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    Professional Pistol Smith, Rifle Smith and Custom Shotgun Builder (JT Engineering.org). International 3-Gun, Surfing, Archery, Motocross, Music (Bass/Drums) Over 35 years Gunsmithing, Machine Tool/Die, Welding/Fabrication. Martial Arts (Uechi Ryu, Goju Ryu, Hapkido and Taekwondo) Retired Military, 5th SFG(A)
  1. jdtravers

    Hunter Cayll

    He constantly practices and wants to make a career of it, so he definitely does the work. Sometimes he would stay at my place while we developed the weapons systems and test/develop at my private range. He is definitely fast with that shotgun. Jack
  2. jdtravers

    Hunter Cayll

    Thanks guys, appreciate it!!!! Got my prosthesis today after being on crutches for a year, what a difference. Will take some time to get use to it, but I will be back in competition in about 6 weeks!! Jack
  3. jdtravers

    Hunter Cayll

    I built his Saiga 12, his original VEPR and his first Open Competition Pistol. The pistol was much more modified than the shotgun as it has to be controlled by his nubs, I had to design special safeties, mag release, etc. so he could manipulate the firearm. Jack Travers JT Engineering PS: I am rejoining as a business member of the Forum as soon as I get hold of Mac.
  4. jdtravers

    Muzzle Brakes

    No individual can possibly say what the best muzzle brake out there is. Recoil is perceived by each individual. Also, what feels good one day, might feel like shit the next because you are mentally/physically not into the gun. Also, you may weigh 350 lbs and what works for you won't work for a 160 lb guy. What works on a stock gas block shotgun is having some weight on the end and just as importantly have the shotgun properly tuned to the shells you are shooting. Basic physics, more weight equal less felt recoil. Gotta find a balance that works for you and if you like it and you think it makes you a better shooter, then thats what you want. I designed the JTE Brake to be the best balance of weight, looks, for a stock gas block gun and porting for when the gas block is moved back. Just my 40 years of real world and competition shooting experinece, feed back from professional shooters, and what I personally thought was the most functional. Tony/Tromix builds some nice brakes also. He knows what he is doing. This muzzle brake debate has been going on since day one and I guess it is just fun to bench race it. Pistols, rifles and shotguns alike:) Jack JTE
  5. jdtravers

    thinking about a 20

    No sense in getting a 20 if you can find a 12. A 20 gauge is basically 7/8 oz shot at 1450 fps. Exact same as the 12 gauge international load. This is what I set up Kay Michulek's shotgun for when I originally built it for her. But of course you can can run a more conventional 1 1/8 oz 1250-1300 fps load if you are going to shoot outlaw competition where the steel might not be calibrated to a 9mm minor to fall. Plus you will need a choke on the 20. Gottal keep a pretty tight pattern if you are going to shoot competition and knock down steel with any authority. Dont waste your time with the fitz. Just an exercise in futility. Do the basic profiling and then shoot the living shit out the gun to wear it in. YES, they all need to be loosened up to run really efficienctly unless you move the gas block back. Have fun!! Jack JT Eng.
  6. jdtravers

    question on cutting barrel and gas system

    We're good man!!! My "Back Room" comment is in regards to how the dis-information is passed from one person to another like at a range, gun shop or a bar. It really doesn't matter how we try and help, it seems like someone always gets their feelings hurt, like "Gun Fun" because he thought we were taking about him. What J. Lambert and I were referring to was not even on this particular topic. But it is true. Gun Fun proved that!!! There was nothing condescending about my post, unless you think it is directed at you (Gun Fun). And it doesn't matter how nice or professional we try and make a post, someone will always get their panties twisted and get pissed off because they take it all so seriously! Jack
  7. jdtravers

    question on cutting barrel and gas system

    I was supporting your definition of "Dwell Time". The evlblkwpnz guy was putting out erroneous information. So now I am going to hurt his feelings and he can write a nasty post to me:) Jack
  8. jdtravers

    question on cutting barrel and gas system

    I am sorry if we hurt your feelings, maybe you need a big forum hug?? Jack
  9. No way!!!! You don't need any tools to completely strip, and I mean completely strip a 1911 and there are not very many parts. How many parts are in an M9 and you can not completely strip an M9 (average guy) in the field, remove every pin, spring, etc. Compare a 1911 and an M9 Parts Diagram and there is a huge difference!!!! But there again, I grew up with the 1911 and can completely disassemble one (field strip) blindfolded and not drop any parts in about 10 seconds.. An M9 has about 3X the parts of a 1911 so how can it be easier to maintain? Jack
  10. jdtravers

