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  1. Thanks Spartacus, No, not for LEO application, I was just trying to figure options for home defense. I know there are different opinions on what type of ammo to use, and to be honest I sit on the fence today, trying to decide which way to go. The fact that I cant reliably cycle high or medium velocity rubber buckshot is pushing me towards some birdshot options, but to be honest with two little ones in the house its not a decision that I want to rush into.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Are there any after market add ons that would give you this capability? Just trying to figure out what is possible and whats not.
  3. i am a noob with the gun, but i was wondering if the saiga 12 will cycle rubber buckshot or other speciality ammo. thanks!!
  4. thanks for the heads up. i live in the northeast side in humble\kingwood and work on the west side, i dont mind driving...
  5. Can anyone recommend an FFL Holder to have my saiga 12 transfered to in the houston area?
  6. keep in mind i am a total rookie. should i be concerned that its not made in russia? It is made by russian american armory do i need to worry about the "vodka special" with any of these?
  7. http://personalsecurityzone.com/cgi-win/or...ProductID=27046 Price $595.00 RAA SAIGA 12/18SEMI AUTO AK ACTION SHOTGUN 12GA BK/SY 19"FXD RAA IZ-109 Back in stock! First come first serve! Hard to Get! New and in the manufacturer's original packaging. Not a closeout! THE SAIGA 12 IZ109 SMOOTHBORE AUTOLOADING SHOTGUN is designed for professional and sport hunting and small and medium-sized game under various climactic conditions. You can use this shotgun for sporting clays and it is also the choice of many for a home defense shotgun. It features a 12-gauge barrel with chamber, providing for shooting shot and slugs, including magnum, with a shotshell length of 2 ¾" and 3" (70 and 76mm). The shotgun is characterized by high reliability in harsh environments, and is capable of delivering single-shot fire and is reloaded automatically due to the energy of the powder gases, escaping from the barrel bore to the gas cylinder and the energy of the spring as well. Anyone have experience with personalsecurityzone.com? Is there any issues people see with this product discription? Thanks!
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