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  1. S12 SBS 11" barrel, with gas tube, gas block, puck and threaded for Rem chokes. What you see is what you get. Includes everything seen in the pic including the choke. Has a hand guard retainer for an AKM hand guard but gas block must be moved forward to install. Gas system has been moved back 2". 220.00 shipped Item is cross posted so first unconditional, I'll take it followed by a PM rules the day Payment by United States Postal Money order ONLY. No trades If you want insurance then you can pay for it. Will not ship to States where it is not legal to own. PERIOD
  2. Open to trades AKM, AR, Veper 12, G17 parts, etc
  3. Couldn't tell you. I took it in trade as it sits. Never noticed it until the pic was taken.
  4. with ejector block. Rear is welded and tapped for Ace stock or ? No trigger guard or other parts. 180.00 shipped to your FFL only. NO trades Postal Money Order only I'll take it followed by a PM rules the day. It is cross posted so time stamp wins.
  5. Used it for a few 3 gun matches. Barrel is ported and gas ports opened up. Works great. What you see is what you get. Need better pics of something just ask. That's cerakoate on it 800.00 shipped to your FFL. Postal Money Order only Cross posted so time stamp rules. I'll take it followed by a PM Thanks
  6. I've had this for about 8 yrs or so and converted it then. Very early import with the importers info on the barrel. Nothing on the receiver. Works great, about 300 rounds through it so its not really even broken in. Duracoat base with a flat black over coat of krylon. Just what I used to do for my SG's. Easy to touch up if needed. Trigger guard is stretched and welded to mag release. 22" barrel What you see is what you get. Time stamp will rule the day/ cross posted. I'll take it followed by a PM. 700.00 shipped to your FFL. Postal Money Order only. No trades Thanks
  7. This guy is making new front http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=196310&highlight=front+trunnion trunnions too
  8. rockmup

    Price check

    I was looking for a price as I'm going to put it up for sale. I bought it new and did the conversion, its been in the safe since then, 2003-4 ish except for a few times. I've buit 6 or 7 S20's for customers. I was thinking 800, I wouldn't have sold it for 6. Now,with the sanctions, I'm not sure I will at all.
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