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  1. The ease or lack thereof to get the grip off
  2. Seems like it can be hit and miss... I want to put the Hogue grip on mine, will the Hogue AK grip fit the Vepr12?
  3. Sounds like a man of mischief and experience. But those ALG are the bomb, not A bomb, just good..... I done some things. Actually I am often the guy advocating caution. I'll do dangerous stuff but I will step back, watch and find the best way to do it first. Sometimes the best way doesn't work: i.e. cheap Chinese fuses run faster in one cracker than the several thousand similar ones you've tossed over the years. Open gloved hand means it was not a contained blast, so I kept the digits and an unpleasant bruise. NBD 10-4 good point, as the Fourth is coming soon. The best fire
  4. Sounds like a man of mischief and experience. But those ALG are the bomb, not A bomb, just good.....
  5. Handle was welded on by Pauly back in his reliable days. I do not recommend him for work now. It still doesn't run birdshot 100%, but close. I'd like to just sell it and move on to another project.
  6. Some say awesome, some say needless I got a spendy Eotech512, and couldn't get used to it, so I sold it. It's like a weird psychological adjustment I couldn't make, maybe I didn't give it enough time and use. I'm thinking about giving it more time next time, with like a $99 jobber. Unless you've used them before, try it on the cheap first, they're easy to dump, at least they are here in AZ
  7. 18 months? F that As I said, I haven't been here in a while I didn't mean to give the impression that he started shipping last week, this seems to be the jilted room, as I was once a member. It is crap that he doesn't communicate, what amazes me, is people are still sending parts.
  8. Done with this headache, on to the nest pain in my ass Oh, haven't run low brass yet, maybe I'm not done with this headache
  9. I was on a list somewhere, I've been out of the loop for a while and lost track. I've had them for a while, I got them late last year, but 4-5 months isn't out of the question for some work lists...I believe the Tromix wait time is 2 years, at least it was a while ago. But I'll have to say, I was just as worked up as everybody here at one time, and afraid my bolt and carrier were sitting in the Marion County landfill, and then POOF, 9 months later a box appeared on my doorstep. I'm not sure he has a bandwagon of support though, at least I've never seen them hanging out here.
  10. Got my parts back...... Doesn't run like a dream on birdshot, but what S12 does?????? TAC 47 better make this bitch run!!!!!
  11. HAHA, sorry just ball busting That's exactly what I thought when I read that lol. Sweet, must be the Arizona heet
  12. HAHA, sorry just ball busting
  13. Pro2A

    Double Stack Pics

    Maybe the longer he's gone, the quicker the mags will come out......... That's Pauly's production theory anyway
  14. Pro2A

    Axis pin retainer

    UPDATE I did get a plate from a member who had one laying around, but I figured out how this one goes.... It was a little hard to work in, but not bad as I put the hammer in first. I will try the plate when gun gets back from CK
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