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  1. To all who have the scars from protecting this country blessing to all of you. A scar is stronger than the tissue around it. Live Stronger.
  2. 3 shootings in a week by young men is very disturbing. For a young male to get so frustrated so angry that they feel they must to make a final life statement while they take people along with them to the end is just madness. This shouts to the cancer that has formed in our country. Will we finally listen? Why not Young women? Why is it just young men? It is not the guns fault; it is young men who have no male role models or mentors to get them by when puberty ends and the struggle with basic maturity begins. I think we have entered a time when this behavior will be much more frequent. Having worked with young felons and still mentor them in their 30s. I fine they never have had the guidance to be moral men and are suffering for it by their misguided actions. To this day they are angry and frustrated and just need to have a father figure to talk to and this is what I do. If they are sex offenders, it is doubly hard to cope because local society adds more walls to their frustration (Where they can’t live and work etc.). Most are offenders because they have been raised by women with no male guidance at all. Even the churches reject them. This is the result of our country’s moral and family breakdown. Our focus has gone from personal moral character to things and self-gratification. God Help Us! We must turn this tide of cancer and we must understand it will take all of us, together. It will not get done overnight or by taking away peoples means of protection. God Help Us!
  3. I am a live and let live guy, just do not bother or hurt anyone else. With that said I cannot stand commercials that make children the parents and the parents the children, the wife and kids making the father look like a retarded simpleton and pushing gay relationships like they are more the norm than a normal marriage. I am not against mixed marriages, but I have seen a large increase in those kinds of marriages that are way above the actual ratio in commercials as well. It seems Hollywood and advertisers are pushing an unrealistic view of who we are. Understanding the truth of who we really are and not what some people hope it could be in their dreams, would give us a solid base view to solve our problems. It seems we let the minority(that is people who are different ,not just race) have more rights than the majority where personal rights need to be considered for all equally. Inequality should never be tolerated but should put the oppressed in equal standing with everyone else. We cannot legislate morality or values. We can only do that by our selves and that means we must have morals and values and we must pass them on to our children. We have become insensitive, self-absorbed and ceased to be our brothers neighbor. This must change.
  4. Glock 27 24/7 , wife packs a colt mustang. Be safe up there Bvamp
  5. Wow! $400 You have just entered the rabbit hole. Glass bedding may or may not help your gun. Shoot it and then see if it is needed. All barrels flex as the bullet is zooming down the bore. I have found that a good resonator and a good load that works with the rifle is the best money spent
  6. Gun Free Zone=Eat Me Zone! How many times did he shoot before LE engaged him? and why has the details been hushed?
  7. Yes you do need the rifle. Have fun its well worth the money.
  8. I have nothing against Portland or its people as my Father was born near there. I have been there, and it is a nice city as city's go. The nature in Oregon is breathtaking it dives you to the view than only a God could make such a place. I do not object to peaceful protests that stimulate thoughtful exchanges of Ideas between two opposing viewpoints. I have gotten over the outrageous treatment of Nam vets, as sometimes passion can move people to act in stupid harsh ways. Back then they had a central misguided reason for doing what they did but at least they had a reason. For at that moment they hated and responded the way they did because of association as I did to them (I hated their guts) The problem with this group is they just hate everyone. They are Thugs. My faith tells me to Love people like this, but it needs to be love in action. Their violence needs to be arrested; they need to be shown a better way as violence should never be encouraged by the local government. Police need to be able to protect the safety and rights of all citizens in the community. They failed to help this man when it got out of control and that is just wrong. He was in harm’s way and they stood by and watched. The police chief should resign because he would not respond to the needs of his community above politics. In short, he has no Balls for the job. That's my opinion and I am sticking to it
  9. I guess you can call that welfare discrimination with an edge
  10. They guy is still in the hospital with a brain bleed. He should have had a CNN jacket and they would not have bothered him. Remember where this is . A place where extreme liberal CA people go because they thought CA was to conservative. I wonder how may of these wonders live at home with mom. There is nothing to prove going to one of these affairs nothing. You cannot reason with the likes of this trash , it is a waste of time. I am sure the police are caught between a rock and a hard place. They probably thought that he was asking for it by being there ( not saying that is right it is not) also they will not endanger themselves physically or politically . Mobs are nothing but hate and frustration out to get there hunk of flesh . The only way not get hurt in a fight is not to show up for one. Even with the best defensive skills you can't fight a mob alone. He should have left before it got out of hand. First rule in survival (Let them come to YOU on your terms on your turf) never fight a Bear in his own den, You will be dinner.
  11. You will be fine. After all it is not the form of transportation but the journey. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome. And enjoy!
  12. Remember the cheaper the scope the less you can trust the klick
  13. Shoot 1st round ,then aim at bulls’ eye again. Then carefully without moving the guns position adjust the cross hairs on scope to line up with the location of the bullet hole. Shoot again and your scope will be centered or zeroed for mil adjustment. Now that the rifle is centered you can now use your mills for range finding and windage. You must know the size of your target to range find. You must also need to know your bullet drop in mils per meter or yards. You are making it to complicated for yourself. Have fun
  14. The migration of NY libs ect. has slowed here in Florida and now the Midwest surge of boomers are coming in groves. Because of that the next election will not be so tight. Sorry about NY YOT but you can move them all down here to the Gun Shine state and life will be great.. (Just remember My first rule in investigating: You can fine all the things that look like foot prints of Big Foot but unless you find its crap you have nothing) Its the difference between hypothesis and reality) Time to move my friend and come into reality.
  15. The Area Rule deals with wing design for efficient drag. Bullets have no wings.
  16. jerry52

