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  1. My Son and I just vacuum sealed ammo for long term storage. Awesome! He actually enjoied it more than me.

  2. My Son and I just vacuum sealed ammo for long term storage. Awesome! He actually enjoied it more than me.

  3. Let's say you were the owner or president of a company that facilitated Special Forces training before they deployed abroad and was preparing to open a civilian market. What creative NAME would you give it to market toward the civilian part of the company to draw in customers? What would draw you in as a potential customer? Your company would offer helicopter and vehicle mounted machine gun/mini gun shoots, cave/tunnel fighting skills, defensive tactics, QCB etc etc etc. Use your imagination on what else it would offer. What would you call or name the business?
  4. GRIEVE NOT FOR ME Grieve not for me for it has been ordained, that my journey here be short. Grieve not for me for my loyal presence will ever remain in your heart. I was sent to be a Guardian, for the Guardians of Law in Blue. A fearless, noble protector, with a bond that few con construe. With character unshakable, and senses that are well heightened, I was sent to be a defender, so that your burden here would be lightened. Grieve not for me for in heavenly blue, our reunion day will come. Grieve not for me for as partners again, We will defend a greater Kingdom Condolences brother.
  5. I'm a security professional, defensive tactics instructor and I sit on a board for a company that facilitates special forces training before they deploy. Soon we will be opening a civilian market.
  6. MMMMMMMMMMMM...Gurkha is my all time favorite. Then CAO, Partega, La Gloria, Man O War, Rocky Patel and Drew Estate. All fantastic cigars with Jameson whiskey!
  7. This cracks me up. Can't wait to visit this store. http://www.8newsnow.com/story/16510030/go-inside-las-vegas-first-zombie-survival-store
  8. Tragic what this lady has been through in the past few days. http://gma.yahoo.com/okla-woman-shoots-kills-intruder-911-operators-okay-091106413.html
  9. I found bullets like these in my dads ammo box around 18 yrs ago. They looked identical and were made by Federal. I shot some steel plates with them and they bounced off the plates like they were made of rubber. Ever since then I thought they were rubber rounds but I never could figure out why they had a hollow point. I've never seen them since, until now. Interesting.
  10. I received a promotion at work! Not the one I wanted but... still a promotion. The boss has a sharp eye on me. ;D

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      I got promoted last spring.. and got $2/hr.. but I'm still a TEMP after 3 years.. what a crock..

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  11. I'm thinking Range rover or Toyota Land Cruiser. In a pinch I'd take a Jeep Cherokee. I would want an off road trailer too.
  12. A camera isn't a weapon? I could smash your head in with much less than a camera! I've had an officer hand cuff a suspect, once the right hand was cuffed a struggle ensued, the one cuffed hand became a weapon that struck an officers head, resulting in almost a death blow! Stick to shit you know, dude. As far as probable cause the suspect lied to an officer of the law, didn't co-operate and was arrested. simple.
  13. Typical, I think its so fucking ridiculous how they beat your ass and then charge YOU with assault. Im just glad to hear the department actually acknowledges he was out of line. Killed 2 people in 5 1/2 years!!!?? WTF? He must just have really bad luck Cop had cause to search, for his protection. Crooks lied about being property owner. suspicious? He did kill 2 people in 2 yrs. both were justified. Bad luck or bad people/part of town? Bad luck or doing his job? Quick to judge?.... This is my dad's opinion: QUOTE: Well, you can't really see what exactly went down but here are the facts from video and audio leading up to the confrontation and from the audio during the struggle. It's night time and a guy standing in a driveway with a video camera is suspicious enough to warrant investigation and questioning. The officer approaches and asks the appropriate question. Do you live here? The reply was "no" which made it reasonable and necessary to further investigate why this person is on private property at night without any apparent reason or explanation. (A reasonable person would lower the camera and give an explanation like, it's my parents house or a friends house etc. The guy was looking for trouble or was looking for a lawsuit). Now the officer has the right to pat him down for weapons for his own safety while further investigating. He needs the guy to lower the camera, place it on the ground or hand it to the officer since the officer has the right to pat him down and needs the suspects hands empty and free. The camera, even a small camera can be used as a weapon if it's used to strike a blow to the face or head. He refuses to lower the camera and he changes his story so he lied or is now lying about living there. Either way, it's suspicious and his refusal to cooperate is delaying a Peace officer and resisting the officer from performing his duties. Once the officer grabs the suspect to pat him down, it appears and sounds like there is a struggle. The office warns him to cooperate and from the audio it sounds as though a struggle is continuing and does not sound like a beating. The constant screams for help don't stop when he is ordered to stop. The officer(s) is in serious and immediate risk having a potentially violent and hostile crowd form and attack the officers and linch the suspect. The office needs to control that and they need to get the suspect cuffed, searched and locked in the car immediately which means dragging him kicking and fighting but they need to do it fast. His injuries look minor and typical of taking a struggling suspect down. I've done way, way worse and it was purely as a result of getting the suspect controlled, down and cuffed. If I was the IA investigator and based on just the video and audio the officer would be exonerated immediately. The officer was performing his duty, gave verbal lawful and reasonable commands several times which the suspect refused. The suspect lied. Once the officer was in proximity he was placed in the position of having to physically remove the camera in order to conduct a safe pat down for weapons and the brief moment of video indicates that the suspect was did not comply and the audio supports it. My opinion is based on just video and audio and is without, the officers statement, interrogation the suspect, eye witnesses and taking into account back up officers statements, medical report and officers past record for a propensity of excessive force. The suspects injuries look minor and typical of taking a struggling person down. I've done way, way worse and it was purely as a result of getting the suspect controlled, down and cuffed. - ( this is a conversation I had with my dad, who is a former police officer, concerning this incident and this is his response concerning Derek and how he handled this situation ). WAITE: I know Derek very well. He is a very good friend of mine and he doesn't lie. I asked him what happened and he said Crooks reached out to grab him ( just off camera on Crooks left side, with his left arm) and Derek took him down in self defense. He said he never hurt Crooks intentionally. Crooks was hurt when he hit the ground in an lawful arrest, not from police brutality. Derek didn't "beat his ass" as big-j suggests, though Derek very well could have, being, he is a Krav instructor. Things aren't always as they seem, in this case the bad guy, looking to make a buck, got what he was looking for. I wish he would try this shit with me, I wouldn't be as nice if I knew his intentions. NOTE: Crooks makes his living filming police! He was looking for a lawsuit and always does. Crooks is a Crook!
  14. http://www.lvrj.com/news/man-who-videotaped-police-files-federal-lawsuit-against-officer-133243078.html This is my buddies story. You decide if derek did something wrong from the video. I'll comment later.
  15. If the guy was trying to rob a cop then it would be justified as it is in this case. Otherwise no it would be police brutality, its not their job to deliver justice it is their job to apprehend suspects (without harm) so that the court system can provide justice. Just because someone ends up with injuries during an arrest doesn't mean they were beaten for no reason. People can, and often do, fight during an arrest. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to justify police brutality. As already pointed out, and correctly so, it's not the job of the police to mete out punishment. I am just trying to get you to think before automatically assuming police brutality. There is a huge difference between police brutality and a suspect getting injured during an arrest.
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