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  1. Has anyone ordered from either the store in the OP, or Lanbos??? I want to grab a few of these, and the prices with shipping are virtually the same.
  2. try an SGM 12 round mini drum, they seem to be reliable, and have a small form factor.
  3. OK, since my S12 runs well, I want to cut down the barrel, rethread it and install a GK-01 for a total length of 18.1". Will this combo require any gas system mods? I have read you could cut the barrel down to about 12" before having to shorten the system, but also read that shortening the barrel and adding a brake will mess with dwell timing? What is the consensus? Just cut and weld, or major gas system overhaul? Thanks
  4. thanks, you are probably right about the vepr12 v. S-12, but when I got this in 2009, the vepr12 was only a dream gun here in the states. I will get myself a vepr12 one day. I'm just happy I got this pig finally running. Yeah, I have a lot of money into this shotgun. Sorry your experience was as crappy as mine was, I just had to persevere. Glad I did, as this gun is really fun to let loose.,
  5. I have been fighting this gun for 5 years now, and every step of the way, this pig has dodged, squealed, and ran from running correctly. I sent it to JTE, and it came back almost as horrid as it left, I have purchased every part I could to try and make it run better, and it never would do a damn thing. I finally had enough, and took it to a local smith here in Vegas, (Brad from NFA for all the Vegas locals) and had him fix the cant on my gas block, drill my ports to .093", re-profile my hammer, and level my titan rail. As soon as it was ready, I picked it up and immediately took it out to the
  6. I did not know this, as every thing made seems to be made opposite of what us correct handed shooters need. Been that way my whole life, and have just adapted...I guess I will adapt to this as well. Yeah, if it gets too eroded, just have a new one welded on... I will try it out, and see how it is, and if I need to make adjustments I will, these replies have given me some good ideas... thanks all Nice, let us know when the vid drops, i'll check it out...
  7. thanks mordamer, I sure hope not. thanks blk-hwk-vet, but say what??? It will start to erode???? Thanks Red, but it is designed for correct handed shooters, us leftarded folks might have a weird push to the muzzle. Thanks Jpanzer, I don't need one per say, but feel that shortening the barrel and adding the brake that looks bad ass couldn't hurt. That's a good idea, or I could open the ports on the left side more to compensate. thanks Malcolm Thanks Cobra, good idea, but would rather have the brake on flat. Malcolms idea seems about the best
  8. Hey all I am thinking about cutting down my barrel and perming a CSS Molot brake on my S12 so the barrel is 18.1" but, I am left handed. I see the Molot copy Greg offers is made specifically for right handed people(as is the original). My question is, how is the brake for left handers? does it push the gun in an odd or weird manner, or make a leftie shoot different because of it? Let me know how you lefties like the CSS Molot brake.
  9. double stack sizes 12 round 16 round 20 round 24 round
  10. I have used both sites to write to my elected officials here in nevada, and haven't gotten a letter back yet. Will keep sending them every day. Plus I am drafting a letter to the NRA, GOA, the Tea party, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and any other places/ people I can think of, begging for them to organize a million person march on washington D.C. like the one that happened a few years ago. I will quit school if I have to so I could attend this one. This is the line in the sand, and we must not allow them to cross it.
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