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  1. ditto on spam via PM

  2. That's bad news... I was just getting ready to place an order for their complete 9mm carbine. Even the complete gun uses a drop in magblock and not the intregal eh? Any reason why they are not making them given?
  3. Bingo! I had a bunch of 5.56 ammo available, and was out of 7.62x39. And I refuse to pay the current prices for that stuff. (Word to the wise - stock up when ammo is cheap ;>)... Haven't learned a thing have ya? These are tomorrows low prices already.
  4. So are these AR mag converter wells still available? I thought they were all gone now? Link me please!!
  5. I bought a 7.62 AK for my only carbine, then bought my .223 Saiga and converted it to save money on ammo. Finding cheap non-steel ammo for the 7.62x39 is not possible these days since Wolf dropped their copper bullet for bi-metal. The .223 I can reload for less than buying 7.62x39 and I have the same platform for 3-gun. The 7.62x39 is a better round at any range compared to the .223 so I'm not sure what LEO is talking about. Last 3-gun match I smoked 3 guys in our squad shooting steel at 100-250 yards with an Aimpoint clone dot on my AK. They had 3-9x scoped AR15s. It's the shoo
  6. Awesome din! Nice work on the parts BTW, are you using CNC? I was expecting homemade grade, but your bullet guide is top notch craftsmanship.
  7. I just saw that over on the AKfiles. I'm at work and have access to both but brought no pin with me. Looks like 7/32" is close (4mm is actual?) and the hitch pin...? Those hold just as well then? They mentioned the e-clips as too thin and having to double up. I'll take home a few hitch pins and try them out. Thanks!
  8. Anyone got the E-Clip size for a .223 conversion?
  9. The M4gery stock (T6?) will not work without doing the conversion to a pistol grip.
  10. That works if you find a place that has them and all the other parts you want. I didn't. I told Dinzag he needs to start selling the Ergo grips so he would have everything a guy needs for a conversion. I think he might look into it. Unfortunately he is still swamped with orders. 1. Ergo Grip 2. FCG 3. Stocks 4. Grip nut / screw I got all of mine at Brownells except for the grip nut.
  11. I have one on my Vector, and have a Saiga 223. I'll try to get a measurement unless someone here knows the answer before I get a chance.
  12. Something I notice looking at all those sites is the difference in styles of grp nuts. Some don't even have an angle cut from what I can see. Some are listed for thumbhole stocks, etc. The KVAR one is what came with my Vector rifle. It has a 20deg reaer sloping angle.
  13. Thanks 22, I know what you mean about the shipping. I wanted to order everything for my conversion from Dinzag but he said he was up to his neck in orders so I decided to go the parts route and ordered from Brownells for a TAPC FCG, ergo grip (has not nut or stud), and bought a TAPCO 6pos. off a member here. Unfortunately that leave me with having to make a grip nut and bullet guide or find a cheap (shipping) option. I don't mind the making part (I like to tinker and have a machine shop at work to play in) but was wondering if everyone buys all at once, has a source I have not f
  14. I just added the TAPCO 6 pos. (M4gery) model to mine with no issues.
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