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  1. For the folding stock are you planning on doing the AK 100 series side folder ? https://atlanticfirearms.com/ak-100-series-side-folding-polymer-stock-assembly-plum-us Or are you thinking more of an ACE style ? folder https://palmettostatearmory.com/ace-ak-folding-stock-mechanism-with-boss-black-a500-k.html https://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/ACE-MPX-AKFX-Rail-Skeleton-Stock-p/ace-mpx-stock.htm Also if you go down to 12" you'll likely have to do gas block/ port work to run reliably.
  2. For anyone else who goes this route be prepared that the K-USA barrel is not chrome lined and the gas ports are drilled. The two cross pins for the gas block and the barrel pin in the trunion is not drilled. It's not the end of the world by any means but you have to stop and think a bit before pressing the barrel home.
  3. Ya know I always seem to forget that they sell spare parts. That barrel seems like a cheaper way out instead of paying someone to tig it up and the drill bits I may or may not destroy in the process. Thanks for the recommendation
  4. So I went and won a Saiga-12 on Gunjoker. It had a fair amount of mall ninja crap attached to it but nothing looked irreversible. Once I got it home I pulled the gas puck out to clean it. Dropping the gas regulator out I became worried as the chunks of gunk were pretty large. Getting more light on the subject revealed that some folks shouldn't be allowed near power tools. This is a 19" barrel so I'm assuming it was the three holes in a triangle pattern. Looks like someone went hog wild on enlarging the port. Took it out today, barely ran birdshot. It didn't choke on 00 buck on s
  5. Well, if you want we can start debating about when the Saiga-12 becomes a destructive device again. Or get Makc to unban McUzi, if he hasn't been incarcerated yet
  6. I mean, it's Bueller.....but if I correct you too much I'm liable to get banned. Or at least harassed for wise assery.
  7. So the camo ones didn't get imported by any other importer except EAA. The green was far and away the most common one. There is a brown camo that looks like fake wood as well. Overall they weren't as popular as most folks were not using Saiga-12s for hunting. When I found mine I paid $100 over the cost of the black ones. The last listing I found. https://www.guns.com/firearms/shotguns/semi-auto/saiga-saiga-12-12-ga-semi-automatic-20-rounds-20-barrel-used?p=877155&soldout=1 So really there are just so few of them it's hard to best guess what sort of price they would bring
  8. Is it a green or one of the two brown camo patterns? Do you have the matching 5 round magazine to go with it?
  9. You would need a .308 front trunion , barrel, gas tube, bolt, bolt carrier and different magazines. It would be easier to source a .308 than to find all the parts and then a competent enough gunsmith to basically build the .308.
  10. I haven't used any of the new Kalashnikov mags. Personally I stocked up on AGPs , some CSSpecs and picked up some Russian 8s that Kvar has has on Gunbroker right now. Centerfire Systems has some SDS Lynx 10 round mags for $29 a pop now. Probably won't find anything cheaper in that capacity. The forum has been pretty slow since the importation of the Saigas stopped.
  11. Romanian PAR 1 , PAR 2 or PAR 3. I think it depends on the caliber for the number. Sort of an odd duck since the pump manually cycles the action instead of gas being bled off from the barrel. I don't recall seeing the rear sight on the dust cover. I think the idea was an AK for "ban states". So it's the red headed stepchild of the WASR family.
  12. https://centerfiresystems.com/product/factory-saiga-12ga-2rd-mag-iz-222#product_detail Used to be rarer than hen's teeth. you can also cut down some other brands ( AGP, SGM)
  13. scoutjoe


    Well the picture is one that blkevlwpnz put together. He's on this thread, also stating that he wanted to SBS one. Some years back there was a post from one of the builders (Tromix? ) that took velocity readings as they were chopping the barrel down on a S-12. If I remember correctly anything over 12" the shot/wad was already at full speed. I can't recall if they patterned the gun as the chopping was happening or not. The rear stock you can get most an AK pattern buttstock to fit. There were a number of options from ACE back in the day for folders as well. Forend was more limited un
  14. Pictures posted to other websites are quite promising that eFile form 1s are coming back quickly.
  15. Got to run an SFX for a little bit (500 rds?) Didn't hiccup at all. Liked the crisp trigger on it. Another guy runs one for IPSC at the local club, he swears by his. Of course that wasn't long after they first came in so I'm not familiar with the METE variation. You're also asking on a forum that was originally a bunch of cheap guys modding unknown imported firearms. We might be slightly skewed to trying the least expensive version first.
  16. I used to do this when I was taking my one S-12 to the local turkey shoot. The magazine confused the fudds, alot. They still thought I was crazy but dropping in one shell at a time seemed to get me less stares.
  17. Well I'll bite...how much a thousand?
  18. You'll have to try a couple different brands on to see how they are cut and what fits you. I wear "loggers" and absolutely can't stand Carolinas, but Red Wings do alright. I wore Georgia boots when I worked for the gooberment, I wouldn't recommend them as the leather got thin quick. Downside is Red Wing makes almost everything in China now. For "hunting boots" I tried Rockys, which leaked quickly. I'm now running a pair of Muck brand with the maximum amount of insulation I could find. I also have a pair of Muck "Express Cool" pair for around the farm. They haven't leaked yet. I al
  19. I feel like I just saw that Federal got a new government contract recently. Nothing like adding fuel to the fire
  20. Did you chop the barrel and thread it yourself or did it come threaded?
  21. I've forgotten about those "Metro" barrel extensions. Well that will be another rabbit hole of "strange shotgun stuff", hopefully another 12 gauge doesn't follow me home just to get an extension for.
  22. I got into launching big chunks of soft lead out of a .450 Bushmaster. 300 grain, powder coated ran through the suppressor knocked a whitetail down with almost no report using Unique powder. I'd like to experiment with using Trail Boss instead because I think I can get a more consistent load. The .40 cal casings make great 275 grain hollow points. 10mm are bigger 350-375 grain hollow points, but swaging them down we broke a RCBS Rockchucker. So we probably won't be going that heavy again. The 275s won't drop as fast as the 350s but I'm a sucker for throwing bigger boulders when p
  23. you could measure the tab on the magazine that fits and compare it to the ones that don't. There has a fair amount of variation with mag catch lengths with the Russian guns. MD Arms had some pretty good instructions out there for his MD20 mags.
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