    What to Get Next?

    The wife said I have to many guns and to many guitars. When you get old you find out that you have every thing you wanted when you were 30. Love your Saiga AK in the other post. One thing my Wife knows , if I really want something bad she lets me get it. Sounds Like Yours is the same.
  17. I would ponder what you are going to use the gun for. If it is for range shooting dump the 10 round mag Idea . You need to put the time into talking to people who shoot custom guns , most will go out of their way to share what works and what does not. Bull barrels are nice but some lighter barrels will shoot as good , as the barrel is only one part of perfection. I do not shoot heavy barrels . I have become a big fan of 5R rifling in the 308 , De-Resonator , 3lb triggers and barrel T-stat. Also have mixed feelings about bedding a poly stock ( not sure the effort is worth it) but I just shoot targets and your mileage may vary. Good Luck and have a great one I will be pulling some 308 bullets this afternoon with a nice cup of coffee maybe two
  18. jerry52

    What to Get Next?

    Not to be dis respectful but maybe some of Moms book proceeds is freeing up some of your cash. I am happy she is doing well . I would Mill your own lower and get the best upper you can find. Be One with the gun.
  19. The Glock is like a old worn comfortable pair of work shoes. You just put them on every day and go. I have other pistols but I just find the Glock a habit. You would think that now that I am retired I would mix it up a bit but so far that has not come to reality. I have a XDM 40 4.5 in that I am brilliant with but what can I say.
  20. Glock 27 (work tool,need to have slide refinished) Saiga 556 with AR adapter (will out shoot most ARs) Super Black Eagle 12 Ga
  21. How are you helping out? Do you play?
  22. Well on the 27th of Dec I had my right knee repaired. They trimmed the torn meniscus that had folded itself in the joint causing a ton of pain .Cutting short my hunting season They also said in time I would need a new knee.Thurs it will be a month and I am doing great with little pain. Over the years my body has gone through ton of hurt. 1. Broken elbow 2. Broken ribs (3 times) 3. Broken nose 4 Broken Back 5. Broken leg and knee. 6. Multiple cuts , stabs and rips of my torso and I still think I am getting little tiny slivers of metal out of my finger nails every now and then. 7. And the now the other knee repair which was probably caused by landing on it hard to many times. in my early years And then add to that a Massive PE that should have killed me sending me into retirement , last year at this time. I am retired and a blessed man (Blessed). I start the tread mill next week and will hunt birds next fall ( you can count on that) P.S. A business I have watched for years just got raided by the state and I do not give a darn any more. I guess I really am retired ( Time to get another coffee while I ponder reloading some 308) hope you all have a great and safe day.
  23. I was taught to love walking and do it well. I here you about the elliptical but for now is my treadmill. I think by the end of the month I will head out to the range (if the boss says so) She is just making sure that I will be okay. Spent the day redoing my recording studio in my home office. Always something to do but now I have the time.
  24. I do have some 125 grain SSTs, it was the first round I ever loaded for 300 I used a Harbor Freight mini shop saw, Lee Dies, running them through twice ,one time with the expander and the second with out. Then I load them just as close to the lands as the mags allow with a light crimp. Did tread mill for the first time yesterday and I feel great. The wife warned me to not over due it . So it will be her way (Man I love that woman).