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  1. It's only recognized as pistol by the state of MI, not federal or other states. So it's recognized as an SBR on your trust not a pistol.
  2. Thanks for the replies/suggestions! Looks like the governor signed the bill so we are GTG! GySgt- I'd like to be able to take it 50 yards and push it further with slugs if possible. Sounds like 10" to 14" is the best option, I need to read more on barrel lengths advantage/disadvantage.
  3. Good product, charges a Garmin GPS which is why I have my eye on it. There are similar products out that are smaller and lighter, but they don't have the blower or a way to contain the fire (important if you want to leave zero footprint). After a minute or two of the blower being on the fire burns very clean (no smoke). Overall heavy but worth it if that's what you need, the fan helps keep the peltier junction running cooler on one side then other product and really helps warm up smaller spaces. The other thing I noticed is how well a Kleen Kanteen fits over the top of it, making it perfec
  4. You will still be able to put it in a trust.
  5. Nope, your not missing anything. If the Governor doesn't sign the law will still go in to effect. I don't know the timeline on that though.
  6. MI is finally joining the ranks and hopefully allowing SBR/SBS's soon (maybe they have already, kind of been out of the loop lately). I've always been interested in a Saiga based SBS but haven't ever taken the time to learn more about them, now that it's a possible option I'd really like to hear from other end users! My use for this would be 0-50 with maybe occasionally taking it out to a 100 for grins. Loads will most likely be buckshot and slugs, I don't have any real desire to put a lot of birdshot through it. That said I'd still like it to be reliable. What's the best barrel l
  7. Thanks for the heads up! My google-fu was apparently weak that day.
  8. Is there a waiting list still? If so how can I be notified when your taking more orders? I had a 458 SOCOM AR pistol some years back, it was excellent but I stupidly sold it for another toy. Now that SBRs will most likely be allowed in MI, I will be picking up another upper. Do you still build them? If not do you have barrels/bolts available? Any good sources for ammo/brass for reloading?
  9. Timeline: A long time before you'll actually get it in your hands, LOL! That I'm aware of schupbachs in Jackson has a class III and A2 Arms probably does to. Super excited for this, hope Tromix waiting list isn't to long!
  10. This guy is possibly the nicest "asshole Mod" I've ever met, he's never hesitated to take time to BS on the phone or grab some grub with a forum member just passing through his neck of the woods. If you piss on him swift justice is taken, pretty simple. He's also been pretty damn forgiving to some real assholes on this forum..... I joined S12 originally to learn from all the cool knowledge that was floating around on this forum, then some really good members were chased out.....I still visit but its normally brief and I avoid most of the nonsense BS opinionated topics. Sure wish it was
  11. The bolt action is SPF, mods please close down the ad. These are off to the gunshow this weekend!
  12. Yes it's 308, with an internal magazine
  13. It's a Savage model 110 (not the cheaply 11), the accu point is a tr22-1 with yellow dot
  14. Price drop on the bolt to $1075.00 #3=$1350.00 #4=$2100.00 Willing to split the 6.5 Grendel package for the right offer Thanks!
  15. Send me a PM on what your interested in, maybe we can work something out! Both 5.56 barrels are 16"
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