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  4. I have 6 Surefire 12 round magazines for the VEPR12 and Saiga12s with magwell. They are practically new as they were used a couple times and have since sold my shotgun. I am selling them for $18 shipped each but if you buy all 6 I will sell them for $90 shipped for the lot. First "I'll take it" gets it...just say how many you want. I accept discreet Paypal for payment: tennessee.custom.cnc@gmail.com e-mail me for more info or you shipping info.
  5. Bench blocks for the AKM(STAMPED)...AK47(MILLED)...YUGO...CHINESE...AK7 4...all saiga and vepr rifles. They all can hold the gas block or the front sight on either side(left or right)to drive those pins in or out. They can be "sandwiched" together(they are milled on the body center lines) if the need arises. The gas block is good for the 45 and 90 degree gas blocks...with or without bayo lugs also. Blocks for the rear sight base are available also. Can be used in your drill press too...hold components flat while drilling. These are made from vulcanized rubber(hockey puck) which is very hard
  6. Just got a Saiga 12 Legion type 030 and will be at my FFL Christmas eve . Have 4 mags in hand and 1 more on the way for it. A case of 7.62x39 coming too for a milled Bulgarian AK I finished building a month ago. Other than that I was pretty squared off on all my other goodies
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