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  1. think it will be reliable? how they end up doing it? i mean if its effectively 1 stack all by itself i guess it could work, but i just dont understand the mechanisms "Rimfire 22LR CP33 (Competition Pistol, 33-shot) uses innovating quad stack magazines in which the cartridge separator is also the spring guide. The magazine feeds quickly enough to support 2000rps machine pistol, so it’s very reliable in a semi-auto. The long rail on top accommodates red dots or scopes, and the muzzle is threaded for a brake or a sound suppressor." https://www.alloutdoor.com/2019/01/11/secret-new-keltec-guns/
  2. wife and her dam scentsy stuff could save the day! at it will smell at same time! bonus!!
  3. part of me being cheap and hoardy doesnt allow me to just throw stuff away that has "value". recently bought a new house with a "sniper"(bell) tower. we dont have a bell. i have some berdan 308 brass, and 9 and 40 brass is kinda pointless, so i figured, make it outta my spare brass! anyone ever undertaken something like this? ive molded bullets, which is only sort of close, done a quick google, yada yada....
  4. got some foam in a can to make solid wheel barrow tire for a road side rescue, (actually 2) and then that occured to me that i could use expanding foam for a mold.... i was trying to figure out how to form a square into a nice bell shape, but i assume it will be easier to mold the mold.... i do like the idea of using car bell housing as mentioned above..
  5. saltydecimator

    Vepr 12 Rear Trunnion

    also, the top long rivet will probably match up, but the LH, lower rivet wont. on the fixed tube style.... the trunion is for a folder trunnion, so the rivet pattern is offset, not symmetric like the MDC trunnion..
  6. saltydecimator

    just liked the look

    naw i about bought the salvo, but i want over barrel, and i bet i could save some bucks. but more importantly, that sweet sweet form1 10 day wait!!!
  7. saltydecimator

    Slide fire?

    looks like ye olde civil war 2 is gonna kick off faster than i expected.... they just made a whole group of law abiding citizens into felons, and they (gov) start killn some of those (citizens), the other ones gonna get pissed... lot more of us than there are overlords....
  8. saltydecimator

    Jamming issues

    my money is on bubba'd parts, barring pics.... this is a pretty straight fwd machine, so just look stuff over while cylcing it manually and thinking objectively, youll figure it out but until you post pics its gonna be hard for the experts to help ya...
  9. saltydecimator

    just liked the look

    i wonder how complicated it would be to form one an actual suppressor? an over barrel design like that ? maybe start porting barrel at 14"" extend past barrel 2"?
  10. saltydecimator

    IZ109 vs IZ-108

    no, its made to run up and d own for elevation adjustments, not optic mounting...
  11. saltydecimator

    Slide fire?

    saw a coat hanger DIAS on youboob the otherday.... when they outlaw bumpstocks, only outlaws will have em...
  12. saltydecimator

    Slide fire?

