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  1. for shits and giggles, I handmade a Magpul logo stencil and did a PMAG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWFvyJnv8gY
  2. lol, glad you think so...that's an hour of stippling fast forwarded and I cut out all my damn hand cramps (had to stop 4 times!!) lol
  3. I didn't want to post this in the tech section because they are AR grips, but if mods feel that's a better place then by all means go for it. I have Umbrella corp's grip 23's on my AR and they are smooth as silk, but that's the problem. I love the grip angle but dislike the smoothness. SO, I got a wood burning tool called the Versa Tool by Walnut Hollow and decided to give it a go. After practicing on grips I had laying around in my spare parts bin, I got confident enough to give it a go on the real thing....here's what came of it: FYI: 2:13 is where the fun starts http://www.youtube.c
  4. Yeah, I'm totally safe in this aspect because I have NO ar stocks laying around. My stock for this gun is still on order from mission first tactical for a very long time because it's the new minimalist stock. So its very likely my stamp will arrive before my stock. Either way, I already knew I was safe lol. I found the same letter and I'm not sweating it. With tax stamp about $1200 complete. Umbrella will be releasing a textured grip according to their reps, but still have the non-textured ones available as well.
  5. I had to troll on your video. I just couldn't help myself... Great build by the way. Looks real good. Does it shoot as good as it looks? Thanks! Yes, it shoots great!! I ordered the wrong attachment for my silencer so when I get the correct thread pattern I'll give that a test as well. The wait for the stamp is killing me!! Over 6 months and likely 2-3 more to go unless they surprise me.
  6. The last conversation I had with the ATF regarding times was approx 9 months from the time they received your papers and it's only expected to get longer
  7. This guy used Kaizen foam and did a really nice cutout. I think I'm going to this foam myself... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEcbN85XWAg
  8. So I know it's been forever since I've hanged around here and it's because I've been really damn busy lol. But I'm slowly piecing together my SBR build finally and of course in that ridiculously long wait for my stamp (man, a couple of years ago a stamp would be 90 days or less) but here's where I'm at so far and wanted to share my build with you: Stag lower KNS anti-rotation pins 7.5" 9mm upper from JSE RRA magwell block RRA 9mm buffer Larue handstops/rail clips Strike Ind charging handle Umbrella Corp grip (which will be stippled by me soon) Magpul Mbuis a bunch of Uzi mags with
  9. Check this out guys, this dude has a TON of suppressors and looks like more stuff on the way. He just started up a facebook page for more updates too, worth a look if your looking for questions or reviews on stuff. I wish I could afford all this stuff lol https://www.youtube.com/user/fireman1291 https://www.facebook.com/NFAreviewchannel?fref=ts
  10. This has always been a pretty crafty group of people on this forum. So I know I'm likely not the first guy to show something like this, and I know a few of you guys have made some cool stuff to hold guns. This is a Pelican laptop case I bought used from Ebay, and something anyone can do to save a lot of money over Pelican's "official" gun cases. So, anyone that hasn't seen this done yet...here it is: Pelican laptop case into a pistol case: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUBNFu7__Nc&hd=1
  11. Don't sweat the haters. A lot of people look down at us for buying a Saiga over an AR-15 lol. It's a pretty good gun, hasn't let me down and I would trust it in a time of need. I even made a video about the same shotgun (in the shotgun section of this forum)
  12. Whats up everyone, decided to share a little video on my Ithaca M1911A1 from WWII. This was a hell of a deal I got from an older gentleman clearing out his safe. He had some lovely toys, but this caught my eye. A 1942 (or 1943, unsure) Ithaca service gun. Pretty pristine condition, and he even had a field manual for it!! Pretty wild, I did shoot it just to make sure it works, but it will be a safe queen. Hope this inspires you guys to keep looking for that great deal, this one fell in my lap. EDIT: More research is putting this gun in the middle of 1943. . .apparently many 1942 guns couldn't
  13. I don't think it's a terrible deal, but I don't think it's a great deal either. If it's the folding stock SPAS with the hook, $1500 is about fair if it's in great condition. But this trade also depends on the conditions of your guns and what you have into them. If you think you could get more than $1500 by selling both of your guns, do it and give him the $1500 and keep the change
  14. It seems quite excellent for the price so far, no issues, just a hefty shotty (the receiver seems very robust). Would I bet my life on it? yep, it goes bang every time I pull the trigger. I bet Remington bought them out after realizing how good of a gun it really is
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