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  1. If you have a spare factory lower, left over after replacing it with a T&N or FB aluminum, let me know. Stripped is fine.
  2. Nope, nope and nope! Any shotgun with a detachable magazine is an assault weapon in the fine state of California. Evil features dont matter, detachable magazine is all the evil needed. Three options: 1) make it non-semi 2) Fix the magazine 3) register as AW. And in the future, NEVER ever get legal advice, or any advice really, from people working at a gun store.
  3. XN or pre-XN? If the latter, I might be convinced to sell one.
  4. Ok, thanks. Guess Im depending on T&N to spit out a few spare ones to get this gun up and running again..
  5. gose

    Collecting dust

    I have two Firebird MKAs, theyve been running like Swiss watches for years (I had one of the first batch of MKAs FB made) until now. Within 6w, both broke down. First one was an XN with a broken drive block, second one I dunno, since i havent been bothered to take it apart yet. :/
  6. Does anyone know if they're the same?
  7. Is his magwell going to work with the drum?
  8. Just back from the range and verified zero (@50y) with my Fiocchi slugs and the three shots went into a nice clover with all holes overlapping, so the group must have been well under 1" (c-c). I havent tried the full power (1600fps) Fiocchis in my MKA, but in my M2 they're as accurate as the reduced ones and only drop a little less at 100 (8" vs 4" with a 75y zero)
  9. Anyone tried if the drum will work with the competition magwell?
  10. gose

    Mag Couplers

    How did they work? Did you figure out a shell stop for the second magazine, since I'm guessing they'll start popping out with recoil?
  11. My Akdals dont really have any issues either, but I fear the day something on them will break and I have to wait for months to get a replacement part, if I can get it at all. Not going to put myself in that position again. The other reason being Turkish quality, or the lack there of and the seemingly non-existent QE. Sure, an XTR may run, but then something breaks and replacement parts dont really fit because tooling or subcontractor was changed. Just look at the Akdal mag situation.... And comparing it to guns made in the Philippines is a bit of an apples and oranges comparison. I have
  12. Should be ok with a 16" barrel. That one looks to be shorter though, 12" or so? They could import it with a 16" and cut it down here, but then they'd have to make it 922 compliant to sell to civilians, AFAIK
  13. Will be an interesting race between this one, the SKO-12 and the UTX-12. Hopefully we'll have at least one reliable US made mag fed shotgun by the end of the year.
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