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  1. At twice the cost of the Saigastock.com stocks, I'd likely go with them first. But thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Thanks J. I'm more partial to the Saiga stock I posted above from Saigastock.com or a BattlerifleG3 someone is willing to sell. Ironwood has one sporter pattern for unconverted Saigas and it specifies shotgun. It's also a customer order apparently. Here it is:
  3. Howdy, Looking for a wood stock set for a 7.62x39 Saiga rifle. Not doing a conversion, need a monte carlo type stock set similar to below. Better yet, any BattlerifleG3 sets out there? (This Saigastock.com stock is for example purposes) Thanks! HC
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Did you place your order through their website or call them up? Their website security is a mess.
  5. Anyone? Looking for some info on Saigastock.com and/or a company that sells a stock like the one pictured above.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for a stock set for my unconverted Saiga rifle. Being in California, I'm trying to keep it sweet and innocent looking, like a good walnut stock. So I found what I'm looking for at: http://www.saigastock.com/ ...and it's this: The problem is that SaigaStock.com is an untrusted website with lots of bad reviews. Anyone have any feedback on them? Or a source for a stock set like the above pictured? Thanks! HC
  7. Figured this be as good a place as any to find out whatever happened to BRG3. Anyone have any luck reaching him?
  8. BattlerifleG3 has been MIA pretty much forever. I was in direct commo with him and on his waiting list for a stock set. To be specific, I was number 3. This list was supposed to ease the burden of requests. That was about 3 years ago. He won't respond to emails of which I've only sent no more than a dozen over the past 3 years. All have been polite and merely asking for an update. I get it if you're too busy with life and whatever and can't keep up with demand but at least have the courtesy to come out and proclaim the shop is closed so people will move on. ETA: He last logged in: Nov 15 2
  9. Looking to buy an awesome wood stock. Anyone know if BattleRifleG3 is still making these? Thanks! HC
  10. Title sez it all. Drop me a note at: huzzzawuzzza@hotmail.com Thanks! HC
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