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  1. Well on the 27th of Dec I had my right knee repaired. They trimmed the torn meniscus that had folded itself in the joint causing a ton of pain .Cutting short my hunting season They also said in time I would need a new knee.Thurs it will be a month and I am doing great with little pain. Over the years my body has gone through ton of hurt. 1. Broken elbow 2. Broken ribs (3 times) 3. Broken nose 4 Broken Back 5. Broken leg and knee. 6. Multiple cuts , stabs and rips of my torso and I still think I am getting little tiny slivers of metal out of my finger nails every now and then. 7. And the now the other knee repair which was probably caused by landing on it hard to many times. in my early years And then add to that a Massive PE that should have killed me sending me into retirement , last year at this time. I am retired and a blessed man (Blessed). I start the tread mill next week and will hunt birds next fall ( you can count on that) P.S. A business I have watched for years just got raided by the state and I do not give a darn any more. I guess I really am retired ( Time to get another coffee while I ponder reloading some 308) hope you all have a great and safe day.
  2. I was taught to love walking and do it well. I here you about the elliptical but for now is my treadmill. I think by the end of the month I will head out to the range (if the boss says so) She is just making sure that I will be okay. Spent the day redoing my recording studio in my home office. Always something to do but now I have the time.
  3. I do have some 125 grain SSTs, it was the first round I ever loaded for 300 I used a Harbor Freight mini shop saw, Lee Dies, running them through twice ,one time with the expander and the second with out. Then I load them just as close to the lands as the mags allow with a light crimp. Did tread mill for the first time yesterday and I feel great. The wife warned me to not over due it . So it will be her way (Man I love that woman).
  4. Got in on a 3 for one deal for 150 gr SSTs and loaded a bunch they run hot and nice
  5. 150 grain plated flat nose bullet from Xtreem bullets 10.7 grains of IMR 4227 1250 fps 16inch barrel Had to put in softer spring but these are cheap and fun . I chop and form all my brass. This load runs like butter
  6. I promise I will not rust out and the wife is holding me back so nothing happens Work Its over Rated! Boy it felt good saying that!
  7. I have shot the PMR30, just to light. It shot well but felt like a toy. I like a hefty 22 pistol and I think this 22 would feel the same as the PMR. Most of the guns weight is the ammo , so when you get down to about 10 rounds The PMR would start feeling different. I think this might be the same for this one. Not saying it would not be a good shooter.
  8. Talked to my mother in MN yesterday as the news was breaking. She asked me what I thought , I told her It was most likely a male troubled teen with family problems and probably bullied. One Associate one time told me that young men who question their manhood a gun can become their new penis. Now it is turning out they knew about this kid and never approached him. 14 people dead because FBI and others did not follow up. God help us. One report said he purchase the gun legally but other report say he might have been taking medication. This is going to be interesting.
  9. Well the election crap is over for about a week then it will get stupid again. Never the less on to the important things in life. 1. After almost dying in Jan I am off all meds ,dropped 30 lbs, have been walking 3 miles on tread mill for an hour every day, doing 20 laps in pool and feel great. 2 My big brother in MN just bought me a super black eagle3. 3. We leave for MN at 1:00pm to day. 4. Will be in the fields Sunday with the best bird dogs in MN, Manny and Carlos 5. 2 weeks of hunting Pheasants in MN (yes) and then head to Nebraska. I love retirement, I just Love it, Wish me luck and you all have a great Nov. I will
  10. Got to Paduca and my left knee started giving me big problems lots of pain and could not extend it. Had to turn back. Seen my Doctor and tomorrow will get MRI Looks Like they are going to fix it what ever it is. Man has this been a crap year but at least I am still here. Was in a poor mood for a while but knowing what that knee has gone through it was due to give me big problems. No major swelling so it may not be a tendon . We will know tomorrow.
  11. The sad reality is when desperate people have nothing they have nothing to lose. This could get ugly with the drug runners as well. Glad to see us sending men to the border.
  12. Just remember we beat Mexico prior to the war of the north and south , then gave it back to them after keeping the land we wanted. Which we paid for. This thing is coming to an end. MAGA
  13. jerry52

    Mags/mag adapters?

    I run my 223 with the adapter and it works great and It snaps out to use saiga mags that have been cut down for the bullet guide. How ever I just use the ar mags now. Do not know if the adapters are being made or being sold any more.
  14. do what you want to and put off other things that you want to is my rule. It helps by understanding that the real person you are is not defined by how you have worked to provide for your family. Having been called out at any hour all my life has allowed me to realize this truth. Some of my friends miss work because that is who they are. I do not miss a thing because I am not my job or what I have done. I am much more. more than I ever knew.
  15. Congrats on your new life. I am 9 months into my new life and love it so much I never think of dealing with what I used to do. Health is coming back , weight is dropping totally off meds. Life is great, Good luck FL is a great place to hang it up
  16. Some how Boba I do not think G.O.B really cares. If your 50 and a Marine this should roll of your back like a light rain.
  17. I was on a call in south Naples Fl when the home owner said a airplane just hit a building in NY. Saw the second plane hit.
  18. So are the guns for sale or not? I do not want them but I am sure someone might Talking about price is one thing . Getting it is another. I understand you are upset but I think you have what you asked for. But I will admit this has put some spice in the forum.