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  1. just the basic facts, can you show me where it hurts? so, photoguy, whats the status of WI gun shows? wannenmachers in OK is like a mecca for them, PA has one thats pretty epic, allegedly (never been) NV has a good one, FL as well.... havent heard much about a big epic WI one, you know of any? so what did they do to the f orum? just prettied it up? no additional sub forums or condense stuff etc?
  2. having a "crisis of cars" presently... moved from kansas to colorado... told wife we get her a "new" car when we get here... sold old vehicles cause they were both 5 seaters. have 2 kids, with nana and papa around or other relatives i like to take 1 car on outings... kinda silly, but seems sensible to me. problem we have right now is our 91 land cruiser wont speed to the hospital when my wifes on call (unless its a school zone, haha) and our honda pilot (2005) is not "honda reliable"... dave ramsey always says its cheaper to fix your current hoopty, but, i usually do my own mx. but that means car is down for 3-4 days while i await parts etc... i have my eye on a f150, or a camry/subaru/volvo if wife gets car. question is the price range i wanna be in for a truck is gonna mean 160-212k miles i never have had a f150, what kinda stuff do i look out for? i kinda assumed engine tranny rebuilds are gonna be need around then? so thats another 2-3k when that happens? what you guys say? im a form over function guy, and cheap/thrifty etc, ie, my motive is not to keep up with the joneses... anyways, bah! thing with a f150 is i can get a bench seat in front, and gain a seat, without having three rows. wont be super comfortable, but not gonna be long rides, i dont assume
  3. shockwave dm released recently....
  4. weeeeelll, got skerd of suburbans when buddy was talking about 10k engine swap bills.... maybe they were newer ones... so what about tahoes/denalis, same deal?
  5. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    oh naw for the milling i was meaning lathe work actually.... the rear of the receiver houses that bolt buffer spring assy. STD mfg wants $150 for a washer and a new buffer assy that has female threads for an AR buffer tube. thats too steep for a problem they created . i am just imagining 2 diff pieces of tubing, 1 goes around existing buffer housing and fits inside a 1.25" oD alum tube that will be dimpled etc just like a regular pistol AR buffer tube.... and yes, i do respect folks who have put in the time and effort etc to do what they are doing, i just need the right guy who doesnt charge too much and who listens and can interpret my "ADD" ramblijngs, haha
  6. got mine, i rally like this thing, their website kinda sucks, as does their tech support... guy on phone said he didnt wanna discuss legal stuff while telling me i coulndt shoot an arm brace off my shoulder... told me he didnt have time to talk on phone, kinda f'd up.... also, he called the mags "clipz" sooooooooo, epic fail.... anyways, lot to like about this thing, as long as i can get decent tech support and customer service when i want/need it.... things to like -1 PGO firearm, with a pistol buffer tube you can get away with a 12" barrel -2 ar pistol grip accepting -3 ar controls -4 really looks like ar inspired fcg, just modified for size -5 has a buffer at rear of reciever, will absorb some recoil etc -6 with some tools could convert to lh charge if you were dedicated -7 barrel is real close od to a saiga, so you could externally thead for chokes/breaks etc and have interchangeable parts... -8 magwell is the receiver, bet they could mill new ones to accept saiga or vepr or other stuff.... thats a semi negative as you have to background check and cant go to your door.... to me, barring the whole co being a-holes and not worht supporting, or the gun being disposable could be "THE SHOTGUN" we been waiting for.... its not perfect, but its a real contender for stuff we want (in PGO form) long one is expensive and cant get away with barrel chops.. heres a thread on barf that doesn say much, but save you some googling... https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/SKO-12-Shotgun/1-484568/?r=-1&page=1&anc=4952608#i4952608 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/98450-sko-shotgun/
  7. saltydecimator

    saiga 20 mags from russia

    i never oredered any.... too sketch for me.... center fire also has 2 rd mags for $13....i figure those would be cool t o add an extension to in the future?
  8. saltydecimator

