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  1. Nice!

    Thanks. Had it out to the range for testing last week. I was really impressed with the performance and love the HK sights on this platform. It was windy - too windy for paper targets to stay up, but I still managed to constently hit 12 oz water bottles at 40 yards, which was surpising given the ultra short barrel.

  2. this is nice :-)

    is the brake worth the extra length?

    what kind of a trigger system do you use for the 3 shot burst fire?

    best regards from Iceland


    Thanks! The shortened barrel length (exclusive of the permanently affixed brake) on this gun is just over 13.5". With the brake the overall barrel length is around 18 1/4". So, its actually about an inch shorter than a stock 19" barrel.


    This gun is semi auto, so it doesn't have an auto 3 round burst capability.


    My Select fire automatic shotgun uses a modified and tuned full auto AK FCG, and the two, three, and four round bursts are strictly a function of trigger control.

  3. Thats pretty Fkn sick man! I like it alot! How long is the barrel with it cut down and the monster brake attached? Did you weld the brake on?


    The barrel length with permanently attached Tromix 5.5" Monster Brake is just over 18". The brake is attached with 1,100+ degree silver solder, all the way up the the length of the threads. Solid, solid, solid!


    The brake is an excellent piece of engineering by Tony Rumore (Tromix), reduces felt recoil significantly, and is so effective it will literally blow your hair back (no searing or heat issues involved).

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