. For the money, you can't find a better pistol for Limited.
  10. Scott, if you ever want to get rid of that Bulgy Mak, let me know!
  11. Sweet pistol Ahren, saw this when you posted it up on the OG. I was finger banging a CZ 97 last night in high polished blue, nice gun but finger prints would be a bitch. Thanks! The CZ's are great handguns! I think my next .45 is going to be a SS TRP though.
  12. I would recommend keeping an eye on http://floridaguntrader.com. That sucks man. What type of AK is it?
  13. Here are a "few" pics of my Tanfoglio "Limited" in .40S&W. This is the gun I use in IPSC Limited Major.
  14. Yo I heard you liek the hog huntin

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