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  1. Want one in firing condition and looks decent would like the numbers to match. Any year from 1935 from 1945 is acceptable. My max range is $300 bucks. Thanks
  2. Brings a tear to your eye don't it
  3. Thanks! I'll have to save up and get one. Think I may find a possible steal at a gun show?
  4. First off how much do these go for? What should I look for markings wise? What price is a rip off? Are the original scopes available for these? I'd appreciate some info and if you have something else to add other than my questions above feel free. Thanks, avpfivethousand
  5. Is there a way to install my threaded front sight block by myself? If not does anyone know of a good gunsmith around Lapeer Michigan that won't charge me an arm and a leg.
  6. Just picked up a Mosin Nagant M44 and want to shoot the crap out of it. if you have some ammo you want to get rid of send me a PM. Thanks, avpfivethousand
  7. Almost done still need to put my threaded front sight block on, but here she is.
  8. Gun shows are where its at for Mosin's. Get a legit sniper for around $800 with scope if your lucky to find that deal. Saw it but didn't have that kind of cash for it, so went for the M44 and love it. $100 bucks really clean and accurate all numbers match.
  9. Maybe I'll pick up a steel mag or two and see if that solves anything. Anyone know where I can get some decent looking ones for a good price?
  10. My first two I got at the gun show were labled AK 47 7.62x39 RAA and they jammed then read on a post here that a bullet guide should solve all my problems so picked one up from good ol' Dinzag and the mags fed like a dream. I found some more on cheaper than dirt for $15 bucks and couldn't pass that up. Filed the mag catch a bit and they fit just like the others, but took em to the range and they jammed up every few rounds, but got lucky once and a while and the would feed a whole clip fine. The bullet guide is a little dinged up should I take a dremel to it and shave a little off or just wait
  11. I just picked up my first bolt action as well It's not the Mauser I wanted but it will do for now. Mosin Nagant M44 Fun shooter have to get used to her to be more accurate, but 125 bucks aint too shabby for a good lookin WWII carbine.
  12. Ok I don't know why my saiga is jamming, I bought two pro mags at a gun show work great, then bought four from cheaper than dirt and they jam. And I have a new bullet guide and am shooting hollow points. What do you think week spring bullet guide need to broken in/ground down. If you know of any other reasons it could be jamming let me know. Thanks, avpfivethousand
  13. Can't wait to get my first bolt gotta save up though. but its gonna be all worth it having a Mauser 98 in my hands.
  14. If you guys really want some Copes has them for a few bucks more. http://www.copesdistributing.net/product_i...products_id=716 Hope this helps.
  15. Thanks for the input. Picked up an East German ak74 Zig-Zag compensator and gonna grab the front sight block from Dinzag.
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