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  1. I used to have one, but I lost it in a boating accident. Looks like it is gone and lost forever.
  2. I bought a few surefires, (And had Cobra cut two of them down to 2 rounds). I am satisfied with their performance, but I had to do a fair amount of "A" and "B" fitting on the surefires to get them to lock into my Saigas. So, even with surefires, there will be filing required, most likely. I have some clear gen II AGP mags, and aside from a slight problem with the followers protruding too far after the last round is fired (AGP sent me new followers for free right away- good company to deal with), I haven't had any feeding issues, and the AGP mags didn't need to be modified. They locked posi
  3. Sorry to rain on the saltwater parade here, but according to Snopes.com the first two steps are confirmed, and there is good evidence that the other things listed can help relieve flu symptoms, but there is no evidence that the rest of them actually kill H1N1 viruses. The relevant article can be found here: http://www.snopes.com/medical/swineflu/prevent.asp Google searches for "gargle salt water" and "Vinay Goyal" turned up several versions of this piece, so it's definitely travelled far and wide. For what it's worth, I gargled some warm salt water and swabbed my nose out with salt
  4. So far, the results are more mixed than I expected. Interesting. I think she's on board now, although she is really, really bored. You can only watch House, MD so many times. My efforts may have been in vain. I feel like I'm getting a cold. If I start to run a fever, I'm gonna have to miss work. As a "temp" employee, my employer does provide sick time, but they look really hard at attendance when they consider who to keep and who to lay off. I figure if my temp is under 102, I can probably work. Fortunately, it's not too close to very many people, and it's a clean room environment,
  5. I finally took mine to the range. If I used it on a home invader, it would be very effective, because he would be deaf, blind, and on fire. Unbelievable fireballs, and particles of burning powder out of this thing. Definitely fire with mouth closed.
  6. So my GF has H1N1 and I've been making runs to the store for her to get her palatable foods, fluids, and medicines, and checking in on her multiple times a day, but she is upset that I won't stay and watch a movie with her or stay and cuddle. She has a nasty secondary cough from a post nasal drip, and I just can't bear the thought of all those H1N1 aerosols coming my way and infecting me. She asked me, "what if we were married and living together" and I explained that I would probably sack out on the couch to try to minimize my exposure, and she was very unhappy with that. This poll is just
  7. It hand cycles okay. Not as smooth as my arsenal milled gun, but I wasn't expecting too much from a Romy. I haven't fired it yet, but it goes click reliably. by slightly, I mean it is visible when I have the top cover off. The rear trunnion is tilted roughly maybe about 2 degrees to the left compared with the front trunnion and sight block. It's subtle, but it's there.
  8. Well, I have a Draco in hand now, but I just noticed the receiver seems slightly twisted. Is that fixable, or do I need to give Century a call?
  9. I had the opportunity to shoot a straight-pull action "cadet" version of the British SA-80. Field stripping it was hazardous, because unless you were careful, the guide rod and recoil spring assembly would come flying out and smack you in the face. Or your buddy's face. It had a cheap plastic door that had no use on the straight pull action, but housed the gas system on select-fire models, and it would flop open and shut on its own due to recoil. Also, the bolt handle mechanism was on a shoddy track running on the side of the rifle, and was a pain in the butt to reassemble. That being said
  10. Should I try to get this AK pistol: for potential SBR conversion? It looks like a good deal, but is this a good route to go to make my own SBR?
  11. Looks like the video has disappeared from YouTube. I wonder if the Black Helicopters got to her?
  12. It's all good. Looks like we just had a failure to communicate. Happens on teh interwebz.
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