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  1. Mmmmmm.... Tasty vittles!!! Good going ! Enjoy it. I made some summer sausage from some of my deer this year. Great food that is a bargain, eh?

    Plus...any excuse to post a pick of my 5 point, Western count as that would be, (read: MAN count) Hahaha! Never did really understand the diff.

    Doesn't matter the Antlers anyway if ya can't eat em!

    Glad you filled your tag! Not so many folks I know had any luck this year. But we do have a large "Predator" impact lately in Montana.

    That is a great buck you got there. what did you take it with? We have to use slugs, blackpowder, or a pistol. I don't mind though, I love taking the ol' s-12 out with me. :super:

  2. I have owned a saiga 223 for quite a few years now. I had left it stock for about five years with no complaints. Then I bought a S-12, and I took that out and shot it stock. I was amazed at the difference the conversion made in the overall balance and "feel" in the weapon. Needless to say I converted my 223 shortly thereafter and never looked back. I my honest opinion, the conversion truly transforms the rife. The amount of weight that is placed on your support hand is greatly reduced. The rifle has a much better balance. With the improvement in balance, the rifle comes up to my shoulder and presents itself a lot quicker for the initial shot. Not to mention that reducing the OAL helps the rifle handle much quicker when moving onto target. I liked the stock saiga, I LOVE my converted saiga. Mine is the short barrel though, I cannot say if the 20" barrel version would have the same transformation.

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  3. I remember somewhere there was a video of an ak with a gap between the barrel and the gas tube as a proof of the ruggedness of the firearm.



    Is this it?




    I suppose with a little gap at the front and back of the Ultimak, it would help the barrel float a bit more, though the piston would still be in contact with the gas block.

    It's not the one I was thinking of, but it is very similar. I thought that reducing the possible pressures of the differences in thermal properities along with a method of eliminating the contact of the handguard with the barrel would yield possible improvements. The approach I want to explore would retain the "normal" look of an ak as much as possible.

  4. I own both and can say without a doubt that I enjoy shooting my converted S-12 over my mossy hands down. The weapon is a blast to shoot. I also belive that cobra customs does bolt work to increase relibality. That being said, there is also a wealth of info here on spotting and fixing potential problems.

  5. I remember somewhere there was a video of an ak with a gap between the barrel and the gas tube as a proof of the ruggedness of the firearm. I was thinking of possible ways to "hang" the handguards and gas system on the reciever with proper clearancing and a seal for the gas tube to the barrel. I'm gonna need a lot of research though.

  6. I know they make a rubber ring that slides up and down the barrel to change harmonics and tighten up groups. I wouldn't want anything "meltable" on a 223 AK barrel though. Not as hot as they can get.






    *EDIT* I also remember seeing someone free float a tube style HG on (I think) a Saiga 12. Granted, on a shotgun, that's not really very useful. But if I remember right, he had a 3/4 donut made that slipped onto the barrel back by the receiver and the free float tube attached over it.


    That'd be work, but it COULD be done. Not sure how much difference it'd make though.


    how about this .308?




    or this .223?




    it can be done, I have had a more conventional idea bugging me but haven't had the time to truly play for awhile.

  7. Just my opinion, but if the Dems wanted to reinstate the AWB, they would have by now. Most literature I've read on the topic would suggest that the Dems would go after handguns, not rifles and shotguns. Statistically, the odds of people getting hurt in a home with handguns appear much higher. I'm reaching for citable references right now and can't find them.


    I'd also note that Obama's focus is the economy and doing anything that hurts American jobs isn't going to fly, not at the federal level and not at the level of democratic senators and representatives who want to be re-elected. Firearm companies have been one of the few sectors to enjoy price appreciation, both of inventory and stock price, since the SHTF on Wall Street. To the point of foreign gun imports, I doubt they do anything until a next term is secured. Izmash could always open up a factory here though.


    The real issue is the AWB being resintstated in some form or another isn't it?


    First, about jobs. Cap and trade will kill a lot more jobs than the gun industry. Second, BO's playbook says to "pull the rudder to gain control of the boat" or make things bad enough to force the people to give up liberty for safety. They are setting the stage for an epic power grab. The NRA has reports of BATF knocking on doors of gun owners in border states already. As far as the AWB, it's one of the party planks. They are waiting for another tragic shooting to take advantage of.

  8. The ace is metal. The tapco is composite. A little extra with a 12 guage dosen't hurt. I haven't heard a lot of negatives with the tapco but the saying goes you get what you pay for.

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