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  1. Again We See Violence ...Anytime, Anywhere See the video in this link. http://washington.cbslocal.com/2013/11/16/potentially-fatal-knockout-game-targeting-strangers-may-be-spreading-to-d-c/ When people see violence on movies and TV, they don't understand the difference between reality and fantasy. Our society is not only desensitized to violence, they revel in it. For example, in this video, these people do not understand that a person struck in the head may be left with permanent brain injuries ...or die. The victims do not go on to have normal lives as depicted in the mov
  2. SgtMac20, I am a 'newbie' as well. This is my first payback post to help out someone else. I recently got the Saiga-12 and am in the process of deciding how to proceed to convert it. It is not a matter of whether I will convert it, but how. I've been reviewing the comments by the experts on this site. Many of these folks are very knowledgable and passionate about these guns. I've been shooting mine to determine reliability (and for fun), and I believe it is a solid gun. It will be for home defense ...and lots of fun. I have other firearms for self-defense (with which I train/prac
  3. What he said. I have nothing to compare it against, but I thought the DVD was thorough as an intoductory training tool. The Saiga Shotgun Gunfighting DVD takes you from the basics up to practical drills in a logical manner. It is not filled with a lot of theatrical stuff. I took extraordinary notes and am practicing in a serious way.
  4. Paulyski, the front sight on Gabe Suarez' Saiga-1 does not have the window (or whatever you call it) as does the first two examples you show. The front sight in a close-up shot in the video looks IDENTICAL to the Krebs. Here is a so-so photo of the front and rear sights on the video cover: http://www.onesourcetactical.com/images/view.aspx?productId=15070 Are you guys saying that the Krebs sight is probably too tall? If so, would the rear sight that comes with the Krebs set put the sights in proper alignment?
  5. I have the Gabe Suarez training video "Saiga Shotgun Gunfighting" (I thought it was quite good by the way) and it appears to me that he has the Krebs front sight and the original notched rear sight. Is there an alignment advantage/disadvantage to Gabe's configuration? In other words, by keeping the factory rear sight, could there be a sight alignment problem? For example, might the original rear notch sight be too low to properly align with the front sight? Note that Krebs front and rear sights are sold as a set from Carolina Shooters Supply. See the link. http://store.carolin...2-Cus
  6. I have a Saiga-12 with a 24" barrel, and I've decided to have a gunsmith cut the barrel down to 18.5" and thread it externally (same as on your 19" guns from the factory). I want to add a Poly Choke as some of you guys/gals have done. I have other hunting and self-defense guns, but I think the Saiga is extremely versatile and fun to shoot. None of the 3 gunsmiths where I live in Southern Oregon have experience with Saigas. Their experience is principally related to 'sporting' (hunting) guns. Once this is done, I plan to take the plunge as you have done and attempt my first conversion.
  7. Good advice so far. I was not in the market for a Saiga, but my wife is very loving and thoughtful. I should be and am grateful. Regarding whether she made a mistake, I should have asked that question differently. Since I know almost nothing about Saiga shotguns, and didn't even know that they had a 24" version, I did not know if the 'experts' here would have negative comments about it. I guess not. I already have a shotgun for turkey and other game bird bird hunting. The Saiga 12 will probably be just for fun. As a self-defense gun, it is probably too long. I plan to shoot i
  8. This is my first post. A local radio station had a charity auction today (Saturday 8/14/10). To my surprise, and without me knowing, my wife bought me a new Saiga-12 shotgun with 24" barrel for $500. i will pick it up on Monday at a local gun shop. 1. Did she make a mistake on the gun or on price or on anything else? 2. Is the 24" barrel length too long to be practical/useful? 3. If so, is it legal to have a gunsmith cut down the barrel to just over 18"? 4. Here is the fun part: what should I do to the gun to accessorize and/or improve performance? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR
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