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  1. From my understanding, he purchased the guy from a seller with Maryland 'citizenship' but in Virginia. The seller represented himself as a Virginia resident (or didn't state his 'citizenship' at all, so he didn't exactly lie about it). My friend found about the seller's Maryland ties a few days later. So ultimately, my conclusion is he (VA resident) purchased a gun from a MD resident in VA. The law would lead me to believe interstate sales are illegal, but it seems to be a grey area--are 'private' sales dictated by the state of transaction for the buyer or seller? I'd rather give him some good
  2. I'd like to propose this problem: A few months ago, my friend Allen (name changed for his protection) bought a guy from an individual in Virginia, in a private sale under the impression that the seller is a citizen of Virginia, contrary to the seller's area code. He called the Baltimore ATF office to see what is required of this sale assuming the seller had MD citizenship, and they inform him as neither Maryland or Virginia require registration, all he really needs is a bill of sale for piece of mind. Allen believed the seller who stated he was a VA citizen. Later on, he called Virginia's
  3. Read the article carefully. Holder seems to be indicating the only motivation to ban assault weapons (i.e. hunting rifles with tactical furniture, bayonettes that are so often used in gang related killings, etc...) is to cut down on violence in MEXICO. These people are nuts, essentially going after non-existant problems. I'm not going to quote statistics, but how many times do you see these particular features of AWs actually facilitate the committing of a crime? And cop killer bullets? Last time I checked, bullets killed indiscriminately. There are a lot of logical ways to argue again
  4. I was actually just on your site debating between the two (since you're the cheapest I've seen so far). I'd be happy to give you my business once I decide.
  5. So how might a 20rd full loaded perform? Or would it be similar to the 25rd, and you'd have to load it a few rounds under capacity? The price difference is small, but I'd rather buy a 20rd that I know works, than buy a 25rd that functions as an effective 20rd.
  6. Given that the production at FBMG has temporarily ceased, I've been looking at the Surefire magazines that have been available. I've found both a 25rd and 20rd for around the same price ~$40. My magazine choice is not so much based on the most rounds I can fit, but moreso being cognizant of the fact that usually more rounds equates to more feeding issues, at least from my experience, and the ability to comfortably fit the mag in the gun so it is not protruding and interfering with shooting the gun. Essentially, I want to be able to fire the gun without using the magazine as the front rest. Giv
  7. Just realized this. I was trying to work out how the front sight fit on exactly, and realized it was all one piece. I have no intention of replacing the furniture anytime soon, but it has most of the damage, yet I'm still not concerned too much. My main concern is still, will the lack of paint make it susceptible to corrosion at all? Otherwise, I'm happy to finally be part of the Saiga family, even if that $.30/rd ammunition now costs $1.
  8. The polymer would be chosen over the wood if you had the intention of replacing all of the furniture. I thought about doing exactly what you did, but noticed the existing wood foregrip wouldn't match anything available, thus I'd have to purchase them as a set. Depending on where you buy that Saiga 308, the wood could be considerably more expensive than the polymer.
  9. Just got this today, after having it on backorder for 4 months. 22" .308. It arrived in a plastic-sealed box, with one hole in the box. I can't expect the best quality after it being imported from russia, but the receiver has a bunch of small scratches, the stock has a nice long scratch on it, and there are other small dings. My biggest gripe is mostly the crown, which is missing a lot of the paint, along with parts of the front sight. For the $300 I paid pre-Saiga-price-increase, should I be complaining about the quality in which the gun was received? For that matter, is there a way to fi
  10. I did notice. Gun dealers around here charge much more than I'm willing to pay (this rifle goes for around $500 in the bare configuration). I'm willing to wait as long as I get my order in and get in line.
  11. Both models say synthetic yet have a picture of a .308 with wood stocks. May go with one of the $300 models. I'm interested in whether the stocks will be wood or synthetic (essentially whether $300 is unreasonable for a 22" wood stock). Also, if you note the two guns have different capacities, which I find odd. I'm ready to hit the button but I'm gambling on what I'm buying. I called TGS, even they can't help.
  12. I may just go with this: http://www.thegunsource.com/store/item/561...7_Design,_.aspx Reasonable price I'd guess. Oddly, they have a second .308 that looks the same for $200 more: http://www.thegunsource.com/store/item/615...AK-47_Desi.aspx
  13. In looking for which one to buy, I've noticed 3 separate versions of the .308 that seem to be direct from the factory. I'm set on a 22", but here are my observations. 1. Standard configuration, either wood or polymer buttstock and front handgrip. 2. "Version 21" configuration, thumbhole wood stock. I've noticed stock choice in this one is very limited due to a slant-cut receiver. 3. Skeleton stock, polymer. This seems to only be available on a few dealer's sites. I have doubts as to whether this version is sent to the dealer or dealer-modified. Essentially, I'd like the most cu
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