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  1. thanks guys! i'll give it another try.
  2. hello and thanks for taking time to read this. ok, in the process of doing a conversion on a saiga 12, and found that ivan did one heck of a job in installing the buttstock. all 3 screws are removed, now, what is the trick of extricating the stock from the receiver without scuffing anything? thanks!
  3. what other pistol stock's have board memers had experience with? specifically those pistol stock combinations that do not require movement of the trigger assembly, and that comply with 922r. thanks!
  4. thanks tritium, i appreciate your reply, and, i like your signature quotes.
  5. hello all, thanks for taking time to read this. my brother bought an early model saiga 12, pre-owned, when he saw my 109, and the bolt hold open feature, he decided if ever he found one at a good price he would buy it, and just did. so, he is thinking about selling the early model saiga. question. it came without a box or manual, being used. what is its model number? i haven't measured the barrel, but, appears similar to the 109. ( pardon the lack of details, i only saw it once briefly ). thanks!
  6. thanks for the replies guys, its much appreciated!
  7. thanks ginkgo-z, i appreciate the reply. no holes to drill then? i ask because one vendor had their advert worded in a way that sounded like you need to get the drill out. i'd like to advoid that if possible. thanks again!
  8. hello- thanks for taking time to read this. does anyone have experience with the T6 intrafustion buttstock for the saiga 12? i'd like to convert the shotgun without drilling/dremeling, and am looking for a pistolgrip style buttstock. thanks!
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