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    Hey everyone, my name is Mr B (until we go fully public). Me and a good friend of mine are currently looking at producing a belt feeding device for Saiga 12's, AR-15's and 10's, and 7.62 AK's. We're currently working on prototypes at the moment, and seem to have a proof of concept. This being said, me and him are pursuing a patent for our design and intend to take precision machining classes this coming fall to help produce it, and production within the next two years (hopefully, I don't want to make promises I cannot keep). I wanted to see how interested the Saiga community would be in purchasing a product like this. The device allows you to feed a belt holding 100 rounds (these belts can be clipped together). We currently have a functional battery operated prototype and are working on designing a spring loaded design. This device feeds shells into the Saiga while consecutively ejecting the belt (by one slot) every time a shell is ejected. Obviously the largest market is the AR and AK markets, but I feel like you guys are hungry to pop off 100 rounds of birdshot without reloading. Please let us know if you're interested in this project. We're both young entrepreneurs and want to build you guys something incredible. Again sorry for the vagueness. As a side-note, this product is not legally defined as a high capacity magazine by California law etc. The feeding device is intended to feed a belt in and out of it, and it may hold shells if you choose to do such.This being said, we intend to sell this product to every state in these states united. With this being said, it is also a clear, hard, and large screw you to the states that like to restrict your fun. As another side-note, this belt feeding device will not require modification for your firearm (upper reciever etc.), and will work with any firearms that take standard Saiga magazines. Price comes out to $100 or so
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    Well I'd suggest trying to get a single well made product off the ground as quickly as possible.. I think you'll find the AR-15 crowd to be very large. Shotgun shells are difficult. Our first couple times tackling shotgun shell magazines did not go perfectly and it took multiple attempts to get it right, rifle rounds are significantly easier. As for a patent, be ready for a cost as high as $10-15K, the file online patents are basically worthless because your claims have to have a very specific wording to work.. Also expect to find a few similar devices, because belt feed conversions of box magazine rifles have been tested back as early as the 30s, most of the time they worked well but took to many modifications to the original rifle to be worth doing... So if you get it worked out to be plug and play you probably have a winner of a product. If you want some general suggestions on manufacturing google my user name.. My contact page has a phone number and an email address. I've been making gun parts for a decade and can give you some tips on how to get your product off the ground.. Just don't tell me much or anything about it until you have it protected.. I have a cnc mill, cnc laser and am happy to do short run contract manufacturing.
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    It is also interesting in OR that by statute, the state is expressly traditional open carry. (Which put them way ahead of texas for a long time.) However, it also excludes 6 places by name from that, and 4 of them are where I have family and regularly travel. Huge nuisance.
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    yes Oregon is a slightly more purple we are mostly politically dictated by the Portland zip code. last election cycle 7 out of 8 Oregon counties that petitioned signatures to vote on making their counties "Second Amendment Sanctuaries" AKA SAPO, Second Amendment Protection Order were SUCCESSFUL the rest of the counties residents couldn't or wouldn't bother. Participation trophies, safe spaces, ANTIFA rich kids and college grads dumb as a bag of democrats are the norm here on the left coast
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    Seems like you could cut a slot in it with a dremel and use a screwdriver
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    I lived near Seattle for a couple of years. Thought I was in a foreign country sometimes.
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    Ditto for WA, and OR, though I think more of OR is purple.
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    Mostly a mill. The stepped hole for the gas tube was done on a lathe.
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    It was the same in PA. Which is one of the reasons I am now a Floridian.
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    Yep, in NY the blues took 17 out of 62 Counties in the 2016 Presidential election, yet we remain blue. Not only do those 17 counties have the most Democrats, some of them have more of a population than most of the red counties combined. http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2016/11/09/new-york-state-presidential-election-2016-county-r It's even worse for the Gubernatorial Election.
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    I keep buying a box of ammo whenever I can.
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    And "Drunk Uncle Joe" is back in the running, again. It would be a dark day for the 2nd Amendment if he gets near the White House again. He doesn't know crap about firearms, even more so than some of the other liberal whackos.
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    'Gonna be a LONG HOT summer".
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    I believe that the closer we get to the 2020 election we will see civil unrest in this country on a scale not seen since the 1960's. The Red/Blue separation comes down to one simple question: Do you support the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law or don't you? We live in interesting times. Keep your powder dry boys.
