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  1. shouldnt be a prob.......give me a little bit.....
  2. Just finished putting this on. Very well constructed. Would like to see a torture test though. This is gonna probably continue to be a safe queen.
  3. Purchased the NEA stock for 359.99 plus shipping and then paid an additional $40.00 for an import shipping fee as well. Stock is brand new and never attached or used. Everyone who owns this stock knows that the finish leaves a lot to be desired. They seem to just roll them off the assembly line. However, the construction and durability is rigid and well built. Comes with stock and carrier. Cross posted and please know local firearms laws before contacting me. IM me for questions. Will consider partial trades for anything that can help me build a 12.5" 308 MATEN.
  4. so were only days away now? is there any way to see where i am in the order?
  5. So is there a confirmed shipping date for the new titan ak rails?
  6. was there a problem in the development of the video?
  7. Converted Saiga 410 excellent finish very clean includes four mags check local laws cross posted pm me with questions do not email
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