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Vepr 12 conversion to sporter

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Hey everyone, 

I'm a new member and this is my first post. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer! 

Looking for some info from the experts here on converting my square back vepr 12 to a sporter configuration. Unfortunately for my v12 I'll soon be moving to NJ, where the current configuration would be considered a violation of the crazy AWB laws. My understanding is that all I'll need to do in order to be NJ compliant, is essentially make my vepr 12 look like the stock Saiga 12 sporter configuration. I'm gathering I'll need to replace the existing stock and pistol grip with a Saiga 12 sporter stock, and then to move the trigger group back to the rear of the gun so it can still be reached from the new sporter stock. I have a local gunsmith that tells me he can tackle the job (for around $300-$400), but that I'll need to track down the necessary parts... that's what brings me here. What do I need to purchase to do this conversion and any ideas where I can find the parts? Any 922 R compliance issues I should be aware of when looking for factory Saiga 12 parts to make this conversion happen? 

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Would these 2 parts do the job--saiga factory trigger assembly and stock (links below)? What about the bolt close switch on my V12? I assume that's gonna need to be moved along with the fire control group.



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