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  1. Where are these made?
  2. Anybody have any idea if parts and accessories can still be imported from Rusmilitary in the UK?
  3. ozone_00

    SGM Tactical 7.62x39 Vepr 30 round mag

    A stock rifle with one of these bad boys is 922r compliant, I assume?
  4. ozone_00

    Wooden Furniture?

    BattleRifleG3 used to make some amazing furniture, but I don't think he's doing it anymore. If you're luckey you ight be able to find some in the classified section.
  5. ozone_00

    Sons of Guns is back...

    I'll just leave this here. and this and this
  6. ozone_00

    Anyone else notice?

    The point is that by your logic your should be boycotting and/or talking smack about Target, Kmart, Costco, etc. because they're just as guilty. Be consistent in your rage. Yes, of coarse you are free to have your opinion, just be aware that having opinions that are inconsistent with demonstratable facts is kind of douchey. I'm sorry your pappy never told you.
  7. ozone_00

    Anyone else notice?

    First off, Wally sells pretty much the same Chinese made items as EVERY OTHER DAMNED STORE. Secondly, China is pretty much Communist in name only at this point, with an expanding middle class. Finally, I highly doubt that companies are moving production overseas, hire illegal aliens, etc. to support any particular political philosophy. They are most likely trying to save a few bucks. p.s. If you really feel that strongly about it, sell me your filthy Communist guns. edited for spelling
  8. ozone_00

    Anyone else notice?

    Citation or STFU. Also, learn to put things into context before spewing political rhetoric. For instance, let's assume that it is true that Wally World as you claim. Do you really think that they are indoctrinating Marxist ideology, or are they just weaseling their way into paying them less so they can keep more money for themselves? If you hate poor people just say so, don't play the commie card on the store where they get their groceries.
  9. ozone_00

    Anyone else notice?

    WTF are you talking about? The Waltons are the most hyper-capitalistic family since the Rockafellers. Also, link please (if sharing knowledge with someone who has less isnn't socialist).
  10. ozone_00

    Anyone else notice?

    The blue box are 1290 FPS, IIRC the bulk box are 1200 FPS, so they are apparently loaded a little hotter. Shot them today for the first time since converting and getting my AGP 10 rounder. One FTF on the last round but otherwise ran great. Damn I love that gun.
  11. ozone_00

    Anyone else notice?

    Federal 100 round boxes cost $2 more than four 25 round boxes, at least at my local Wally World.
  12. ozone_00

    Recoil butt pads

    When I did my conversion a few months back I got a UTG Combat Pad for Dinzag, and man is that thing hard as a rock. Anybody else own one of these and have the same problem? I've heard other brands of Grenade launcher style recoil pad being a lot softer. Is there some trick to soften it up or should I just get a new one?
  13. ozone_00

    Finished up my first conversion last night.

    Installed new HG and fixed PG.
  14. ozone_00

    Finished up my first conversion last night.

    So I took her for test drive today. First was a factory five round mag full of Federal slugs, ran flawlessly. Next was AGP 10 round with cheapo Winchester white box game/target/something loads. As I loaded the mag I saw "ULTRA LITE" staring me right in the face, much to my dismay. As expected nearly every round is FTF or FTE. A few times the trigger got stuck back, racking the bolt carrier corrected it. Still don't know if it was the rounds or the internals that caused it. A factory five and another AGP ten had the same results. Finished it off with another factory five plus one of Federal slugs, overgassed because I forgot to readjust the gas knob. Had one failure to reset trigger but otherwise ran fine.
  15. ozone_00

    Finished up my first conversion last night.

    Good eye. Yeah it looked like grip screw was bottoming out on the bottom of the receiver before the grip was flush. Tightening it more only made the back of the grip lift up.