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  1. He fired his shot into the ground, he was not endangering anyone or anything except maybe his shoes/feet. I hope those cops get hit by a bus, and no I don't hate cops my brother is a cop. I hate the shitty cops that give the good cops like my brother a bad name.

  2. I say check out the machete thread on the forum. Once you decide which one you want, buy it, pay him a visit, then overnight FedEx his hands back to him. Just make sure you pad the insurance up for them. Last I checked, right hands on the black market were going for roughly around $675K, and the left hands were almost $125K cheaper, due to commonality of righties.

    That should teach 'em!

    Seriously though, the advice given by most of the members here is damn good advice. Thing I would add is a well written letter to the bastard. Many times a written note cuts and bruises deeper than any ass kickin' (though it's funner to kick a thieve's ass than to write him a letter)!

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  3. I've got a private shooting axcess on thousands of acres five minutes from my home that I have to trek on foot about a quarter mile from where I park, and it's a PITA making multiple trips to and fro my truck on foot to get everything set up. My woman and I went yesterday with her Radio Flyer wagon and it saved a double trip.

    I have an Otter game sled (3'x5') I drag around for deer and elk hunting that I'll be mounting 16" bicycle axels and tires to to tote around for carrying my gold hunting equiptment that I'm gonna put together next weekend that will hold all my shooting apparel when I go shooting there the next time. I have a small bungee net that will cover everything in the Otter that I will be fastening eyebolts on the front, back, and sides to.

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  4. When I was around 11, my old man dropped a deer and had me hang onto his .30-06. He had me put the barrel down on the ground on top of his gloves. He did'nt tell me not to pull the trigger, as I was leaning on his rifle and being half my height now. "BANG!!!!" clean through both his gloves, and only about 2' away from him. He hit-n-rolled, and gave me a three second stare has since been etched into my soul that has made me the safest person with a firearm that I will ever know! He never said a word about it to me.

    A certain look is worth a thousand words!!

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  5. I had a Marlin 1895g .45-70 lever gun that was nasty to my ears. It was a ported guide gun that wasn't too bad on kickin', due to the porting, but that bastard was really nasty with unplugged ears while hunting. Hell, it was pretty loud with foam ear plugs!

    I have a NEF Partner Tracker II single shot 12 gauge thats carbine sized that I don't care much for it's kick. It's probably my least favorite to shoot.

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