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Converting into 103, send help and prayers.

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I currently have a half converted Saiga and would like to have it fully converted. It has dimples and does not have a velcro strip. As far as I understand I need to get the proper threaded FSB/GB, folding 5.5 rear trunnion, hand guard retainer, trigger guard, mag release, and bullet guide.

I would like to keep the bones of this rifle as close to authentic 103 as I can although the furiture I'm sure I'll deviate off path.

Can anyone help me source the parts I need or even show me what the correct clone parts for a 103 would look like?

Thanks in advance fellas.

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This was the article I used as inspiration for my 103 conversion. Sourcing parts for the conversion was a PITA and took about four years (2010-2014), but I also went after Russian parts for a close-as-possible AK-103. Should still be a doable project, but I would imagine the Russian parts would be near impossible to find now. Plenty of other parts that will work.



I may still have a few parts laying around that I didn't end up using if you have an interest. In addition to the vendors here on the boards, here are some of the sources I found useful for the harder to find stuff.






Good luck with the build


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