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  1. I am sure those underfolders will be able to take care of any problems that might arise. They should be pretty convenient to carry with the stock folded.
  2. Recently logged in after after being off the forums for quite a while. Sure seems like very little posting activity. Is the Saiga 12 that unpopular these days?
  3. Very cool looking sight. Might have to get one to try. The only issue seems to be that's it's day time sight only? Need some good pics or video if the tritium version in use in the dark.
  4. I have a 12 round promag drum that I have never tried. I did load it up recently and the shells sure did rattle around. Anyone have an experience with them here?
  5. That is a very sexy fighting shotgun you have there.
  6. So you got denied for class c misdeamenor warrants? Those don't even show up on a criminal history as reportable arrest in Texas at least. They are local only as far as I know. I suspect maybe someone else with the same name might have something outstanding? Good luck in your plight............
  7. I like the show and try not to read to far into what they build. I think it is entertaining and about my favorite topic, guns. I kind of wonder at some of the projects done on the show but still find the majority interesting. I just wish the folks on the show came across as a little more professional. That being said, keep up the interesting shows and I appluade you guys for the flamethrower episode. I thought that was really awesome what was done for that Marine. The flamethrower was pretty bad assed also ;]
  8. Turns out the top of the rear locking long was slightly too long from the front to back. I took off a little material and now it locks in just fine, Now all I have to do is test it at the range.
  9. I have a s12 5rd mag that I took to the range the other day. The mag will not lock into the receiver at the rear of the mag on the mag release. The tab on the back of the mag seems to me too big or possibly misshaped. Has anyone here had that type of problem? if so how did you fix it? The mag is a factory 5 round 12 gauge mag.
  10. Thanks op, I had no idea these mags were out there.
  11. I love Vera, it is my very favorite gun!
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