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  1. cool, 1991 is my number. Love the drum, used it a couple times already without a hitch.
  2. My 10 round S-12 mags work fine after I file fit them so they would lock into the shotgun, but I only bought 2 due to the issues I have had with other mags made by ProMag. My Saiga 7.62x39 doesn't like ProMags, nor does my SKS.
  3. Damn right on start up costs ! Somehow you have to recoup your investment and being the only "real" drum on the market, we are lucky he was able to do this fairly quickly to pursue other neato projects...i.e double stack mags. Look at the LCD and Plasma TVs. Sheesh, do you all remember how much those damn things were when they first came out ? I remember seeing a 42" plasma for over $10,000 at bestbuy when they first hit the stores. Now you can get one for $500-$600 bucks. I am glad someone had the balls to see the market, knew what/where/how to get started, and was willing to gamble and
  4. I have some of all of the mags. They all work fine, even the Pro Mags after some filing to get them to fit. I get a FTE every once in a while, but I would write that off as the ammo since 99% of what I shoot is the cheap Wally World stuff. Next up is the MD double stack if and when it comes out
  5. I actually like the 12 rounders too, but they are just too bulky and long. I can't wait for Mike to come out with the double stacks, maybe a 16 rounder the same length as a 8 rounder.
  6. I have a couple ProMags for my 7.62. They both jam on the last two rounds for some reason. My surefire mags have never had a jam. The ProMags for my S12 work great.
  7. Thanks, but I really dont want to put any more money in it, unless one of these was a surefire fix? which one would you try first? Tell you what, I'll send you a tappet. If it fixes your problem, pay the invoice, if it doesn't take care of your problem then send it back. Sound reasonable? I have to say I am a big King Armory gas piston fan. I wish I would have tried it before ripping into my gas tube to see if it solved the problems. It really does a great job on the FTE issues. Improved my FTE problem from 75% to just 3% and that was with the cheap wally world shells.
  8. I didn't have any problems getting the gas block off using the suggestions in the sticky. Getting it back on took a little work, but it wasn't anything a light hammer and piece of 2x4 wood block couldn't take care of. Doing the port mod helped, but my biggest increase in performance came from installing the King Armory piston. I am guessing a combination of the two tweaks brought my S12 to perform perfectly.
  9. No, I don't think you will miss not getting the pump. I do, however, think you will be spending a lot more on shells
  10. I would suggest people send in the gun for warranty repair OR get the King Armory gas piston and see if it helps. I had a 3 holer that would only cycle high brass. The cheap low brass would not cycle at all, or dribble out of the ejection port if it happened to cycle. I put in the KA gas piston and my S12 now throws the low brass out of the gun. It made a huge difference for my shotgun and wasn't an expensive fix.
  11. I have some FMJ, but I can't find any soft point anywhere. FMJ is useless for anything other than target practice.
  12. Just got it with 2 holes that half show past the threads - I'm not sure that 200 stovepipes would be that much fun - in any case - it's just a theory that might explain why some of the Vodka specials did not seem to see much improvment when more holes were drilled. Try the King Armory Gas Piston before you start with the do it yourself mods. You void the warranty once you start messing with adding new holes and such. The piston did great things for my S12.
  13. I just used a pocket knife and slowly scrapped off what I needed to make it fit. Fits and cycles like a charm now. I will buy more.
  14. It helped mine a ton. I did the gas port mod and it helped some, but not near enough. I would still FTE every 2nd or 3rd round, instead of every round. Also, when the low brass rounds would eject, they almost dribbled out of the gun. Now the low brass flies out the ejection port. As I said, I only had 3 FTE's after 100 rounds of Federal low brass from WalMart. I really did not want to pull the gas tube off again to file more or drill out the holes more. It wasn't too bad getting the tube off, but aligning the pin getting it back on was a pain. I figured the KA piston looked differen
  15. If you have a vodka special, try the King Armory gas piston and see if that solves your problems. Not too expensive and counts as 1 922 part. The first S12 I bought was a 2 holer, cycled nothing at all, but the dealer let me exchange it for the only other S12 in stock which happened to be a 3 holer. I brought that home and had the same issues. I did the gas port mod in the stickies and it helped, but I still had about 50% FTE's. I about gave up, but saw the KA gas piston looked different and gave it a shot. I have now gone from 50% FTE to 3% FTE (shoot 100 rounds of Federal Wally World a
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