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    I know where you're coming from, I understand.... But. STFU and stop further incriminating yourself, here and elsewhere. The man said, "keep it", so keep it, your sheriff's department is perhaps 2A friendly? But seriously, STFU about it. Just my $0.02
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    These looks cool and are just straight slab side prototypes. Wouldn’t take much ribbing, etc, to really dress them up either...
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    I haven't bought anything in quite awhile. Yesterday I reloaded eighty five 30-06 rounds, though. Kinda feels like I bought a bunch of ammo.
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    Lol. I definitely don’t consider them a rival. I explored the idea of a licensing agreement with them and didn’t like the resposivness or receptiveness. Also they are a smaller company and that can make accountability trickier as far as royalties go. Not saying I didn’t trust them or anything like that though but it’s definitly things to consider. The first patent runs out in 2033. Ccspecs brother had concerns certain geometry wasn’t stampable. Another stamper, a giant company, said it couldn’t be stamped as well. Honestly I don’t buy that though. I’m not even in that field and see a super simple solution and have no doubt their are others. I’ve never been much at settling for something can’t be done. More often than not I have found its more the matter if it can be done practically and I’m confidant it could be. The second patent hasn’t become official yet but will be good for 20 years from that date so probably good until around 2040. It would be a much easier design to stamp. Honestly though before the first double stack patent runs out I will have made a double stack obsolete. 😂
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    I cut up 5 that I made in 2012 or 2013 yesterday I could weld them back together in another 20 minutes if I wanted to. However, there is no way that anyone could make a legal case that I am currently in possession of a bump stock. There was a local buyback, and I would have taken the money, cause I need car parts more than toys, and frankly I would have probably donated a little to SAF or something too. This whole thing is funny given that the average AR stock can be made into a bump stock with a stick of wood and 3 screws in just a couple minutes, or that you can make a lightning link or DIAS in under a half hour from sheet metal or wire.
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    A polymer double stack could look really nice. Even cooler than an single stack actually. Just knowing it has more capacity in a shorter length will help the look as well... My vision for a Saiga-12 double stack is to have a comparable price to a single stack. Not some jacked up price that keeps single stacks viable... What happened to the Mossberg mag won’t be happening again. Not in price or design... Prices of those have come down a lot though. It’s easy to find a 20rd for $70 to $80 now but still high in my opinion. The truth of it is a single stack mag can’t even compete in a price war with a double stack. It takes less material to make a 10rd double than it does a 10rd single. That also means it will be lighter than it’s single stack counterpart. Being shorter and closer to the gun will also mean it will be better balanced and will have less recoil and backlash forces on it as well. Make no mistake that a polymer double stack for the Saiga-12 on my watch would be second to none, including OEM mags. Making everything else VERY obsolete. The market would be absolutely flooded with so many used single stacks... I also have something that will make all prior drums just as obsolete as doubles will make single stacks. Patent pending on that as well..
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    Yeah they rolled out a really cheap Saiga-12 magazine, and it looks like a lot of them went to dealers.. So not really surprising. Selling them directly as OEM helps, since there is a stigma about only buying original factory magazines. Of course the SDS magazines are NOT factory magazines but are actually made by the importer, but hey how many gun buyers look that close? The market right now wants cheap... It may have demand for 3000 $29-34 magazines, but how much demand is there for a double stack is likely based on price. If the magazine is priced like the mossberg ones I doubt people are going to be buying 10 at a time. And can people justify the cost over a drum? Is the double stack more or less cool looking? Hard to say without spending the money to find out. I have found forums not to always represent the average customer, forums are generally populated by enthusiast, the average customer is generally a casual buyer, and the ratio is something like 10 or 20 causal buyers to each enthusiast. So it is entirely possible to have something that a forum loves but has really weak sales.
