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  1. Call me a bastard for wishing ill upon others if you must, but I hope she does the free world a favor and dies very soon.
  2. I'll have to borrow that for my next email to Feinstein. On an unrelated note, the pic of his AR has convinced me to go with the OD green Magpul furniture for my next AR, if I can ever find one in stores again.
  3. Many brand new firearms benefit from break in firing.
  4. There are probably more relevant things to point out from the video which I only watched about 45 seconds of, but Rangers do not carry a "445 mag gun", and the picture at 0:23 is a group of ROTC cadets.
  5. Yes, what I was referring to is that while the libs claim to be the "progressive, everybody love everybody regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, blah blah blah" party, they in fact don't give a shit more than anybody else and have their own preferences and prejudices. They're just able to hide it from idiots.
  6. When you make the comparison of Chicago to places like Colorado or Connecticut to the average libtard, their response is usually "oh you can't compare that, it's apples and oranges. Chicago took place over time and the CT and CO were in a matter of minutes." So, not only does this reveal the liberal's mindest of not letting a tragedy go to waste, it also reveals how racist they are because they don't care about the accumulated deaths of inner city kids and teens compared to a mass shooting of whites. Finally, their "logic" dictates that multiple situations involving: a.) people be
  7. Pier23, I'm sure you've already been laughed out of the forum, but were you even born before OEF began? Or is your knowledge of Afghanistan limited to your "experience" with Task Force 141?
  8. I am also wary of the mental health angle some people are talking up to draw the heat off the gun control debate. I don't think there's a simple solution to mental health either. I've seen a lot of people on various psychotropic drugs, and a lot of people reacted to them differently. Right now medication is preferred over institutionalization. You can't put everyone in crazy house, and you can't just throw a bunch of pills at someone either. I'm sure there is someone out there smarter than myself who can come up with something, but I'm not going demonize people with mental issues the way
  9. Good read. In all of these types of articles I read, I can't help but wonder how the democrats would use the military against the public. If there is a civil support operation that calls for outright, patently obvious abuse of civil liberties, most service members would not execute. The scenario described in these articles requires a feint. Katrina is the best example I can think of, when citizens were disarmed for the purpose of the "relief effort". I imagine the inciden would start off as martial law, then after some time passes, that's when the democrats begin to enact their gun confis
  10. I don't see the media really sensationalizing this one. This is absolutely not my standpoint, but it happened at a church; the liberal media isn't trying to show a Christian of any denomination any sympathy. Plus, the police actually stopped this man, by shooting him nonetheless.
  11. D-H

    Magpul vs Tapco

    Given the criteria that you want, you can't go wrong with Magpul. I like VLT0R a lot as well. I think I'm in the minority around here by not shitting all over Tapco. I don't think they're as high quality as Magpul, but they're not total junk either. It's been a minute since I checked prices on each companies furniture/mags before all the panic buying started, but I generally remember Tapco being less expensive than Magpul. One plus that I can give to Tapco is their polymer AK magazine. I bought some for my Saiga 7.62 at $6 or $7 each and they work just fine for the range.
  12. I could only make it to about 0:43 before I had to turn it off. This man is true dumpster garbage. "Hi everybody"? You are the President of The United States of America. I'd say he could at least open with "my fellow Americans" but it is obvious this man is wholly un-American and wants to turn the nation into a cesspool of everything that is disgusting and wrong here today.
  13. So I actually received a response from my congressman. I wish I could copy and paste his response, but it is only in my work e-mail unfortunately. I was a little busy and only scanned through his message quickly, but it was typical Democrat BS. The thing that really pissed me off about his response to me was that he mentioned going to a funeral or two and that is was unlike anything he's experienced before. When I go back to work next week, I will be sure to email him again and let him know I attended the memorial service of one his former constituents and my former brother in arms in a fo
  14. It really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone how the liberal media is responding to the NRA's press conference; however that doesn't make their reporting any less appalling. Just look at when a few days ago they simply announced that they would be having a press conference on today's date. Liberal media outlets jumped all over it with alarmist fear mongering headlines without anything more substantive than a simple announcement.
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