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    I know two who perished that day, one in the Pentagon, and one in the south tower. I know someone who should have been in a room that morning where everyone died, but as fate would have it, they overslept and missed the fatal meeting where friends and colleagues died, and had survivor's guilt for a very long time thereafter. A dear friend, I was best man at his wedding, saw American Airlines flight 77 streak over South Washington Blvd just a few hundred yards ahead of him and slam into the Pentagon, his shouts into his cell phone piercing the ears of another friend with whom he was speaking at that moment. Late that morning I ventured out of my office just blocks from the White House. Driving north out of DC I saw the standard three helicopter Presidential fleet flying their usual route over the Maryland suburbs toward Camp David. This time something was very was different. They were being orbited by an F-15. Never saw that before or since. We are just a few who shall never, ever, forget.
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    No shit. Most of us on here would rather go shooting compared to almost anything. I'd sure like to sneak some hot sauce in their lube...... Heavenly-Heat-Meet-Your-Maker-Retribution-Sauce SIX MILLION SCOVILLE That'd be hilarious!
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    Laid my flag to rest today...ATTENTION!...PRESENT ARMS!...watch it burn with a tear in my eye...and once ash...ORDER ARMS! My next door neighbor (ret mil) saw me saluting and came over and also went to attention and saluted when he saw what was burning. It's not just a flag, it's everyone that has died to defend it. Haven't had to do that since Boy Scouts. Time to get a new one!
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    The spiraled grooves on the puck go to the front, toward the plug. I did not like what it was doing to the inside of the gas block. I used it for a very short time and saw no advantage over the original, but shiny spots inside the the gas block. To my knowledge shiny=wear. YMMV
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    When Obama banned importation, it kind of killed the Saiga market and the momentum shifted elsewhere.. Perhaps things will change again now that they are being manufactured in the states..
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    I still stop by - not much happening here....
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    Over thinking it. Bullets come out of the FRONT! The new free piston works or does not. Try it and see, it is not rocket science!
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    Yeah, it's a real PITA. I don't know if there's a way for the Admins to automagically block Chinese characters on this forum? I was on another forum a few years ago who were able to enable that filter.
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    Since May 25th, 2003, I've been here. Me and my Saiga 12 always will be.
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    I believe that the problem is the lack of home training. Most of these 'sjw' types (and almost all the shooters are convinced of their superior social justice superiority) have no home training. Many have been mostly raised by Socialistic Democratic teachers unions. All Public Employee Unions are BY DEFINITION an organization that is there to put the their will above the will of the People. The are net EDUCATED as much as INDOCTRINATED.
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    I hear a lot of politicians harping about "Red Flag" laws that "should" be enacted... Okay then, how'z about this... Do you sometimes get mad about things while driving? Maybe cursed at or flipped-off another driver? Do you have alcoholic beverages in your house? Well then, you're obviously going to be involved in a road-rage or drunk-driving incident at some unknown point in the future, so we're just going to impound your vehicle until "we" decide you're not really a menace to society. And by the way, you don't have a Constitutional Right to own a vehicle, so there won't be any lawyers or protestors on your side. Sounds like a "common sense" law for the greater good, don't it? Have fun with that. 😈
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