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  1. live trapped a mouse. then dispatched it wiht the tristar. without top cover. im not diggin it, anyone wanna trade? oh, and dont tell peta
  2. its making the blog rounds, seems interesting, if street price were low enough you could take the guts out and build real gun with it, then sell the bullpup stock and be into it for cheap!? sounds legit!? http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/04/daniel-zimmerman/new-tristar-compact-bullpup-12-gauge-shotgun/ this is made by "kral" lotta folks hate on the turks, me, i hate on their vibro etched SNs and their kinda shoddy/sloppy fit and finish, mainly finish and engineering/overall design look....
  3. saltydecimator

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    im in for a couple! not sure if thats what this aboot, but just throwing htat out there
  4. saltydecimator


    oh ya thats what i meant. but with this you are gonna always experience shennanigans, as folks try things.... i had one once that somene tried to shim up the booster piston with some black rubber substance... not really sure what they were trying to do, but it didnt work.... may have been jbweld. they wanted it longer for some reason?
  5. ooooooooh independence day 2008, not bad!!!
  6. has a fail zero bolt carrier so allegedly needs no lube, and wipes clean. somehting about patent pending something or other keeps the action clean. real excited to see how it works. not excited at the price point or lack of big mags at launch (dec 3, 2018) http://www.wilkinsontactical.com/cr12.html i talked to someone up there a few weeks back. seems to have a good sense about customer service and how to talk to folks, while also being a machine operator. seems like its hard to find folks who can talk to folks and do produce stuff. in our industry anyways... https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/01/18/wilkinson-tactical-cr-12-shotgun-shot-2017/
  7. saltydecimator

    A new arrival

    i just dont like the akdal action. seems chincy. like tube gun. why shoehorn a tube gun into a bullpup setup ya know?? i like the idea of that bullpup chinesse type 91 clone or whatever though. MAC had a video up about it... has last round hold open. and by last round, it means if there are no rounds availabile it will lock open...
  8. supposedly bought by century... those monkeys, ha! im excited as long as the dont cornhole the molds.... ive never used one, said i never got the chance... but i certainly wasnt gonna pay $70 for a used one
  9. saltydecimator

    US Palm comng back!

    anyone have a new production grip in hand yet? pun intended!
  10. ya i wanna stay away from spring tweeks. seems a bad option.... gettin some deformation on my hammer already from the firing pin... must be soft. thats ok, easlily replaced/sourced part....
  11. saltydecimator


    send em to cnc warrior, he may be in the mood? he does a lot for ak stuff i think....
  12. saltydecimator


    so, if folks arent aware, i think there is a real cool option in terms of SBS builds. correct me if i get this wrong: step 1: get your shotgun of choice step 2: efile a form 1 for sbs. they are allegedly sitting at 10 days turnaround time! 10 days!!! thats amazeballs! i would do all kinds of stuff if it didnt require half of a years wait! step 3: receive stamp back, engrave your trust or name or whatever is pertinent (what happens if you move? if you just put city and state if you dont havea trust?) step 4: chop barrel to whatever you like. step 5: send to evl to actually make it work, assuming you go short and want gas block moved and op rod shortened step 6: he makes it great like frosted flakes and gets it back to you, all while saving 7-9 months!! like i said, im not sure how all this works, but thats what i read on (b)arfcom the other night...
  13. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    im waiting fo the fostech ak trigger. dunno how well it will lend to the 12 ga, but i bet they would work unmodded int the 12 and 20 ga's
  14. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    yep, i wish they would sell a virgin trunnion so we could do an AWS spets-12 ( https://www.classicfirearms.com/sds-imports-aws-spets-12-gauge-firearm-shotgun/ ).
  15. saltydecimator

    Genesis Arms Gen 12

    noone have one? lets do communism and split cost
  16. seems to me that the shield is thin in the grip area, almost too thin. Me thinks htat would lend well to widening it up a bit in the 2.5 version, and then they could compete with the sig? i mean the sig really isnt that extraordinary, it just has the capacity. kind of a "well, duh!" move, but effective none-the-less. also, i think cz could capitalize on this market. they already have a thin slide, and the frames would lend well to slimming up (the frame strap is wider in the front grip area than the back, where it is only a lil wider than the hammer strut-tube- assy goes. meaning that makes a nice, natural contour, while not being bulky like the beretta... so, if cz would just taake the same gun (75, compact) and slim the grips by 1/3 ish, they would have a real ideal form factor...
  17. hahah, so what should i do next? could you tell from vid if parts are cast or forged? i dont wanna mod too many parts as i assume they would blame shoddy parts on my mod if i ran into warranty issues...
  18. saltydecimator

    Clone comparison

    how many ports and what size? cast or forged bolt/carrier? i have a turk bullpup i just posted about over in Gen .dis., im not sure what i think about it.... i like the veprs LRBHO....
  19. got mine from the funshow yesterday... this my first edited vid with iMovie... thats why its kinda choppy and disjointed... long story long, they copied everything from a sporter saiga, left holes open where scope rail and trigger guard would mount, used small rivets (it seems anyways) and other stuff... $568 out the gunshow door. lil more than i would like to spend but i got impatient... pulled the gun outta chassis, bolted regular ak furniture to it, then profilied the hammer a bit, figured it might be helpful. maybe need more. later i will polish carrier a bit , remove the sharp humps...
  20. less chances of getting perforated fo sho!!! and better conversations with more relaxed atmosphere! can hog all the brass, its glorious!
  21. yep, dave ramsey says the only ship that wont sail is a partnership, cause of lifes rabbit warren of potential problems....
  22. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    apparently they making a 14" mini "other" version now.... for another $100 http://www.stdgun.com/sko-mini/
  23. got mine, i rally like this thing, their website kinda sucks, as does their tech support... guy on phone said he didnt wanna discuss legal stuff while telling me i coulndt shoot an arm brace off my shoulder... told me he didnt have time to talk on phone, kinda f'd up.... also, he called the mags "clipz" sooooooooo, epic fail.... anyways, lot to like about this thing, as long as i can get decent tech support and customer service when i want/need it.... things to like -1 PGO firearm, with a pistol buffer tube you can get away with a 12" barrel -2 ar pistol grip accepting -3 ar controls -4 really looks like ar inspired fcg, just modified for size -5 has a buffer at rear of reciever, will absorb some recoil etc -6 with some tools could convert to lh charge if you were dedicated -7 barrel is real close od to a saiga, so you could externally thead for chokes/breaks etc and have interchangeable parts... -8 magwell is the receiver, bet they could mill new ones to accept saiga or vepr or other stuff.... thats a semi negative as you have to background check and cant go to your door.... to me, barring the whole co being a-holes and not worht supporting, or the gun being disposable could be "THE SHOTGUN" we been waiting for.... its not perfect, but its a real contender for stuff we want (in PGO form) long one is expensive and cant get away with barrel chops.. heres a thread on barf that doesn say much, but save you some googling... https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/SKO-12-Shotgun/1-484568/?r=-1&page=1&anc=4952608#i4952608 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/98450-sko-shotgun/
  24. probably be for folks to do on the individual basis.... i am interested in some guts if folks just want the stock!
  25. seems interesting, not horrible looking machining, and decently priced....