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HK rear sight with AK front sight on rifle

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I have read quit a bit about HK drum rear sights on S12s but could not find too much about them on rifles.


Background: I am trying to get most out of my Izhmash Saiga MK 16 inch, .223 to use in IPSC competitions in Standard Division with range from 5-300 meter. American parts are not an option, as they are hard to import. My dust cover fits snug and I hope its stable enough to keep zero. actually in the beginning it was a pita to get off.


I am looking atm into a setup with an original HK G3 base and drum sight welded on the dustcover for the rear and to keep the original Saiga front sight. Does anyone have experience with this setup on a rifle. Does the G3 base and drum work fine with the front sight from height perspective? How does it change sight picture, speed and accuracy?



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I went ahead and got the G3 sight installed on the dustcover. The dustcover is still stting solid on the receiver and has no noticable play. Whether zero changes if I take of the dustcover still needs to be tested. I had to file down the rear sight drum a few mm. Actually I only realized after sighting in that the drum is so low that the inner part is now party visible. So I guess I will need to redo the sighting in and lift front and back sight a bit. The frontsight is just below the top of the site "ears". I would have wished to get post in the middle of the cicle formed by the ears, but there is no chance with this setup. The sight picture is not really clean but definetly an improvement over the originals.

I was sighting in on 25m today and got in the end a nice 4 shot group with 1,5 cm (2 MOA) , I had one flyer there which opened up the group to 3 cm (4 MOA). Even though this does not sound too impresive, I am still happy about it with my shooting skills and eyes. The "diopter" sight is just so much easier on my eyes and I am convident that there is still room for improvement on shooter side. But already 4 MOA is enough to hit a IPSC target out on 300m and target of this project was to be able to hit a 6 inch plate on that distance (2 MOA) fairly reyable.



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Update 2:

I did not re-zero yet, but was using this setup in a competition. Shooting 5 reactive 12 inch radius poppers on 300m. It took me less than 15 rounds to get them down (being a advanced novice shooter that was a great experience). I actually used the 200 meter setting there due to user error. So its likely that I hit the poppers low on the narrower section. Because on another stage with A4 targets on 100 meter I was told that I had the right height but some vertical variation (likely due to my bad stability)


I need to do more testing and the re-zeroing to make the sight picture a bit cleaner and the 100 meter notch usable again (hidden by inner part of the drum atm), but so far it looks promising.


Just to let you know smile.png

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