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    I did not imply anything. Just that I recalled some issue existed related to inventory, not like I keep track of everyone business dealings. I have enough on my plate.. As for production volume, we can make around 3,000 to 4,000 magazines a month, maybe more but I've never found a product that had demand even close to that, so I've really never got to let the production line off its chain.. Normally we make batches of around 300-500 because on average that works out best for storage capacity vs demand. We just wrapped up a run of 2500+ magazines, six different types, which restocks those items for 14-18 months.. Having a 5 year supply of anything is just silly. I'm not attacking the need for an audit as much as saying that anyone that was motivated to falsify records could totally do it since the entire audit is going to be checking data that was entered into the system by the same people who would be falsifying the records.. So the audit is always going to show that everything is perfect because the only record that the product ever existed are the papers they generated to show you. You've likely always dealt with companies that produced part of a good under contact. So you have purchase orders, contracts, bills of sale, shipping documents ect. That simply does not exist when everything is made under the same roof.
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    Took him out to shoot it yesterday....He loves it! Our accuracy sucked, as we were shooting toward a setting sun, and it was quite hard to see the bullseye, but hits showed up really well. He likes my SP1 even more! I've created a monster! He likes the old school look over the new M4's, and also the sound. I was even amazed at the difference in blast and signature between the barrel lengths. The 20" barrel makes a lot larger and lower frequency blast than the 16". Tommy the Commie (military E type target) didn't survive very long after we got sighted in, and started mag dumping on him. And today, he got to learn how to clean it and function check it. Lost one of my aluminum mags during the shoot. Jams up every other round. It's an old Cooper Industries. The Magpul's ran without a hitch.
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    Good luck with the health stuff, Seems like you can’t get ahead for sliding backwards sometimes.
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    All depends on what the job is at the time.... guns are tools. And ALLLLL of mine are my faves, ....lol. But, I will agree on the S12 for my shotty.... I trust my life on it.
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    wheres that pic of md's smaller provile drum??
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    Thanks. I currently have a total of 4 3/4 fingers. Fitting a pad is more of a challenge than I'd like (not to say I couldn't do it if I had to). Because the Lynx 12 has a 4 inch stock, even the small common slip-on pads (Limbsaver, Pachmayr, etc) may be too big. I've ordered a UTG Combat Pad. There are negative comments about the "spikes" on the back of the pad. If I find this to be a problem, I own a belt sander.
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    Hard to argue any of those. I like SA XD better than Glock, though. And, I need an AR in .308 to be my favorite.
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    Bought a “well used” genuine HK MP5A3 collapsible stock from HK Parts for my newly SBRed PTR 9ct. Looks old but works perfect. Doug
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    For spring goose, the state has no capacity restrictions, fall there is. I made a call to the local game warden, hoping to get a call back and have them take a look before i go. I have converted my S12.
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    Seriously scratching my head on why they didn’t rethread the barrel on this gun. But I guess I scratch my head on why they kept the same flawed gas plug when they built the base gun as well...
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    Something about over 26 not concealable so doesn’t matter.
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    Thank you. Based on what I've read, the bore of a 12 gauge is .729. So .724 means the choke is .005. That's a "Skeet 1" choke.
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    I know what you mean but it is true. The fit and finish puts the Saiga-12 to shame on all I have seen. I have 2 of them as well. These are made in the same factory that produced the type 56 AK. Plus SDS was demanding quality. I constantly see the lead engineer making trips to China as well. Probably once a month or close to it. Likely because you do have to keep your eye on China. China does have access to quality material, weather they use it or not is largely based on if the contractor demands it. At the price of them you should just get one and see for yourself. It’s going to blow your mind because it sure blew mine!
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    Yeah, China has an utter shit government. Why those people don’t rise up and hang them all blows my mind. Sheep...
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    Picked up a new range toy, PTR 9ct, which is an HK MP5 clone in 9mm. Already sent in an Efile Form 1 so I can put on a collapsible stock to give it the MP5A3 look. Doug
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    Can someone add the Lynx 12 to the forum as far as its own link?