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  1. As I have mentioned in the previous post, I will make some suggestions about different options available for hunters. Most of the body armor manufacturers do not offer a ready solution. They manufacture "UNDERCOVER JACKETS". This product features regular jacket with ballistic lining. It can be easily transferred to your existing hunting jacket. One company that offers such jacket is Second Chance and another is Point Blank with Marksman & Street-Jac. They manufacture good quality products. This armor layers loose against your body and will not restrict you movement. Good price for such
  2. Body Armor is a protective garment that is worn under or over clothing in order to protect a person from anticipated ballistic threats. Modern body armor comes in many varieties and it can be confusing for an average person to decide on what kind is needed. I would like to take this opportunity and use this BLOG to educate you about armor in general, so when the need comes, you know what you need! All body armor can be subdivided into 2 major categories based on use: 1. Concealable Armor 2. Tactical Armor For most of the LAW ENFORCEMENT and CIVIL use we will pay attention
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