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  1. Don't I remember something about a LRBHO too?

    I never designed my own LRBHO. The one in my video was bought from a guy that doesn't make and sell them anymore. Business member, Cobra, has one though. He should be releasing it soon. I do have an ambidextrous bolt release to go his LRBHO.


    I'll be looking forward to some pics of these. Mags and magwells too! :smoke:


    And thanks again Mike, for everything! :super:

  2. I highly recommend the XD-40 Sub-Compact. I have one that has exactly 3880 rounds through it since I purchased it a little over 3 years ago. It is still running strong with all original parts. I keep a log on all my weapons, listing rounds fired, operator(s), and comments. With the rare exception of FTF from a bad reload, I have had almost no malfs in thousands of rounds through this pocket rocket! This gun is a workhorse that is built to last. It is a surprisingly smooth shooting and accurate 40, especially for being a Sub-Compact. I have even used this gun in both ISPSA and IDPA matches. I would not hestitate to use this for EDC, and would never feel under gunned. This gun is also easily carried in an IWB holster. Best of luck in your quest. :smoke:


    Here are a couple of pics:


    Here with the shorter carry mag:



    Here with the extended mag beside my XD-45:


  3. Hey guys. I finally pulled the trigger on a PSP from CDNN. It only comes with one mag so I'm trying to find a few more.


    Anyone know where you can get mags for the HK P7 PSPs for less than $75-$100? :eek:


    Been wanting one of the HK P-cockers for a long time, but just couldn't see springing for the P7M8 when the PSP is so close to the same thing for less than half the investment.


    Maybe the reason is the high price and scarcity of the mags? :unsure:


    If anyone knows where I can pick up a few at a decent price, please let me know.


    Thnx. :smoke:

  4. First off, a big congrats to you both!


    Lots of great suggestions, advice, and info above, so I'll just add a vote for the HK P7 line. Thin, reliable, ultra safe to carry with one in the tube and easy to carry concealed IWB. Also fast to get into action. Expensive, yes. But you did say a "good" carry gun.


    Best of luck, and whatever you do. CARRY!

  5. Like the topic says...


    I have a milled MAK-90 Norinco "386" with the thumbhole stock on it now. I'd like to put it back with an original AK stock. Maybe Walnut, but wood, not plastic. I have the PG and forend furniture, just looking for a nice wooden stock.


    Any ideas?


    Also still looking for the original front sight for a Saiga 12. Not the whole thing, just the threaded insert. Any help appreciated. :smoke:

  6. Hey would any of you guys happen to have a stock front sight post lying around?


    I know some of you have put HK sights on and have a stock one you don't need. Tony? Anyone.


    Just converted one of my S12s today and noticed the front sight post had come unscrewed and was lost. I only need the small screw-in center piece.


    Appreciate any help. :smoke:

  7. Their website has 2 different prices for the block and that made me wonder how long its been since they updated it and if it was still open. so I tried calling and the number had a disconnected message.


    I will try again.


    Thank you for the link.


    You might give Ace a shot.




    ETA: I tried again and they had a voice recording. Not sure what I did wrong the first time I called.

    you can take your saiga stock and cut ot off about .150 past reciever , fill with acruglass mixed with a little of inletting black and put you 2 helicoils in and youve got a reciever block for about 5 bucks and takes about 10 minutes to make . ive had one on a saiga 12 for ten years with no problems


    Man I'd love to see some more detailed instructions on this block BD. Sounds like a good alternative. Acruglass? Do you fill it, let it cure, then drill to insert helicoils? Sounds interesting. More info would be appreciated. :smoke:

  8. Hey guys! I've acquired a Norinco MAK-90 with milled receiver made in the 386 plant. It has the thumbhole stock on it now, but I want to put it back to it's original glory. I have searched and researched K-Var, other forums etc and I'm just getting more and more confused.


    So, I came here hoping to find some good advice from some of the AK-47 sages. Where can I find a nice original stock set that will fit this particular gun? Anything I need to know about doing this particular conversion. Is the MAK-90 receiver, tang etc different enough in this rifle as to necessitate special installation steps?


    Any help from the experts here would be much appreciated. I found some naked Walnut stocks on Classic Arms a couple of weeks ago, but when I called they were sold out. :angry2:

  9. Was able to snag one last week from the LGS for $575. Considered myself lucky. Gave only $375 for my first one about 3 years ago, and thought it was too high. :rolleyes:


    Local gun show is this coming weekend. Don't know if I'll go or not. :smoke:

  10. Went to the LGS yesterday to pick up a P22 for the wife.


    He happened to have one S 12 on the rack. It was priced at $575. I could've waited for the $525 deal from ClassicArms, but I figured it would only save me $25 after transfer, if I was able to get one before they sold out, so I told him to wrap it up. :smoke:


    My first one I bought for $375 a couple of years back, but I don't see prices getting anywhere close to that again in the near future, so I snagged it. :unsure:

  11. could you show what parts you used and where u would get them? very bad ass my friend!


    Thnx guys.


    CC, I got the folding mechanism from ACE, the stock conversion/pistol grip kit from Kel-Tec, and the MagPul CTR stock/tube from "Aussie" over on the XCR forum. EOTech clone from Ebay, A2 flash hider from the LGS, and the LeVang Comp I am planning on installing, from Midway. Compact fore end with rails came from Kel-Tec, and the Grip Pod from Ebay. :smoke:

  12. Nice little unit there,

    it takes vision and follow through

    wouldn't mind seeing the cut sheet for all the parts you used, is that considered a SBR or a pistol?


    GG, MM is correct. It is now an SBR. Don't have any cut sheet/plans on paper, but if you have any specific questions about parts, etc, shoot me a PM and I'll be glad to give you the info. :smoke:

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