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Body Armor for HUNTERS



As I have mentioned in the previous post, I will make some suggestions about different options available for hunters.


Most of the body armor manufacturers do not offer a ready solution. They manufacture "UNDERCOVER JACKETS". This product features regular jacket with ballistic lining. It can be easily transferred to your existing hunting jacket. One company that offers such jacket is Second Chance and another is Point Blank with Marksman & Street-Jac. They manufacture good quality products. This armor layers loose against your body and will not restrict you movement. Good price for such jacket is around $700.00 for Size XL.


I recommend this type of armor since most of the people not associated with Law Enforcement will not feel comfortable with most of the models of Undergarment Concealable armor.


The only reason why I did not discuss Deer Hunters is because there is no Soft Body Armor that is capable to withstand a rifle round. It is too fast and it has pointed tip. Soft body armor is designed to defeat threats from handguns and shotguns. In order to defeat rifle round, heavy rigid armor has to be involved. Just be very careful when you hunt with your rifle. Remember, safety comes first. :killer:


In the next section I will describe definitions of different protection levels for Body Armor and different ammunitions that armor defeats.


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