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  1. Hello:


    I bought my first Glock today. It's a Glock 43 ( 9 mm ). It looks "tactical" with a black slide and FDE frame/body.


    As crazy as this sounds, I'm actually new to the 9 mm world. My experience with pistols has been with the good 'ole .45 1911. I got this Glock for concealed carry purposes because it fits my hands very well and it is so slim. Also, it is easier to strip & clean than a 1911, 9mm ammo is less expensive, and it shoots any kind of 9 mm ammo.


    My question is what type of 9 mm ammo might be best for self-defense. I've noticed there are 115, 124, and 147 (?) grain bullets out there. I think there is 110 gr. ammo too. There are many different grains of 9 mm bullets.


    I assume you might want a heavy 124 gr. hallow point for self-defense, but I might be wrong. I defer to anyone who might know better. Federal Hydrashocks look nasty, but a friend said to get Federal HST ammo instead.


    All I can say is I've seen x-rays of what a 9 mm hallow point can do to someone's upper shin bone. It was shattered, and the guy was lucky to keep his leg and recover. It was a long orthopedic surgery. Total recovery (not just initial healing) took at least a year.

    For that barrel length first choice would be 124gn or 147 grain Federal HST or 124 grain Speer Gold Dot. If you can buy some of each do so and actually compare them buy shooting each.

  2. A lot of people think of people as basically 2 part beings, physical and soul. Soul being basically made up as the mind, will, and the emotions... When actually we are a three part being. we are a spirit, we have a soul, we live in a body. 


     The spiritual world is more real than the physical. It is all around us 24/7. People are treated for spiritual problems with natural solutions. Hence the prescription meds. In an attempt to get what is viewed as the problem(mental health) to be corrected by changing how the brain is functioning. When the malfunction of the brain is a symptom of the real problem. The problem with using natural solutions to problems is that there are no natural solutions to some problems. Not even one single person has been cured through mans study of the human mind(psychology), or by mans study of human behavior(sociology).  Hundreds of thousands, if not more, have been cured/ healed by God through Jesus Christ. Those numbers keep increasing daily you just don't hear about it on CNN.

     The pagans have been much more aware of this then the Christian Church for a long time. The Church is going through an awakening to these biblical trues over the last few years. The dark side does not want this to spread so it is working all the more to hinder it in any way it can... Soros and the Clintons ,and Barry knows all about this. It's time for the Church to become what it was intended to be!

  3. I've had an idea that I forget, then remember. I really don't know where to start looking.


    Basically, I know that there must be a gunsmith somewhere who has antique shotgun barrels that have failed. I want to take one or even a piece of one and make my wedding ring from it. I don't want to hack up an antique barrel from a firearm that is safe and sound. I'm looking for a barrel that is unsafe to shoot, on a gun without particular antique value.


    Does anyone have a good contact for me to start with?

    I might be able to be of some help with the Damascus twist barrel, if you still would like one. I know a guy that currently has what I believe is a 20 gauge side by side he said it is to old to be legally considered a firearm. He was considering just cutting it up and tossing it. Send me a message if you are interested, and I'll check with him for you.

  4.  Big Thanks to you all for the input! I applaud all of you that are able to build and upgrade your own! That's something I don't have the time to learn how to do at this point in life. 


     I'm needing something for home mainly for web surfing and home schooling stuff. Hoping to find something for under $800.00 that won't become out dated to soon. The old HP has served well for most of its life. It was a wally world special- package deal from 2007.  Now it keeps showing that the hard drive is to full no matter how much we delete... been limping along for some time now.  

     The windows 10 was something the wife said she wanted due to using it for some work related stuff and soft ware becoming dated after we buy it.   

  5. Trump said there would be no end to our winning. Not even four weeks after the election, Castro is dead and 7N6 is back in stock at SGA.


    The man's a prophet. 

    You might be surprised if you realized how much truth is in your post

    A very good start would to expose EVERYTHING BarryO did "UNDER THE TABLE", undo ALL of it, and appoint a 'special prosecutor'.

     I believe the fur is going to fly all over the place. 

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