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    I made this video and review for another website, but it occurs to me that a few of the people here might appreciate it. I've been doing this method since about 2013 and it works really well: This is by far the fastest most reliable way I have tried to get the right number of pellets in the right place.
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    As long as you are having fun. That is what it is all about.
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    I'm not sure if it will ever happen, but I have been wanting to move somewhere that I can shoot on site. This would have to happen in an area where ground water isn't an issue and in Open Rural zoning, which would generally be on the Northwest area in this county. I would dig a pond as deep as I could legally get away with and off of that pond I would dig at least one lane or a loop above the clay layer or at least above where I might expect maximum water level to be during the wet season. Dirt from the pond and lane or loop would be used to hide the lanes (blend from existing grade to top of berms) at the same time as creating a more generous berm by the lane being down below existing grade. I would like to not be able to see the lanes at all from the home, but at least be able to fire down one of the lanes from inside of my shop. That's kind of the point, open the door of the shop, wheel a custom shooting bench to the door, and fire from the comfort of shade and AC or go down to the lane and fire. All of my steel targets are on stands and angled down. The target design and having the actual shooting area below surrounding grade should eliminate ricochet. As far as landscaping goes, I would let everything grow wild except immediately around the house and shop, and a line from the shop to the target area. I'm not a fan of creating a lot of landscaping to maintain.
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    a fact most people seem to lose sight of.
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    Hell with it! Have fun! Oblome & Joe cardboard cut-outs surrounded by secret service cutouts on motorized tracks. Three seconds to nail them both without hitting the secret service agents. That's a three gun match waiting to happen!
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    Take a look at Mike's Facebook page. He started on double stack mags for the S-12. Hell yeah! MD Arms - Posts
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    A bunch of campaign signage would be nice as targets.....
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    I always thought that using combination features would be a good idea. I.e. the berm would be the mound for a sweeper turn on a dirt bike track. The interior of the dirt bike track would be paintball course, with a fair amount of the jumps doing double duty as cover. The pond idea is nice, and would cut down on the area you need to brush hog. Unless you are in mosquito country. Perhaps some butterfly bushes to make it smell nice? I could also see wind break trees being a good idea. Also shade trees for wherever your bench/ firing line is. I agree with evl, that you don't want to add future ongoing chores, so only put in stuff that basically takes care of itself.
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    Seen this today
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    I think that would be helpful. They aren't infallible, as what happens is the spammers will have a human teach their bots the answer, but they do weed out the less sophisticated spambots. Suggestion: What end of this picture is facing you? 1) muzzle 2) butt
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    Laid my flag to rest today...ATTENTION!...PRESENT ARMS!...watch it burn with a tear in my eye...and once ash...ORDER ARMS! My next door neighbor (ret mil) saw me saluting and came over and also went to attention and saluted when he saw what was burning. It's not just a flag, it's everyone that has died to defend it. Haven't had to do that since Boy Scouts. Time to get a new one!
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    Handmade from flat bar and the trigger guard too, just like mine. I needed a solution to left side folder with left side charging handle that would not poke the user when slung, strong, quick to manipulate, could be used without a hand, didn't add a lot of weight to the carrier/weapon, simple, and generally did not add much width to the weapon. Not bad on the eyes was a welcome side effect. That design checked all of the boxes. A lot of thought went into my own weapon, the build template for evl grade builds. I never liked others' efforts at left hand charging, save maybe the Lynch, but it didn't check all of the boxes. It is a very cool piece though. I can't believe no one has commented about the short throw selector and the selector stop. I considered everyone's efforts at external stops and came up with the idea of an internal stop. What could be cleaner looking? It isn't quick or easy to do, but it yields a clean look and carries out the smooth feel of the exterior. The only thing the evl grade builds don't have is my trigger. It is killing me to not have time to press that forward.
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    I think I may have a new favorite. This was a customer gun. It is basically what evl grade was meant to be, minus the AK100 stock. The gun just looks clean and serious. No BS anywhere, what you need on a SBS and nothing that you don't. There is a ton of detail work on this thing.
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    At Her Majesty's Request, the famed Prof. Malthusias Zhirinovsky has completed his final version of the Shoulder-Fired Kinetic Energy Cannon that has taken the world - and several smaller planetoids and certain regions of Mars - by storm! God Save Our Gracious Queen!
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    My S17 "Para". Details in this thread.
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    My favorite S12 build is the one sitting next to me right now. If someone else’s Saiga is your favorite build, it’s time to get motivated to square yours away. That being said, I do like that mini saiga 12 that evlutionz makes. That thing looks like it weighs 2 pounds.
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    LE should NOT be able to have anything that non-LE can't have....but this is just some lettering and a price bump.
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    I agree completely. I Installed a buffer on a CETME and it caused a bunch of problems. My trunion cracked, top cover warped and I saw extensive barrel throat erosion, even before I fired it. My pistol grip melted after 2 rounds, it caused my scope to lose zero and the batteries died in my rangefinder. When hiding it would call out to the opposition "He's over here". But that was just the start. That buffer put jello in my fish tank and bounced my checking account. It sent threat letters to the IRS, It made more buffers and put them in all my other guns, It donated money to al qaeda, then invited 20 Jehovah Witnesses over on thanksgiving day. It recorded porn on my kid's Dora movies, and I don't even have children. Needless to say, I removed the buffer from the crumpled mess that was my CETME before returning it to the armorer, they seemed to think it got run over or something, I didn't correct them. This post literally made me choke on my snickerdoodle.