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  1. Looking for an unconverted 7.62x39 Saiga. MUST HAVE DIMPLES! New or used, doesn't matter.
  2. Rifle is cross-posted. I accept postal money order, personal check (must clear before shipping), or discrete Paypal +4% (I'll invoice you). I will trade the K-31 with the ammo for a 7.62x39 Saiga (barrel length doesn't matter). The Saiga MUST have receiver dimples. A huge plus would be one with receiver dimples and "X, Y" dimples, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. Swiss K-31 in excellent condition. All matching, beautiful walnut stock with equally beautiful bore. Original sling included. No tag. Has a factory repair on the right side of the stock (the part that looks like
  3. Item is cross-posted. Alright gents, this is a complete setup that will allow you to run an Ultimak on your M92. As I'm sure you know, Ultimaks generally don't work on M92's due to the piston design and the design of the inner wall of the Ultimak. I took a CNC Warrior US made M92 gas piston and turned the star off, then took a Yugo Ultimak and cut it to fit the M92. The inside of the Ultimak was professionally chamfered to allow a nice smooth transition from the gas block to the tube for the gas piston. Also included is a Ronin Grips M92 polymer lower handguard. If you're building an M92 r
  4. Rifle is cross-posted. Up for sale is a like new Winchester 94AE Trapper chambered in .45 Colt. This is the more desirable tang safety version (no ugly push safety going through the receiver) and handy 16" barrel. Comes with the receiver mounted sling swivel and hammer spur. Factory drilled and tapped for a scope mount. This would make a great first rifle for a kid or just a handy carbine for the wife. I've shot (1) 20 round box through it since '02 and it's been in the safe ever since. Flawless except for a small ding in the wrist of the stock (didn't even scrape the finish off). Look
  5. Item is located in Jefferson City, MO Ad is cross-posted Looking to sell my Kahr PM9 and accessories. This pistol has been 100% reliable with every ammo I've put through it (including Gold Dots and other HP's), and the only reason I'm selling it is because I NEVER carry it. The Kahr has the black DLC coating with bright tritium night sights. The pistol will come with the factory included 6 round magazine and 7 round magazine as well as two additional six round magazines, one of which has a Pearce finger plate on it. All of the factory goodies and box are also included. A Hogue hand
  6. At any other time I'd be interested in the trainer. But I need to pull at least some cash from this.
  7. Now including a Russian made padded AK-74 rifle case that I got from Tantal early '08. Cost me $50 then. I need this gone.
  8. For some reason I can't edit the OP anymore. Anyways, the gas block and front sight base are now drilled and pinned to barrel. So really no work is need on this rifle for it to function as it should. I'd still recommend a blast and refinish.
  9. This item is cross posted. Rifle is located in Jefferson City, MO. Well I've decided to stick to a singe caliber in my AK arsenal so this one has to go. This rifle started out life as a brand new 5.45 Saiga when they first came out. Here's some of the work that's been done: Pistol grip conversion Bolted on triggerguard Installed Tapco FCG Installed bullet guide Installed non-banned style barrel components (i.e. gas block and front sight base) Installed 1000 meter Russian rear sight Installed brand new Russian AK-74 stock set Cut notches for handguard retainer (side flanges done
  10. Are they drilled 45 or 90 degrees?
  11. Thats good info, I hadn't heard about those stock sets being bad. By the way if you ever wanna swap your 223 for a similarly converted 7.62x39 let me know. It's actually for sale right now with 4 Bulgy waffle mags, 2 Galil Orlites, and an excellent condition type 3 bayonet.
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