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  1. For the recoil, it's nod bad, definitely less than a 870. I'm 172cm and 65kg (I live in Finland so I'm used to metric units) and I can shoot a full 10-round mag of 1 7/8 oz 3" #4 shells without taking a step back in less than 2.5 seconds. Oh well, I've owned a over and under 12/76 weighting in at slightly less than 6lbs since since I was 15 (I'm 20 now) so I'm not afraid of a little kick Edit: for reliability, mine is a 4 port 17" gun, and for everything except skeet loads, it runs 100%. "if magazine can feed it, the beast can eat it"
  2. I hate the Internet... I NEED one of those...
  3. Out of curiosity, could someone post a video of this with the mag completely loaded?
  4. aessu

    New Toy

    Yeah, saigas are sold with 43cm (about 17") barrels almost everywhere except UK and USA.
  5. The only part you need to file is the front lip of the Surefire's. Greg Thanks for the info, too bad you can't ship them to me directly...
  6. Hello, has anyone who has the Izmash factory magwell fitted one of the SGM mags into their Saigas? The thing is, they are PITA to get to here and I wouldn't like to find out that I can't fit them to my gun...
  7. Just the front retaining kit. I can't find a rear trunnion for sale anywhere so that I could sell the stock...
  8. I don't have decent cam, but you can find a pic on rusmilitary.com shipping to US is less than 10 usd
  9. Izmash made front retainer kit for Saiga-12K with sidefolding stock. Taken from a stock Saiga-12K, never been used. Lost the small C-clip that retains the spring inside front HG during disassembly, but anyone should be able to find one of those in hardware store. Asking 30usd + shipping, this is located in Finland.
  10. aessu

    Tromix Prototype

    I definitely need one!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6VqLkqxp7Y...feature=related Okay, song is old from WWI, but I still think describes how Finland should have been, and especially us, the soldiers (every man Finland is rquired to go througj baic training).
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