    question on cutting barrel and gas system

    Yeah, but we tend to get slammed by the guys who just built their first Saiga and now they consider themselves Master Gunsmiths and know it all:) Jack
  11. I've never served, so someone please correct me if my thinking is all wrong, but if you're down to your pistol in a combat situation you essentially don't have a gun and may as well start hurling insults and rocks, right? Soo... Since it is probably YOUR life on the line. in a very hail mary moment, just why in the hell can't you carry whatever you want as long as it meets a minimum standard and you pay to own/maintain it? Obviously the military couldn't support 800 different pistol calibers, but if you want a Hi Point 9mm or a $5000 target 9mm, why not? Cops can do this in many jurisdictions and rely on their pistols far more than soldiers. I suppose I'm living in a world where things could be as simple as they really could be. Its not just "your life on the line" its also the guy next to you and the guy behid you and the guy whos two soldiers in front. You are a fighting unit not Rambo. Because no one will want to be next to the guy who thinks a Bergmann is good enough because his granddad carried it in ww1. I dont want to run out of ammo and find you you desided to bring 9 largo and a 30-30 rifle. I also dont want to be next to the guy who doesnt have parts to fix his antiquated gun. When individuals are allowed to bring they're own they often choose using emotion instead of logic. I dont want to be stuck with the guy using a 38spl snubby because it has pretty lines and Glocks are plastic and ugly. The military is a machine, no emotion involved...ok less emotion involved. The simplest thing would be for everyone to have the same not for everyone to supply their own. This was a problem in ww1 and ww2 especially with Germany. Their handguns were Mausers, Astras, Radom, FEG, FN, Steyr, Saur, Star, Walther, and a host of Czech and captured Russian handguns. Calibers ranged from 32, 380, 9mm, 7.63x25, 7.62Tok, 9x23 Largo. I dont think the 1911 is a great idea either. Something thats easier to fix would probably be a better choice I am not for or against anything here, but what is easier to fix/maintain than a 1911?????? Jack
  12. We didn't want to get rid of the 1911's for this very reason!! I was working at Mott Lake (Fort Bragg) Special Operation/Counter Terrorism Unit at the time they decided to get rid of the .45s. Numerous write ups had been submitted to allow various units to retain the .45 for several reasons, it causes more arterial damage and temporary wound cavitation damage than a 9mm thus having a higher percentage of putting the aggressor down with one shot. AND the .45 wasn't as likely to penetrate walls, etc causing collateral damage which a high velocity 9mm will. It was politics as usual, they are going to do it regardless of the actual needs. Also guys, there is no such thing as KNOCK DOWN Power, unless you get hit by a train, a 155mm Howitzer round etc. It is all about shot placement, doesn't matter if it is a .380 or a .45, you have to put the bullet where it counts!!!!! Jack
  13. jdtravers

    question on cutting barrel and gas system

    Here is the definition of "Dwell Time" which has been used in the firearms industry for a long, long time: In a gas-operated automatic or semi-automatic firearm, the dwell time is the amount of time that the gas system is charged with high pressure. It is determined by the amount of barrel after the gas port; once the bullet passes the gas port, the amount of time it takes to get from the gas port to the muzzle is the amount of time the gas system is charged with high enough pressure to cycle the weapon. Here is one of the links that has this definition, there are many more: http://guns.wikia.com/wiki/Dwell_time This definition is used by all the major shotgun manufactures and the big boys like Briley, Nu-Line, etc. It is based on a curve very similar to electronic Dwell Time graphs. I have never heard of the terminology "Post Dwell" time in reference to firearms. Not to say it isn't used in some backroom, but the industry does not recognize it. Jack
  14. jdtravers

    2014 Craftsmanship of the v12 (asking for help) photo/video

    The muzzle device may be pinned just as easily as the gas blocks are:) The barrel has a little bit more diameter/wall thickness at the gas block, but it is not a problem and no big deal as long as you have enough wall thickness on the muzzle brake. Need to have a vertical mill or a good heavy duty drill press with a compound table/vise to do it professionally and without fucking it up. Jack
  15. jdtravers


    Take a hard look at the Dillon 550, as it is very cost effective and you can build up multiple tool heads to cover just about every cartridge out there. I have two of them along with two Dillon 1050's and one of their Dillon Square Deals, which I take with me when I travel, as it is easy to set up in a motel room and load pistol ammunition. For precision Rifle I use the Redding T-7 Turret Press, which is a single stage press, but you can put seven dies in the rotating head. It is rock fucking solid!!!!!! Really comes down to how much money do you want to spend!! Jack