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    I fully Baked my new SLR. Mags just came today.
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    I haven't acquired a new long gun in awhile and figured it was past time to do so. I looked at my rather long Wish List and decided it was either going to be a AR15NM or an AK47. Several rifles caught my attention but i finally settled on a brand new Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR. Top of the line Bulgarian stamped goodness, I'm happy as the proverbial pig knee deep in slops. And here she is with the rest of my AK platform long arms. Saiga ver.21 .308, Saiga 12g, Saiga AK47, Arsenal AK47 SLR-107FR
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    I would ponder what you are going to use the gun for. If it is for range shooting dump the 10 round mag Idea . You need to put the time into talking to people who shoot custom guns , most will go out of their way to share what works and what does not. Bull barrels are nice but some lighter barrels will shoot as good , as the barrel is only one part of perfection. I do not shoot heavy barrels . I have become a big fan of 5R rifling in the 308 , De-Resonator , 3lb triggers and barrel T-stat. Also have mixed feelings about bedding a poly stock ( not sure the effort is worth it) but I just shoot targets and your mileage may vary. Good Luck and have a great one I will be pulling some 308 bullets this afternoon with a nice cup of coffee maybe two
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    Just finished. All mods have been made by me. Some parts were taken from CCS, some from GB. 1. Converted . 2. Porting to 3x3/32. Gas block has been removed. 3.Completely polishing of the carrier , bolt and FCG has been made. Slightly re-profiling as well. Smoothed all sharp edges. 4. Chaos rails. 5.Auto gas regulator with CCS puck. 6. Billet aluminum folding stock. 7. JTE muzzle brake and more ( working on the aluminum extended mag release and left side charging handle)
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    I believe that the closer we get to the 2020 election we will see civil unrest in this country on a scale not seen since the 1960's. The Red/Blue separation comes down to one simple question: Do you support the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law or don't you? We live in interesting times. Keep your powder dry boys.
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    I don’t think you have to worry about the country dividing. The most likely senerio is we kick the shit out of those areas and when the dust settles they emerge from their basements with a whole new level of I better shut the hell up. You have all heard the sentiment growing. A very large percentage of their supporters won’t fight for themselves let alone a nation or idea. We are the working class, we are the farmers, we are law enforcement, we are the military, we are the gun owners... They are the pansies, the felons, the lazy, the dependents...
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    To Ronin38: Thank you Sir for the info. about Pennsylvania and New York. It is encouraging to know what you wrote. Therefore, I hope the cars I've seen with plates from PA and NY are being driven by "Red" folks. Please understand how down in the southern states we tend to generalize the northeast as being "blue" country. I have relatives in Connecticut and they're all "blue" folks. Anyway ... regarding my original post that begins this thread, I'm just worried how the left seems to be "balkanizing" our country. It wouldn't surprise me if the map turns into a "blue" left coast, a "blue" northeast, and a big "red" region in the middle that are three separate countries one day. The folks in Chicago seem to be at the tip of the spear for all of this. I hope folks in PA keep making long rifles!!!
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    For the record, PA (like NY and a few others) is NOT a "Blue" state. It's a Red state that has to suffer through all the crap forced upon them by the Blue hordes in a few big cities in that state. I know many people from NY who would be ecstatic if they could just wall off everything east of I-295 so they could live a good life in the real world. Everyone I grew up with in PA, just east of Pittsburgh, is most definitely Republican.
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    What’s wrong with Chicago?...It is run by Democrats. Period. Show me one thing, anything that they touch that does not turn to complete crap. We have liberals moving into AL by the droves from the craphole cities they just left saying it is too expensive to live there and there is no opportunity. Out of the other side of their mouth they complain about why AL hasn’t banned plastic bags and ‘Vote Blue in 2020’ It has to be a mental disease! They can in no way make the connection that the very party and policies they vote for turns their community, city, and state into the autocratic high tax spawn of hell, they want to leave. NY just killed a bill to help members of Gold star families go to college, while just a week earlier they set aside millions to help Illegal aliens go to college? People actually defend killing a baby at term citing “choice”? It would seem that this country is marching straight toward Concord (Version 2019), and I would hate to be one of these American hating politicians if that happens. Regardless, at some point soon accountability has to come. Apologies....Rant over! Sincerely, Pissed in Alabama
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    The whole mess is straight out of Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky
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    Tools. Depends on who,what,when,where and why. BUT- the S-12 is awesome for almost any situation!
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    Glock 19, 5.56 10.5” SBR build, and Saiga 12. Those are the guns I train with and trust with my life. But as said earlier, they are tools, and typically the tools you use the most are your favorites. ETA...The more I run the Lynx, the more I like it. It may replace the Saiga, but only because I love the Saiga and want to make sure she is passed on generation to generation.
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    Hmm. Favorite pistol would be a EDIT: three-way tie between my CZ-75B, my PMR-30 and Taurus Judge 6 1/2”. Favorite rifle would be the AK-47 for the punch, but an AR is nice. Favorite shotgun would be my Saiga-12, followed by my M87.
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    I agree here, I'd like to carry my Rem custom 308 except it weighs about 35-40 lbs + ammo, that is only one weapon..
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    SLR-107FR Decided I liked it better with a triangle and Bakelite furniture. My thanks to some of the guys in the AKFiles Marketplace. Now to find some nice Bulgy mags and bayonet in Bakelite.
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    Bought a “well used” genuine HK MP5A3 collapsible stock from HK Parts for my newly SBRed PTR 9ct. Looks old but works perfect. Doug
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    In my opinion, a gunsmith's #1 skill asset is the ability to swing a hammer with power and precision. Without it, one is really painted into a very small corner of potential activities. Your local 'smiths may be a little short on that asset. Either that or they can't figure out how to get the catch and spring back in there at the same time, which is fairly easy with a slave pin.
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    SAMMI gauges are NOT the same as com block! Iwas fortunate enough to find a set of East German ones, but they are RARE now.
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    Just closed on roughly 40 acres of land with my wonderful wife. It is firearms related haha. I finally have my own place to shoot!
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    Better to ask forgiveness, than to ask permission. Cook her a nice dinner, nap through a chick flick and then make her moan like a porn star... All will be cool again.
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    Looks great. That blade looks like it belongs, not like a Frankengun. Very nice. ..now if I can find the 1911 longslides (yes, I want a couple...one Springfield (stainless) and one IAI...oh.. and the Automag V I've been lusting for... Why do I always seem to want something I can't find?
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    Tromix SBS. Had it for about 10 years. Converted it myself back in 2008, then had Tony put her on a diet last year.
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    In my house what's mine is hers' but then again what's hers' is hers' also. ha ha. ...and that's what I found out when she ran off with a convicted felon she'd been sneaking around with for years and we divorced. She tried to steal every dime I had. Nevermore. Thank God I have a really great attorney...