    and remember, youtube is on fast track to destroy and limit knowledge of how to build stuff/ instruction videos... remember who the enemy is! and who they make friends with.... its hopefully gonna get froggy before we all end up in the hunger games, lolz
  13. may i ask why go 22mag when 223 is same price? or i think its close? in terms of cz, i love thefact that they actually feel like real guns. not just sewer pipes that shoot lead...i have a 452 mil trainer thats nice, but i cant speak to the accuracy of the magnums...
  14. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    thats a good question... pretty big. well maybe like 35 at teh max? but maybe they were originally the 31. but ya, fouling definitely happens sooner now. i was reading a post by csspecs over on arfcom about the new academy/china 12 ga AR. he was saying that this akdal style mag likes to rimlock. without the extra strong spring in the bolt buffer, i can get a failure to feed (maybe rimlock) on the first round out of the mag (factory). i gonna stick the strong spring back in adn see what happens.
  15. got mine, i rally like this thing, their website kinda sucks, as does their tech support... guy on phone said he didnt wanna discuss legal stuff while telling me i coulndt shoot an arm brace off my shoulder... told me he didnt have time to talk on phone, kinda f'd up.... also, he called the mags "clipz" sooooooooo, epic fail.... anyways, lot to like about this thing, as long as i can get decent tech support and customer service when i want/need it.... things to like -1 PGO firearm, with a pistol buffer tube you can get away with a 12" barrel -2 ar pistol grip accepting -3 ar controls -4 really looks like ar inspired fcg, just modified for size -5 has a buffer at rear of reciever, will absorb some recoil etc -6 with some tools could convert to lh charge if you were dedicated -7 barrel is real close od to a saiga, so you could externally thead for chokes/breaks etc and have interchangeable parts... -8 magwell is the receiver, bet they could mill new ones to accept saiga or vepr or other stuff.... thats a semi negative as you have to background check and cant go to your door.... to me, barring the whole co being a-holes and not worht supporting, or the gun being disposable could be "THE SHOTGUN" we been waiting for.... its not perfect, but its a real contender for stuff we want (in PGO form) long one is expensive and cant get away with barrel chops.. heres a thread on barf that doesn say much, but save you some googling... https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/SKO-12-Shotgun/1-484568/?r=-1&page=1&anc=4952608#i4952608 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/98450-sko-shotgun/
  16. barely anyone using this forum as it is, letalone the regional discussion... not sure where to tell ya to look....
  17. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    oh ya, my vitriol for the manufacturer is that i have emaild them with tech questions now and they havent responded. bad biz imho, on top of just bad human-ing.... guns are supposedly "tuned" and have a tuning card when they leave factory, i asked them what that was about.... silence... but, on the bright side, its basically like working with the Russkis, no spare parts, no factory support, all on your own. come on folks, someone else buy one of these and lets compare notes!! they cheap! 500 for mag fed, non shotgun with potential....
  18. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    ive been messing with this off and on... i really wanna love this thing. short. light. neat features. but the manuf. just bringing me down. last i talked to them they said i have no warranty now that barrel is shorter... anyways. ported the barrel a bit. 10 #30 holes through the area that may come off due to me making bunk threads.... so they are ugly holes. but seem to tame recoil a bit. so. i have the ports up to a #25 or 26 bit. still getting failures. i am gonna stick the saiga 5rd spring in it to see if that changes stuff. getting a failure to eject on the first fired shot out of the mag. 3-4 times in a row. another thing i did was loosen the buffer adapter at the rear of the receiver. it has a real strong spring in it, and with birdshot, i know its not compressing it all the way. that non-compression has to jar the bolt to an un-natural-for-the -loading stop. so, i backed the rear nut off a bit and tried shooting it like that. seemed to cycle the 1200fps federal 1.125oz better. last round n the mag didnt really eject either. it would just sit in the action.
  19. saltydecimator

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    he posted that it wasnt very lucrative on here somewhere... i doubt he making much on them, i dont think they selling alot. at least im not getting offered one of them every 20 on armslist... when keltec ksg came out and everyone realized how hard it recoiled etc they were all ditching them there is a guy up in laramie wyoming, he is building that new CR12, wilkinson tactical. he claims his job was getting around patents... i wonder if he would have any insight into it? paul t wilkinson is his name... he is getting D and H arms out of wisconsin to do his mags... i assume they are stamped aluminum but i could be wrong
  20. saltydecimator

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    i emailed MD the other day about some other shotguns, with no response.... i would like to assume he was slaving away making sweet sweet projects, but im not so sure anymore....
  21. saltydecimator

    MDARMS X CSSPECS steel dbl stack mag alive or dead?

    dang it MD be a team player! dont tease us please us!!!!
  22. its making the blog rounds, seems interesting, if street price were low enough you could take the guts out and build real gun with it, then sell the bullpup stock and be into it for cheap!? sounds legit!? http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/04/daniel-zimmerman/new-tristar-compact-bullpup-12-gauge-shotgun/ this is made by "kral" lotta folks hate on the turks, me, i hate on their vibro etched SNs and their kinda shoddy/sloppy fit and finish, mainly finish and engineering/overall design look....
  23. saltydecimator

    K-Var selling Saiga 12's with LRBHO for $630

    anyone spied one in the wild recently??? ive only seen 1. i foolishly parted it out, now i regret that....
  24. good plan! tried airsoft? seems less messy and hurty ya i have a tumbler, gotta dig out my scrap and see what i have..
  25. ya i may have to go the route of simple vs bell shape.... then again if the stuff is already melted ive done most of the "hard work" (hard being i dont have a foundry, so chances are im at someone elses place) great thoughts all around folks... thithink brass needs to be de-primed?