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  1. well get a wooden rod 18.5 ''long and drop in the barrel with bolt closed mark and cut off ;this a legal short one ;;hell i got like this one in 20 from class 3 dealer -he cut it down -well 3'' mag 24 pellet #3 buck -8 to 10 pellets hit a 8 by 11 paper at 45 yards so it works well a 12 has more pellets more hits !!yes short shotguns are the tool for home defence and hunting too !!
  2. gus


    what the mooo! a class 3 dealer said yes on the grips but many said no so is right ??my 20 is fair on low brass-gas setting on normal ammo but high brass and mag setting all so nice !!!so please high brass or the russian stuff or euro most us ammo is p.c. weak !!
  3. gus


    i have used 2 3/4 high brass in both without any trouble but low brass and wrong gas setting = ________!!!!!!!so set gas and yes clean well powder and fouling is a bane too have fun !!can we put a pistol grip on the saiga 20 ??thxs
  4. use high brass loads ;works the best or = of in the 20 still recoil lower than 12 and faster on time on target !!
  5. gus

    20 gauge saiga

    hay 20 is faster on target and very good for all also less recoil too than 12
  6. gus

    20 gauge saiga

    hot dog 3'' #3 buck mag -24 pellets is killer at 50yds; 8-10 hits in a target made of poster broad with a 8''/11'' center of pink paper plus 4'' groups slugs at same all out a 19'' barrel !!! damn good
  7. gus

    20 gauge saiga

    hey is any one importing 8 rds -20 gauge mags or 5 rds ones 2 3/4 or 3'' too
  8. gus


    i have a s-20 too i was told use buck shot and high brass birdshot with the saiga plus clean and use syn-oil very thin type like auto-tranny fuild ---they are fun to shoot !!!
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