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  1. Has anyone used the 20rd Surefire mags? It seems that FBMG are a little hard to get right now. Was thinking about the Surefires but wanted further input on them. TIA Tread
  2. I think that on the Saiga 308 I just picked up that I would like to use some HIgh caps. But for 922r comp. I need to change out one part as I understand it. So if I elect the piston, who would have the one that I need? At this point I think that other than the high caps thats all I would like to do for it. Maybe in the future think about the pg and stock swap stc... Tread
  3. Hey all, I just traded into my first Saiga. Got shed of a Mini-14 that was minute of 'barn"! I got a 16" carbine with the thumbhole type stock. Its ok but I am going to put the regular stock on it as it felt better to me. My question is in regards to a scope mount for it. I am looking at possibly putting on a spare 512 EOTech or maybe a Millet DMS scope. I am needing to know what is the best option for a mount that is avaialble. I would prefer one that keeps the scope on the same axis as the barrel. (Not off to the side like a Draganov) Any input would be appreciated. I am re
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