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  1. Hi Guys! I just got back from a Georgia hunt. Sorry about not replying sooner. Thanks for the input. I don't think that anyone's opinion is unhelpful, unless it is a mean opinion and I saw nothing that fits that bill here. Tha truth is I really don't know what the market will bear, especially duing this holiday season. There is no real rush to sell these items and I want someone to get a good deal. Now I will take a look at my emails and see if anyone at all is interested in these firearms.
  2. Bravo 26, Thanks! I wish that I could afford to keep it too! But alas, this is the end of the hunting season and I have already blown my wad. Now I just have to figure out the easiest was to legally sell it to the right person. Actually, all of the rifles are nice!
  3. Hi Guys, Fat Cat helped me break down the M1A and identify these rifles. (Assuming I wrote these notes correctly.) What I have is a USGI Springfiled M1A with a SAK barrel, a Winchester Op-Rod, a Springfield Armory Trigger Group with a Winchester Hammer, a TRW Bolt and a Boyd Stock. The Colt is a Match Target Carbine A2 with a 20" Barrel (Model MT6551). The last Rifle is the Romanian AKM SAR-1. I am still waiting for my friend that has a FFL to call me back. He might have taken a short trip, but it probably will make it easier to ship these items through him. If I don't hear from in a week or so I will post these onsome of the suggested links. Thank you very much for your help! Sincerely, Chuck Manetta
  4. I have the rifles now and found another engraving on the AK. It is clearly marked as a SAR-1. So this is what I have so far: Springfield M1A (7.62X51 NATO) Colt Carbine A3 16" MT6731 (5.56X45 NATO) Romanian AKM SAR1 (7.62X39 Soviet)
  5. Bravo 26, The bolt has the numbers "7790186" and "TRW JZ" stamped on it. I am trying to get the trigger assembly out, but I think I might not be able to read instructions? (It doesn't want to come out.) Will these numbers help any?
  6. Don't think that I haven't thought about that, but I am rough on my guns. I hunt in the swamp I usually take a dive in the mud at least once an outing. I still might keep at least one of them.
  7. Thanks Guys! I have been surfing the web and the best that I can tell is the rifles are a Springfield M1A, a Colt Carbine A3 16" MT6731 and a Romanian AKM SAR2 (5.45X39). Unfortunately, I will have to pick up these guns to give them a better look at the parts. I can testify to the fact tham my buddy cherished and took good care of these rifles. They are spotless and clean enough to eat off of. The riflings look brand new and somehow he stored them in a condition where there there isn't even any oil residue on them. They are definately cleaner than any rifles that I have ever seen! (New or used.) I will get back with you when I get a hold of them again. I am sure that Joel would want me to find a loving owner for his collection. All of these rifles have only been shot a few times and lovingly attended to. Yes. It was very sad about Joel. Cancer ate him up and he never gave up even to his dying breath. I could see the Marine in his eyes. He wasn't going to go without a fight and he never quit.
  8. Hi Guys, One of my best friends died last year of cancer. His wife is now getting around to selling off his gun and knife collection. I am not 100% sure of exactly what these things are, but I think I am in the ball park. (M1A, AR-15 and AK-47?) My buddy was a U.S. Marine and he took impeccable care of these items. They are in excellent condition. I am not really sure how to sell these things, but I first need some reasonable estimates of what they are worth. Maybe you can help? If you think that you can recognize these weapons, please take a look at this webpage and get back to me in this thread. Thanks! Joel's Collection
  9. Tombstone

    5 Round 308 mags?

    I'll try that! (Damn! Nice Picture! )
  10. Tombstone

    5 Round 308 mags?

    I have been looking for some for over a year! So far, no luck. I do believe that most of those advertisers don't have a clue what a Saiga magazine will hold. My original magazine has a "8" engraved on it, but the rifle will jam if I try to put 8 in it. Apparently, for my Saiga the first round needs to be on the right side to chamber properly. I tried putting dowels in it to reduce that capacity to 5, but that sucked. After the last shot it would jam on the dowel. There must be an easier solution. I need to get cracking because hunting season is around the corner. I was thinking about putting a large piece of heat shrink tubing on the follower. Maybe this might work? Any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Tombstone

    Siaga .308 Camo Covers?

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an easy way to make my stock .308 Synthetic Black Saiga a little less conspicuous when hunting. Has anyone seen any slip on covers or something other than a painted or finished camo? Thanks!
  12. Tombstone

    .308 5 Round Mags or Conversion Instructions?

    The problem is #64, "The Plate".
  13. Tombstone

    .308 5 Round Mags or Conversion Instructions?

    Lollygagger, Thanks for your reply. I will try your suggestion if I can find something like a PVC tube. The problem is that this protrusion is not round and there is not much clearance between it and the spring. Maybe I can locate a piece of heat shrink that I can fit over the protrusion and shape it loosely over it? I only wonder if this will cause the follower to wobble? I have thought about taking my drummel tool and cutting this protrusion down where I could hand make a block of wood with a slot for a smaller protrusion in it and try that. The only thing is with the shortage of magazines, I don't want to screw up my only two magazines. Also, I really don't want to "reinvent the wheel" if someone else has already solved this problem. Thanks Again!
  14. Tombstone

    .308 5 Round Mags or Conversion Instructions?

    I put them above the follower and between the brass cartriges. Inside the magazine, the bottom plate for the spring has a protrusion that sicks up into the spring, so putting them there is out of the question. Are you suggesting that I put the dowels between this bottom spring plate (for the lack of knowege of the correct term) and the plastic slide? If so, the locking notch of the "Bottom spring plate" will not lock the plastic slide into place. Am I an idiot or what?