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  1. ShadowFire


    So any idea yet as to if it will be problematic like the Catamount Fury? It takes internal chokes btw. The stock looks on the beefy side too which makes sense if you're trying to disperse force over area to create a better shooting experience.
  2. ShadowFire

    Oh-oh, VEPR banned from import

    Yeah I'm just glad I bought my S12, VEPR .308 and VEPR 12-02 when I did. Even chased off some annoying birds with the VEPR 12-02 recently.
  3. ShadowFire

    Questions on barrel size and threading 308-223

    lol Well push comes to shove, remove barrel pin, pull barrel, insert it into a lathe, dial in concentricity, mark proper length, insert threading tool, select proper settings (Speeds and feeds baby.), turn it. Check threads with thread gauge, remove from lathe, repress barrel, insert barrel pin. There is always a way when you have enough material. But most just wanna use a die. It's understandable. Don't forget your Tap Magic and to make sure your threads are concentric to the center of the bore before you start tapping.
  4. ShadowFire

    Questions on barrel size and threading 308-223

    So if you have .875mm extra on that barrel you can thread it for 5/8-24 (I converted .625") Total conversion measurement is 5/8=.625'=15.875mm (Edit) Unless I'm forgetting something. How much material does 5/8-24 need anyway?
  5. ShadowFire

    Ejecting Problem

    You'll notice on the ribbed cover that there is a more defined roll on the metal that rolls inward to make the ejection port when the die in the press comes down to strike and create the top cover from the sheet metal. I wonder if some of these top covers are made from worn out dies or incorrect geometry.
  6. ShadowFire

    IMI Uzi B

    Nice, I've been wanting a Mini-Uzi pistol in 9mm but the problem is no one makes them anymore and the only ones I can find for sale are the .45 versions.
  7. I own a Marlin and a Marlin copy cat (Rio Grande chambered for .45-70 and a Marlin 1895 SBL chambered for .45-70. They both side eject spent casings.) Mine is a Corporate buy out Marlin. An 1895 SBL chambered for .45-70, Mine runs smooth.
  8. ShadowFire

    Which autoloading .308?

    Damn Spacehog, this post is still going. lol Well since we're posting pictures it seems. Here's the FAL. Also other .308s I have are in my gallery.
  9. ShadowFire

    DDI 12

    That's right, forgot about that. Well you could remove the charging handle/bolt carrier, use a standard AK bolt carrier and a standard AK top cover, reuse the spring guide and spring as well as the bolt. But you'd be spending more money to make it even more of an S-12 clone. However like others have said, cast trunnion. Not good. Buy VEPR, remove magwell, have Evl mod it for S12 mags. Easier, cheaper in the long haul and higher quality.
  10. ShadowFire

    DDI 12

    That would be the most accurate question. Which parts are cast? Barrel is easy to tell. Gas block and trunnion forged? No big deal, rear trunnion cast, no sweat. Piston, puck, gas regulator bcg cast? I'm getting worried. If it takes abuse and it's cast, it's an issue. Assuming the castings are minimal stress and impact items, the one knock I have on them is that they have no side rail. I know guys want to slap optics on their S12s and VEPR 12 gauges so why would you omit that? Yeah you might have to charge a little more but not that much more for a quality rail that is made to receive standard AK optics mounts readily available. (Edit) Thanks for pointing that out csspecs. Yeah that's a problem.
  11. When are more P01 Omega pistols coming in?
  12. ShadowFire

    Shadow's Guns

    The album name is kinna self explanatory isn't it?
  13. ShadowFire

    DDI American Made Hammer Forged BCG question

    Generally speaking in most cases the tail of the trunnion usually deforms and mushrooms to a certain point and then it quits. It almost never really causes performance issues. Is it a cosmetic issue? Probably. Does it really matter? If you want a safe-queen rifle maybe. You can always grind a G2 in to the geometry that you want if you think that will help.
  14. ShadowFire

    Magazines for MKA 1919

    Another way is to buy extensions and if they are new factory mags the springs won't be long enough so you'll need to buy the extended springs. Tooth and Nail as well as Salem 6 are options I know Salem 6 sells both springs and mag extensions.
  15. ShadowFire

    AK Operators Union AK Bootcamp

    AK Bootcamp 2016 Jackson, TN