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    I don’t think you have to worry about the country dividing. The most likely senerio is we kick the shit out of those areas and when the dust settles they emerge from their basements with a whole new level of I better shut the hell up. You have all heard the sentiment growing. A very large percentage of their supporters won’t fight for themselves let alone a nation or idea. We are the working class, we are the farmers, we are law enforcement, we are the military, we are the gun owners... They are the pansies, the felons, the lazy, the dependents...
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    To Ronin38: Thank you Sir for the info. about Pennsylvania and New York. It is encouraging to know what you wrote. Therefore, I hope the cars I've seen with plates from PA and NY are being driven by "Red" folks. Please understand how down in the southern states we tend to generalize the northeast as being "blue" country. I have relatives in Connecticut and they're all "blue" folks. Anyway ... regarding my original post that begins this thread, I'm just worried how the left seems to be "balkanizing" our country. It wouldn't surprise me if the map turns into a "blue" left coast, a "blue" northeast, and a big "red" region in the middle that are three separate countries one day. The folks in Chicago seem to be at the tip of the spear for all of this. I hope folks in PA keep making long rifles!!!
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    Seconded. Definitely mostly a RED state. Harrisburg and that bastion of hoodrats Philthadelphia are the blue parts, with the crime to prove it. I know.....I LIVE HERE.
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    For the record, PA (like NY and a few others) is NOT a "Blue" state. It's a Red state that has to suffer through all the crap forced upon them by the Blue hordes in a few big cities in that state. I know many people from NY who would be ecstatic if they could just wall off everything east of I-295 so they could live a good life in the real world. Everyone I grew up with in PA, just east of Pittsburgh, is most definitely Republican.
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    I hear you Spacehog. Where I live, we've had a ton of folks move from California, Illinois, NY, and Pennsylvania. "Original" folks are really concerned about it. I just saw a PA license plate today. The fear is they'll bring their blue state liberal politics with them. In the meantime, they're the cause of house prices going skyhigh compared to what they used to be. I know several teachers in my area and they say they are having more & more parents confront them about stuff which boils down to the parents' egos - not anything about their child. These are parents from blue states. The concept of making "little Johnny" work for anything or be held accountable for bad behavior gets spun into some sort of offense committed by the teacher. Man ... if I even back talked a little bit I'd get sent to the principal's office and then get more heat from my parents at home. (Oh ... sorry ... I said "parents" instead of parent)
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    What’s wrong with Chicago?...It is run by Democrats. Period. Show me one thing, anything that they touch that does not turn to complete crap. We have liberals moving into AL by the droves from the craphole cities they just left saying it is too expensive to live there and there is no opportunity. Out of the other side of their mouth they complain about why AL hasn’t banned plastic bags and ‘Vote Blue in 2020’ It has to be a mental disease! They can in no way make the connection that the very party and policies they vote for turns their community, city, and state into the autocratic high tax spawn of hell, they want to leave. NY just killed a bill to help members of Gold star families go to college, while just a week earlier they set aside millions to help Illegal aliens go to college? People actually defend killing a baby at term citing “choice”? It would seem that this country is marching straight toward Concord (Version 2019), and I would hate to be one of these American hating politicians if that happens. Regardless, at some point soon accountability has to come. Apologies....Rant over! Sincerely, Pissed in Alabama
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    The whole mess is straight out of Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky
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    Just another place where there needs to be a wall and/or a bomb dropped!
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    Tools. Depends on who,what,when,where and why. BUT- the S-12 is awesome for almost any situation!
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    Well, sometimes a person can get carried away. Or, Just want it the way I want it. Texas Weapons Systems hinged rail and peep sight, Inforce 500 light, Midwest Industries, quad rail, muzzle break, folding mech, sling attachment and parts for arm brace, Sig brace, Mepro/Mako reflex sight and foregrip, Hogue grip. Riveted on mag release extension. Notched safety to hold bolt open. Romy 20rd mags and pmags are the most handy. FDE baked metal coating, camo is petroleum cleaner removable to terrain or choice, so yes it wears off, can be easily touched up or changed. Pics are bit lighter than actual color. Have enjoyed it so far, over 700 rds fired, no issues. I'll do the light to match. Actually blends well now in our winter/fall terrain.
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    Just about every question about cycling has already been answered in this thread. How many rounds through your S12 so far? What exact loads/brands did you try? Which gas setting(s) have you tried? Do you still use the stock gas regulator? Have you checked the patency and number of gas ports? Their size? Did you try firing the gun prior to converting it? Did it cycle at all beforehand? Do you 'limp wrist' the gun (not lock it up tightly against your shoulder)? Is the gun lubed up well? More specific answers might be available once this info is posted. Welcome to the forum and hope your predicament gets squared away.