    saiga 20 mags from russia

    buddy is looking at gettin some russian 10s from overseas off ebay... guy is in talks with izmash allegedly to get more to supply to ebay...will post more info as it arrives...
  9. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    yep... i was thinking these were over gassed, buuuuuuut maybe not.... just tried some wally world bulk pack winnie aa... these hulls say super sport... 1-1/8 oz, 1265ish fps(?) they are a grey hull, were 29.99 ish per 100, in the bulk pack... didnt expect them to work, but they also ran 100%. anyone know some on-demand milling type folks? preferably an independently wealthy/retired type, who doesnt charge exorbitant rates? i getting super close to adding brace and chopping barrel, now that i see some better results with the more expensive hulls.... i could shoot it a lot for 'break in" but thats waste imho, rather brace, chop, then i would expect it to still work as the brace bracing should be adding some firmness to the rearward motion of the gun.... and therefore increasing reliablity, with cheap shells even.
  10. im interested in the turkish clones.... they like all the rest are gonna have a glaring, deal breaking (for me at least) issue.... ill take the russki or usa anyday.... maybe that shotguns in general are kinda less "popular" for defense? i cant argue with the capacity and lightness of an AR...
  11. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    i think i got them on sale, about $7-750 nowadays... they were called super handicap... grey hull. really like the way aa feels like a quality product
  12. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    ran a 5rd mag of 1350 winnie AA 1 OZ through it... this has been the only time that ive gotten a full mag to run through without a failure... hull says "super handicap"
  13. got an email from armslist this morning about a semi auto AA-12 from sol invictus... http://www.solinvictusarms.com/the-story and over on barf a guy is posting pics of a post sample.... https://www.ar15.com/forums/general/This-shotgun-is-cooler-than-yours-/5-2110024/?r=-1&page=4&anc=72625433#i72625433 maybe im makin story of nothing, buuuuuut, ya never know!
  14. yep, and armslist preorders are like 3500. meeeeeeeeeh! illpass and keep my lighter kalashnicov stuff
  15. thanks! i just dont like paying for adapters that arent really what i want....this is "free", so even though it may look like hell, it is cheap and functional
  16. as far as cost goes, allegedly its 4x cheaper than the .gov model.... so by my math like 6-700 (based off a 2400-3k gun)
  17. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    im sure they will fix it.... its annoying, but nothing to fret over
  18. saltydecimator

    Mossberg Double Stack Mags DO NOT Fit The Saiga 12 ...

    you could releive the sides of the saiga receiver, and remove some plastic fro mag? this thread is worthless without piiiiiiicccs!
  19. saltydecimator

    Double stacks have arrived (from Mossberg)

    de guns has em for like $375, trump slump is awesome but my budget is shooooot!
  20. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    Here’s a pic of mags
  21. saltydecimator

    Mossberg 590 Shockwave

    Yep just a forearm (hahahah fat fingers but sounds like redneck for “firearm”). Good looking setup!! Now all I need is the DM model to come out, and they make it semi auto so I can shave that 5” down to 26 by gettin that barrel even shorter out front...
  22. Canceled them a year and a half ago when there was never anything on, and it grew too tedious trying to find something to watch... was pondering re-upping, but I guess I don’t need to worry about that then!
  23. Haha right. Maybe I can go both ways. As far as catching on goes, I blame Obama. Everyone kinda sick of guns? Sick of panic buying that is... so no matter what it is they don’t wanna open their wallet?
  24. My ghetto rig arm brace adapter through sling tap hole. C maglite is bored out bigger I think
  25. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    Kinda weird on price for sure. The “kit” to convert to Ar buffer like 155$. Seems high. I notice that a C cell maglite is correct OD (1.250”). I plan to fab up my own adapter for cheaper. And I like way it looks with out their end cover on it.... notice the steel projection to protect from accidentally closing bolt with bolt release... Love the idea of the buffer (nub off back of receiver). Maybe it needs hydraulic/ spring action for max reliability though... Like a 19” barrel. I think you can cut down to hand guard/ gas system retainer nut no problem