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  1. Well I work at a shop where I can sandblast whatever I want. So I figured why not just get it down to bare metal to do the paintjob.
  2. Yeah sounds more practical. I'll have it threaded for rem choke
  3. I was looking at the wittmachine brakes. But I could see why I would want to stay away from them..
  4. Thanks for the info on the paint. I think I'll just sandblast the whole gun when I go to do the paint job. I'm not sure about any muzzle device at the moment. I was thinking about one of those bolt on shotgun brakes but I haven't seen any reviews on them. But at this point I'm just going to bring the gun into the shop sometime and sandblast it so I can get to work on the paintjob. Oh and is there anyway to drift the rear sight? It's shooting to he right by alot. It groups well but not were I want it to...
  5. Thanks! I couldn't have done it without the help from this forum. And his is the paint, and I ground off all three external rivit heads but left one in (shown in pic) I didn't want an unnecessary hole...sadly I forgot to include how I did the "T-nut" for the grip. It was interesting without a cutting wheel on the dremel. I just drilled a large hole where it was going to go then used hand files. Pretty simple. And yes this is pretty fricken fun! And the finnished product
  6. Those are the only pictures I could attach. I will add more soon. But the conversion is finnished and runs perfect!
  7. That pkm stock and fal wood looks kick ass.....would anybody be upset if I copied?? I might go with the romanian foregrip handguard.
  8. Ok well once I convert it I'll see about one of those. Sounds like a good idea. And I think I will stay clear of red dots
  9. I agree with heartbreaker
  10. And I do appreciate your help gunfun. All your advice has helped tons. And I did grind and polish more of the bolt and the whole carrier. Once I get home I can post more pics but my thumbnail runs pretty seamlessly over the bolt now and I smoothed and angled the part of the carrier that cocks the hammer. It has definitely made the action smoother. And as far as giving advice and tutorials I think it's awesome that you do. Its your choice to make and it's other people's choice to follow them or to buy a service. I say keep doing what you're doing. And the people giving the service. Its awesome
  11. Well how much do you charge? And how can I order/send parts in?
  12. Well I kinda polished and profiled the bolt
  13. ok well i think i will save the mag destruction for after the conversion and paint job. but definitely something i will try and play with one day. if you couldn't tell already im pretty young so i enjoy my lil projects and such, but my progress will depend on my funds...so once school is out i should be able to make more progress on this. i am quite excited!
  14. yeah i was planning on stripping off all the factory paint either with paint remover or vinegar and some sand paper. but i will do this after the conversion, i am ordering the parts sometime this week and i plan to take pics of that process too. this gun is really just to have fun with and have a project gun. so i was thinking about doing a steampunk theme gun.
  15. Ok well I checked out the paint and such. But I was planning on doing colors other than black and doing detail work and such then clear duracoat over that to preserve the colors. Like metalic bronze and stainless and brass or gold. And I don't want to spend a ton of money on duracoat for each color. Just the clear coat.
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