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    +1 to MD Arms !!

    Thanks much for the Great service,fast shipping and working with me!
  2. Thanks for the input Jim and for being polite, but I thought the Mosin was used as a sniper, bent bolt and scope equipped,and like I said just curious as to how it would perform.I guess though I would be changing a rifle that wasnt originally made as a sniper thus putting the bubba to it. But the way I understand it the rail could be taken off but the bolt would have to be lined back out or replaced so there goes the matching serial numbers. Like i said am just curious. Thanks again,..Jon T.
  3. Thinking about getting a rail and bent bolt kit and putting it on my Russian Mosin,it's the long verson. Scope will be a DWC416x40,(4-16x40 Tasco)203 grain bullet. Just curious what that long rifle will do,I own a 25-06 Remington Sendro thats a good shooter but just curious,any comments from anyones experence would be a great help,..Thanks Jon T.
  4. Not if you pay close to $200.00 for it. Same with nice sunglasses. You find you're much more careful when you have a genuine investment in something. That being said, I did drop my first one (the one I use daily) a few times before I got used to it, but I never drop it, let alone forget it now. This disposable world we live in has made us careless, but one can be careful when one is motivated to be. That being said, I don't let people use it, as I fear they'll break it. It has a solid gold nib, & once someone did drop it & bend the nib & I had to spend a while repairing it.
  5. Above replay was me trying to get my post to post, for some reason my replay is not showing that its being typed,..sorry,..JT.
  6. Yup always too late here,..buy or not someone jumps on it,..
  7. I remember Dad saying while we drove around our county square(mid 60's courthouse) bout some of the old timers that had Jake Leg,..guess that was from lead or galvinised(however its spelled) stills it was cooked in,..any ways it was bad booze and crippled them for life!!The old timers sat an spit an whittled on the corners of the square, one time the law came thru with a pickup load of weed and I remember one of them sayin That ther would get a man Higher than that ther water tower,.. LMAO, they was around hemp all the ir lives but I guess it didnt come close to what the shine would do !! Would tell abit more bout this but puter aint right,..luckey to get to post what I am. Dang this gets me to thinkin back,..Life in the Ozarks !!,..LOL,..what a Deal !!,..JT.
  8. Bake or boil with whatever seasoning you prefer, chop up and use a good ham salad recipe, replaceing the ham with your vension heart (of course). Chill it down and enjoy,..yum,..I do wild turkey legs that way. Takes some time to pick out the meat after I"ve crock potted it but worth the trouble,..Yum,..
  9. v_door

    SGL-21's no longer crazy expensive?

    +1,..I think we're fixin to see some BIG changes !! Classic is supposed to be giving some deals this next week, see what happens. Just going by what I read here and there,..makes me even think that parts to convert will have to get cheaper. LOTS of you know more about this issue than me, but thats my 2 cents worth. later JT.
  10. Thats GREAT!! Was just thinking a few days ago sure would be neat if another would come out. Be hard to ever be as good as the first one.But I;ll sure be watching it as soon as possible!! Puters not right so I cant get the link to work but will keep trying,....later,..JT.
  11. Coast to Coast,..1:21 Central is talking about ZOMBIES !! Under water ones even,..what a Deal!! I'm darn near exact center of the USA, but I'm Lockin an Loadin,.. dont know if they can stagger this far or not, so everyone look out !!
  12. v_door

    uh...how do I open this can of ammo?

    Good Freakin Grief,all these types of opening,..LOL,..PM me and I'll send you mine if you really caint get it open on your own,..Live Long and Prosper!!,..JT.
  13. v_door

    Authentic old school conversion

    I think the BHO is a great feature. I field strip and clean my .223 often, but when testing different ammo and breaking in a new barrel I like to run a swab thru it after every 3 or 4 shots and the BHO makes it alot eaiser to attach a swab after Ive ran the rod thru it. Well be purchashing a x39 next and well install the BHO on it too,thats just me but i like it.JT.
  14. v_door

    Mac 90 Folding stock

    Thanks alot guys for the info,I had to braze the pistol grip bolt to extend it,I dont think the receiver is a slant. Is it ok to post a pick beings it isnt fully compliant yet ?I took the folder off a Butler Creek stock that i had a 10/22 on, cut the pistol grip off an got a big washer holding it on,could fill the handle on that end with plastic but the big washer kinda grew on me LOL, i like it and its sturdy too, cut the stock and reweilded it to shorten it anyway I like it and will post a pick if it's ok, thanks again,..JT.